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Blood and Cards - A'erina gets her fortune read by Astra and A'erina receives more dubious blood samples. [Astra, A'erina] - 10/12/20

Who is the Hunted - Astra goes hunting in the Shroud for an offering to her god and comes across a strange Blue deer instead. [Astra, Blue, Tretesta] - 10/17/20

Help Wanted - Astra recruits a few familiar faces to help her on her expedition into Golmore to search for the Scouring Orb. [Astra, Luca, A'erina, Tretesta] - 12/20/20


The Scouring Orb - A peculiar party of 5 delve into a strange temple in hopes of adventure and fortune. [Astra[GM], Tretesta, A'erina, Luca] - 01/04/21

Regaining My Pride - After disappearing from her loved ones, A'erina finally reaches out via linkpearl for help and companionship. [A'erina, F'loki, Luna, Astra, Alkaid, Lucatiel] - 02/16/21

The Diety Diamante - Tretesta reaches out to Astra, full of questions about the new accessories they now wear. [Tretesta, Astra] - 02/18/21

Aetheric Connections - New recruit Haimus meets his superior Lami who is curious as to how he is connected with Astra.[Haimus, R'lamiza, Astra] - 03/05/21

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