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Luna Scene List


Episode Occidens - A series of scenes regarding the infiltration of Castrum Occidens. [Gair, Luna, A'erina, Enyo] - 07/24/19

Give and Take - Pipino calls for help from her closest companions when she finds herself in the grip of something terrible. [Pipino, Luna, A'erina, Gair, Enyo] - 10/23/19

The Forever Wound - A group of thugs harass a familiar-looking Moonseeker. Gair, Lutomis, and Tod quickly come to her aid. [Luna, Gair, Leiser Tod] - 11/03/19

The Lines Between Trust and Betrayal - Enyo, who is a Garlean Experiment, gets kidnapped and it's up to Gair and Luna to bring her back safe and sound. [Enyo, Luna, Gair, Miyuki] - 11/13/19

Curiosity Killed the Cat - Luna and Gair venture into the Coerthan Highlands to retrieve the cure to Luna's transformation by force. [Luna, Gair] - 11/18/19

Another Mother - A trio of cats make their way to Luna's house, where conversation of love and lust give way to a greater, sadder truth. [Tasri, Luna] - 11/23/19

Building Walls Between Friends - Three Friends plan out the renovation and opening of the Hearth and Home. [Luna, A'erina, Pipino] - 11/27/19

The Reading Rainbow - A party of friends delve into the Great Gubal Library to locate the blueprints for Pipino's battle armor. [Luna, Pipino, Gair, Enyo] - 12/09/19

Will and Shadow - Two companions share a meal and the thoughts that drive them. [Luna, Gair] - 12/12/19


A Tiel and a Cold Place - Luna meets Luca for the first time and tavern shenanigans ensue. [Luna, Luca, Tretesta, Sesera, Gair] - 01/17/20

Ishgardian's Anonymous - Gair eats fish and chips while Luna discusses her loss of innocence. [Gair, Luna] - 03/23/20

Coming Home - Luna returns to Ishgard with Gair in tow to discuss the future of House Neaucant with Lord Lafont. [Gair, Luna] - 04/27/20

Motherfuckin Airship - Gair and Luna are attacked by a mysterious doppelganger on their way back to Thanalan. [Gair, Luna] - 04/28/20

The Hopeful Tomorrow - In an apocalyptic probability, three old friends band together to save a corrupted world. [Eligor, Pipino, Luna, Gair, A'erina] - 05-31-20

Bring Your Daughter to Work - After being absent for months, Gair and Luca finally find Luna at the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly. [Gair, Luca, Luna] - 06/29/20

Fire Watch - A fire blazes through the Sylphlands, destroying homes and lives. A group of friends go deeper in to find and prevent the source from doing further damage. [Blue, Luna, Vinalo, Tretesta] - 08/04/20

The Calm - Luca has a small family reunion at the docks with some certain passerbys taking interest. [Luna, Luca, Tretesta, A'erina, R'lamiza] - 08/14/20

The Storm - Luna receives bad news regarding a burning ship out at sea that may belong to the Wrights - Lucatiel's parents. [Luna, Luca, Gair, Vinalo] - 08/28/20

Distant Sun - Gair makes for his last mission up north and his friends come to say farewell. [Gair, Luna, Luca, Tasri, A'erina, Tretesta, Pipino, Vinalo, Blue] - 09/11/20

An Unforgettable Luncheon - Vinalo is invited to Luna's tavern for a delicious meal and a pleasant conversation. [Luna, Vinalo] - 10/17/20

Cinder and Sadness - Luna, Luca, Gair, and Vinalo all come together to investigate the Wright ship and uncover what happened to Luca's parents. [Luna, Luca, Gair, Vinalo] - 11/12/20

To Protect to Save - Blue calls Luna asking for advice on the concept of protecting those who are important. [Blue, Luna] - 12/21/20

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