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Miyuki Scene List


Deployment - Gair receives a letter of deployment for a month-long campaign into Ghimlyt. The lout and Miyuki say their farewells. [Gair, Miyuki] - 07/16/19

Arrival - Gair returns home from his deployment to the joyous fanfare of a A'tera, a smol bean, and Miyuki. [Gair, Miyuki] - 07/28/19

Aftermath - Gair and Miyuki comfort eachother in the aftermath of violence, where no one ever truly wins. [Gair, Miyuki] - 08/21/19

A Trip to Kugane - The crew receive an all expenses paid trip to Kugane via Enyo and her connections. Adventures await! [Enyo, Gair, Miyuki, Pipino, Hadrian, A'erina, Luto, Leiser Tod] - 10/25/19

The Lines Between Trust and Betrayal - Enyo, who is a Garlean Experiment, gets kidnapped and it's up to Gair and Luna to bring her back safe and sound. [Enyo, Luna, Gair, Miyuki] - 11/13/19


Bittersweet Gratitude - Gair visits Miyuki at the coliseum infirmary for a quick, grateful exchange. [Gair, Miyuki] - 01/08/20

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