Blue talks to Alien Eligor - 05/17/21

Eligor: “There is something I do not understand.”

Blue was off enjoying the slightly warm and definitely salty waters of Bloodshore. She'd been told to concentrate and feel around for the aether around her, and it felt…well, at least she thought she felt more near bodies of water. The Xaela's eyes were closed…trying to feel things, but her attention was drawn away quite suddenly by the sound of somebody nearby. Blue tilted her head, squinted the the armor but moreso recognized the voice first. “Hum, Eligor?”

Eligor: “What worth does that apprentice have?”

Blue scratched her cheek. “She's worth much to me. But are you asking yourself that?”

Eligor: “Why? There is nothing there. You do not share blood.”

Blue: “No….but does that matter?”

Eligor: “Why should it not matter?”

Blue: “I've no one left who shares my blood, so I guess it doesn't really matter as much to me.”

Eligor: “Did you kill them all?”

Blue flicks an earfin. “But I was also at your Starlight party, remembers? Are your daughters all related to you too?” Blue stops and blinks a bit. “No…but other people did.”

Eligor: “So that man is not like you.”

Eligor seems lost in thought.

“How long do you live?”

Blue: “Are you talking about Tret? No, Tret is Tret.”

Eligor: “I have lived for so long.”

Eligor removes his helmet and tucks it underneath an arm.

Eligor: “Moving from one child to the next, and nothing has ever changed. No one has gotten better.”

Eligor smiles.

Eligor: “Not that getting smarter would be better for me either way.”

Blue tilts her head. “I've lived longer than I look but…” She listened, before adding, “Isn't it the attempt that matters though?”

Eligor: “No.”

“Our first instinct was to destroy you. Looking at you hurt. It burned.”

“But however briefly, I thought I did not wish to be alone. I thought if I ripped out that girl's heart, it might make us closer.”

Eligor: “You would be roused, but for how long? What value would it truly have?”

Blue stared down at the water. “I wanted to help her and I still do. Would it have any value? I can't say, but I hope it does.”

Eligor: “That help will kill us.”

“But you do not care for this flesh.”

Blue : “It's not so simple as you say.”

Eligor: “We can simplify it.”

“You do not understand us.”

Blue: “You have family and those you care about. You're Veldi's teacher and the one other thing she's got to understanding what she's got inside her. You're more than just some big ball of gray.”

Eligor closes his eyes and puts his helmet back on.

Eligor: “When I first landed…”

“I bade them devour me. They desired power, and I craved flesh. Even as it destroyed them, they struggled on.”

“I gave them strength. Dominion. It was only right that I rule them.”

Eligor: “I do not begrudge them for resisting after generations had passed. Memories fade, as does gratitude.”

“But the power was mine. The strength was mine. How dare my children reject my blessing? MY rule?”

Blue tapped her chin as she listened. “Hum. But what do you gain? Just to rule things and be on top of everyone?”

Eligor: “There is nothing else.”

Blue: “Seems kinda lonely really.”

Eligor: “And yet your life is no better.”

“Surrounded on all sides by weakness and affections but alone, just as I.”

“You are no creature in waiting. You have simply grown too attached to your food.”

“I will break this flesh. Together, we will rise to greater heights.”

Blue stares and crosses her arms. “People aren't food.”

Eligor: “They are.”

“I liked you more in the desert. You were alive when you fought.”

“Now you are but a…beautified corpse.”

Blue : “Ah, so that was you then! I knew it!”

Eligor: “I was only a witness.”

“Were I in control, you would be we now.”

“Next time I will claim you all. You will know what it is to be alive.”

Blue : “I'm pretty happy the way I am, really.”

Eligor: “…”

Eligor disappears into a wisp of red smoke.

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