Blue Short Stories

Over the River and Through the Woods - 06/30/20

  • An average day for Blue as she wanders the woodlands and shares tales with the Elementals.

Heist Gone Wrong - 07/05/20

  • Blue makes an attempt at pilfering weapons from a Weapon's Shop in Gridania, only to get caught in the act.

Unstoppable - 08/24/20

  • Blue's grittier past as a pit fighter for the slave chambers when she was younger and knew of nothing else.

Introspection Power Hour - 08/25/20

  • Blue gets the forest and elementals call caught up on the path her life has taken since their last chat.

The Saga of the Battle Mother - 09/02/20

  • An (Unfinished) Piece that will (eventually) delve into Blue's history as Battle Mother of the icy fortress that beckoned fighters and warriors of all kinds to train there.

Diary of the Frigid North - 09/07/20

  • The findings and discoveries of an unknown tribe of Shapeshifters known as the Naldshi.

Preparations in the Desert - 09/20/20

  • Blue prepares to let her dragon loose, hoping to quell its rampage before she ends up hurting anyone.

The Lullaby - 09/22/20

  • Blue is coaxed by the dragon into a slumber, allowing it to seize control and demolish everything in order to maintain peace.

The Other - 09/22/20

  • The dragon awakens.

Thank You - 09/25/20

  • Blue thinks of her friend Green, who inspired her to never give in and never surrender, no matter how impossible a feat might seem.

Shedding the Form - 10/05/20

  • Blue misses her true form.

The Fear - 10/16/20

  • After a scare at the bar that her secret might be discovered, Blue feels fear that everything and everyone will change.

Bleeding Heart - 10/21/20

  • Blue doesn't know if she's a monster or not, but if she is, all the better to protect others.

The Tale of the Snaggletoothed Merchant - 11/03/20

  • An old merchant has a chance meeting with Blue, who has an eye for his wares.

To Think of the East - 11/25/20

  • Blue speaks to the elementals once more, telling them of her intent to head East to train and get stronger.

Blue Scribbles - 12/07/20

  • Blue writes a few entries in the book that Tret has slipped into her pack as she heads East with Lami.

Fragments - 12/22/20

  • Blue recounts what she remembers of her Sister and how she lost her.

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