Alkaid Scene List

Doll - During a particular visit to the manor, Blue comes across curious Alkaid ; Veldi drops in being Veldi. Blue shares her secret. [Blue, Alkaid, Veldi] - 09/02/20

A Quiet Walk in the Shroud - Tretesta takes a leisurely walk through the Shroud, only to find himself followed by a certain curious being. [Alkaid, Tretesta] - 09/24/20

Second Starlight - Just your average Starlight Party at the Abigor Household. [Eligor, Novine, Veldi, Blue, R'Lamiza, Tretesta, P'Lami, Alkaid, Raziel, Pheria] - 12/27/20


Regaining My Pride - After disappearing from her loved ones, A'erina finally reaches out via linkpearl for help and companionship. [A'erina, F'loki, Luna, Astra, Alkaid, Lucatiel] - 02/16/21

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