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The Calm - Luca has a small family reunion at the docks with some certain passerbys taking interest. [Luna, Luca, Tretesta, A'erina, R'lamiza] - 08/14/20

Byronic Machines - Five colorful souls awaken if only to be told to die. [Novine, Eligor, Gair, A'erina, Tadashi, R'lamiza, Blue] - 09/20/20

By Land and Sea - R'Lamiza dials up her new best friend, A'erina, catching up on the latest buzz. [R'Lamiza, A'erina] - 09/24/20

Hair Therapy - Luca helps Langston and Lami with their various hair troubles at her makeshift salon. [Luca, Langston, R'Lamiza] - 09/28/20

Sibling Bonding - R'Lamiza seeks answers from her older brother F'Loki, who may or may not be himself. [R'Lamiza, F'loki] - 10/15/20

Into the Wild Blue Yonder - Blue says her farewell to Tretesta as she joins Lami on her journey Eastward. [Blue, Tretesta, R'Lamiza] - 11/09/20

To Teach of Aspects - R'Lamiza teaches Blue about elements and aspects, along with how to teleport. [Blue, R'Lamiza] - 12/10/20

Red Sea Adventure - Blue tell Lami about the stranger, a tithe is paid, and Blue draws the ire of a bunch of lizards. [R'Lamiza, Blue] - 12/15/20

A Quick Chat - Lami dials up an Eligor, concerned about who Blue's been talking to. [R'Lamiza, Eligor] - 12/22/20

Second Starlight - Just your average Starlight Party at the Abigor Household. [Eligor, Novine, Veldi, Blue, R'Lamiza, Tretesta, P'Lami, Alkaid, Raziel, Pheria] - 12/27/20


Morning Rituals - A simple morning in the life of Blue and Lami while they're out East. [Blue, R'Lamiza] - 01/04/21

Handle with Care - Blue tries to treat a critically-injured soldier aided by Vinalo's expertise. She ends up shot in the process and calls Veldi for help. [Blue, Vinalo, Veldi, R'Lamiza] - 01/11/21

An Unenthusiastic Cat Seeks Out a Lizard - After checking in with Veldi, Lami sneaks into the Bozjan ruins, only to be uncovered soon after. [R'lamiza, Veldi, ???, Eligor] - 01/20/21

Revenge Match - R'lamiza gets a second chance at a death match with the strange Gair-look-alike. [R'lamiza, Eligor-GM] - 01/27/21

Can't Be Gone - Blue runs out onto the battlefield searching for a missing Veldi, while R'lamiza follows close behind. [Blue, R'Lamiza, Veldi] - 01/28/21

Trials of the Shadow Walkers - It is finally time for Blue to enter the trials that, if she passes, will allow her to become a full-fledged ninja like Lami. [R'Lamiza, Blue] - 02/16/21

Kugane Night Out - Lami and Blue spend their last day having a girl's night out in the form of shopping, eating out, and beating up mooks. [R'lamiza, Blue] - 02/23/21

The Want to Serve - R'lamiza meets with Eligor to offer up her services to join his cause. [R'Lamiza, Eligor] - 03/02/21

Aetheric Connections - New recruit Haimus meets his superior Lami who is curious as to how he is connected with Astra.[Haimus, R'lamiza, Astra] - 03/05/21


Steel of Doma - Kallo seeks out metals from the East and locates a trader who can supply him with what he requires. [R'lamiza, Kallo] - 04/06/21

Limsan Nights - R'lamiza encounters an Eligor who is not quite himself. A fair bit more loving in fact. [R'lamiza, Eligor] - 05/19/21

Pest Problem - Lami decides to inform Novine of Eligor's recent weirdness and gets the updates on what manner of creature is plaguing the fiery father. [R'lamiza, Pipino, Novine] - 05/27/21


Neck High Papers - Lami and F'loki catch up. One is having a child and the other has just awakened from a coma, as it goes .[R'lamiza, F'loki] - 04/28/22

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