Bonds and More - 04/02/21

Note - Placing this under Wisteria - NPCs are related to her plot.


Deep within a cold laboratory in an unknown location…

A robed woman waved her hand dismissively before reaching into a bag and retrieving a handful of dried cranberries, stuffing them into her mouth nonchalantly.

“Provided you are successful, I will give you the update you seek. Until then and not a moment sooner I’ve no incentive to invest in your maintenance. I’ve given you the tools now learn to use them competently.”

The addressed does not respond, only departing in a distortion-like teleport.

At the same time…


Grass and trees gave way to scrub as one traveled south from the mires around Camp Tranquil towards Highbridge. Merchants long used this path to send goods back and forth between Shroud and Desert. It was quiet. was.

Like a bolt of dusk, purple and blue shot out from the trees into the more barren lands. Flying low and fast, Tret and his personal mount, Ricard, came out into the eastern lands of Thanalan. Bowling over a few Furbles on their way along the Allagan Sunway, the ala mhigan bird took the the ground, as if building speed As they approached the canyon, he took a mighty leap! Not nearly enough to clear the chasm on jump alone, Ricard took flight again, and the two would land on the otherside, tearing off across Drybone southward. They slowed, however, as they approached the small oasis. Tret would call for a break there, and the two would stop for a little while to drink and catch their breath.


“A moment of your time ser?”

A scratchy, synthetic voice like orderly static rang out from some distance away from Tretesta, a shadow visible just at the corner of vision.

Contrary to its arrival, the figure was clad head to toe in some strange armor, but rather than loom, the figure was bent over in a makeshift bow—which unfortunately likely made it look like it were preparing to lunge. If he’d bothered to look, Tretesta might have even noticed that the figure’s left arm was a stump from the elbow down.


Facing the bird, Tret had been in light conversation with Ricard. One sided of course, but such was the relationship. At the sound of a voice, Tret tensed up, keeping his gaze forward towards the chocobo. Ricard perked up at and looked above Tret's head, tilting his head at the new visitor.

“<Stay… On guard>” Were the quiet instructions given to the bird. With a sigh, Tret turned about and draped an arm over the base of Ricard's neck. The annoyed and tense look he had just moments ago was replaced with a warm and happy grin. his other hand pushed aside the lower part of his coat to rest on his hip. Hood stayed up for now, though, and dark eyes watched the safely distant figure carefully “A moment? That's about all I have to offer currently! What can we maybe do for you in such a short time?”


“You are an…exceptionally difficult individual to find when it counts. But I’m on an errand you see. My benefactor has extended a most urgent invitation to Fallgourd Float. I’ve been sent as an escort.”


The smile slowly faded as the mysterious one went on, and hand on hip slid lower “Ah. This again. Your ahhh… Benefit-er? Will have to wait a while longer. Like we've both said. There is a moment, not longer. I know where the Float is. If I decide she is worth the headache, I will go. I do not need an escort. If there is nothing else, I believe the moment is over.”


“What is the hurry? You were resting a moment ago.”


“Yes, that was a moment ago. We had that just that much time. And now I am ready to go again. Unless you have something terribly important, I will do so. Even if you do? I may likely still leave.”


“Then I am afraid I will be needing a sample. To keep my benefactor placated of course.”


“A sample? Oh, we definitely don't have the time or the desire for anything like that. Your boss will have to just deal with it. I'm done here, stranger.” With that, he took the chocobo's reins and the two would begin pacing backwards, Tret watching the visitor carefully.


“Come on friend. Do not make this more than it needs to be. I can make do with a finger. Simple enough, and I’d rather not encroach further upon your business, but…”

The figure stands at its full height.

“Work is work, yes?”


“You want a sample? Here's a sample of how not interested I am: You can fuck aaaaaaaall the way off back to the Float. That's as much as friend as I'll be now. Turn around, fuck off, and stop following me.”


“….I see.”

The armor began to shiver and shake before beginning to follow, an airy, staticky sound that was apparently laughter as they closed the distance, opening their arms wide as if in welcome.

“What are you going to do if I don’t fuck off? How will you solve our mutual problem?”


From a pouch on his hip came a flat knife, and Tret stopped long enough to fling it out and down at the ground between the stranger and his half party “Stop. Stop right there.” he'd click his tongue, causing Ricard to stop and wait, then reach down to pull back the other side of his coat. This revealed a simple long sword and scabbard. “Step past that knife, and I will kill you.”

Tretesta Roll: [3] Result: 3 Reason: initiative vs the Stranger's 5


“So if I dont step past the knife, you will quietly take this then?” The armor opened it's palm and a super-heated beam burst from a newly opened hole in it's palm, aimed at Tret's long sword.

Abigor Roll: [17] Result: 17 Reason: laser

Tretesta Roll: [12] Result: 12 Reason: lazer defend


Ricard screeched and took off as the beam shot at the pair. Tret, considerably not ready for whatever the fuck that was, dove to his side. Rolling over and getting back to his feet, he yanked the longsw….Short sword out of its case. This would result in a few moments staring at his recently diminished and red hot ended blade. Shaking his head, he'd point that end at the stranger. Left hand came across his body for the pouch again, and he whipped out two small blades this time, flat knives spinning a deadly arc at the foe.

Tretesta Roll: [6] Result: 6 Reason: Yeetus knifis

Abigor Roll: [10] Result: 10 Reason: yeetus defendus


The armored figure moved out of the way, bending backwards strangely as the knives suddenly turned in an arc and staying in that position.

“I tried to be nice. I tried for peace. Show them weakness and they will always trample over you. Red was right. Red was right. Red was right.”

The armor moved to fire the laser again but from the smoking in its palm it seemed to be recharging or something. Left with seemingly no alternative, the figure stepped forward and kicked the knife Tret threw into the sands earlier at him, the resulting arc apparently going towards his thighs.

Abigor Roll: [10] Result: 10 Reason: kickus knifis

Tretesta Roll: [18] Result: 18 Reason: If you can dodge a knife….


Tret charged behind his thrown knives, reaching down for yet another and coming up on the Stranger double armed now. As the knife was kicked out at him, he juked. Springing to the side, he'd then force himself forward in a leaping cross attack with both blades

Tretesta Roll: [3] Result: 3 Reason: Crosschop

Abigor Roll: [1] Result: 1 Reason: crossblock


As Tret's attack found purchase in the armor he would find…..that it was not nearly as hard as it looked. It was still armor of course, but it seemed about as durable as a crab's shell in comparison to it's tower-ish appearance.

Perhaps even more strangely, blood immediately spurted out once the “shell” was shattered, bursting out in a goopy dark red torrent.

Rather than respond in pain however, the armored figure moved to grab Tret with it's hand before jabbing at his jaw with the elbow stub soon after.

Abigor Roll: [17] Result: 17 Reason: stumpity crump

Tretesta Roll: [3] Result: 3 Reason: oh god please not the face


was quite suprised by how… easily the Stranger bled. In his hesitation and leaping motion, he found himself held and smashed in the face by not quite half an arm. He shook this off and yelled in his foe's face. The knife would come up, and he'd try to leverage the close quarters into jamming the dagger into their right shoulder

Tretesta Roll: [20] Result: 20 Reason: close and personal

Abigor Roll: [1] Result: 1 Reason: social distancing


The armored figure screams as the knife digs into their remaining good arm, a face twisted into a scowl appearing on the Helmet. Something vital was torn in that attack, and now the armored figure was beginning to thrash about wildly.

Or was it? Blood was flying everywhere and surrounding the pair like a messy painting, but heat was also rising at an increasing rate. It was the blood. The creature within the armor was somehow superheating its blood and causing a reaction, and now that blood was everywhere in the immediate vicinity. Boom.



Tret was well covered in the gore that had been spread about the battlefield. Due to some careful work and research on his outergarb, he was mostly unaware of the heat at first. Then something hit his cheek and started sizzling. Tret jerked back from the lovely hug, crossing his arms over his face to protect it from more spray. And then he was engulfed in fire.

There was no pain, however. Not for the last son of the Rabid Dogs. Behind his guarding arms, brown eyes turned to red and rage was soon the word of the afternoon.

Defensive LB: Beast Within


Sand dust and the scent of iron filled the air and scenery, and as it cleared the armored figure was gone. Or to be more precise, the armor had transformed into something else entirely. No longer a stoic figure clad in armor, it was now a gnarled and crumpled lump of scrap metal that had snapped and forced itself into another shape entirely. Appearing now to be a succubus voidsent clad in armor and globs of mud-like blood, the figure lunged forward towards Tret, swiping claws at him, but really flinging more blood in his direction, sounding off a roar that was clearly far more beast than man.

!roll 1d20 !blood swipes

Abigor Roll: [5] Result: 5 Reason: blood swipes

Tretesta Roll: [19] Result: 19 Reason: how spry are we?


Tret was looking mostly the same, save for some charred marks on his coat and hood. And a look of pure hatred on his face as he lowered his arms. Having left the knife in its happy little home, he was single armed with half a longsword. While he wasn't faster or stronger, per se, Tret had wrath on his side now. He charged again, juking the bloody slashes until he could get close enough to try and stab the horrible thing with the lasered off end of his half sword

Tretesta Roll: [10] Result: 10 Reason: Rage stabs

Abigor Roll: [11] Result: 11 Reason: No bulli pls


The stab certainly hit her, but only a thick glob of mud-blood was between them now–he hadnt even managed to penetrate the armor.

Extending her elbow nub above her head now, the blood congealed into another claw made entirely of blood, which she immediately swiped down towards Tret's (presumably) retreating arm.

Abigor Roll: [1] Result: 1 Reason: The Bloooood

Tretesta Roll: [1] Result: 1 Reason: surely He can defend against a 1


The half sword swung up to catch the descending claw and held it at bay. Tret Stared into the creature's face, foam flecking at the corners of his mouth, and he spat out a strange word as he fought against the strike “<Die…..>”


The creature screamed as it was repelled and swung again.

Abigor Roll: [6] Result: 6 Reason: reroll for the blooood

Tretesta Roll: [11] Result: 11 Reason: DEFENDS FOR THE DEFEND THRONE


Tret was not interested in the blood that wanted to smash him. He was much more determined to make the horror bleed unwillingly. Closing in again past the swinging claw, he hacked and stabbed madly at the succuboss's torso and head. He was relentless in his assault.

Tretesta Roll: [16] Result: 16 Reason: Rip and tear until it is done

Abigor Roll: [12] Result: 12 Reason: This doom cant be slayed right


The creature began to scream and thrash and claw away at the air as Tret stabbed deeper into her body, until finally his blade hit something with a 'thunk' in the creature's chest. Immediately, it stopped moving and fell to its knees, attempting to undo whatever he had just started, but it was too late. The succubus began to melt away bit by bit even through the armor, until finally there was nothing left but gnarled armor and sludge-blood in the shape of what was maybe a knight. The blood superheated one last time, ready to explode, only to wither and go out like a sputtering ember. The creature was still.


Tret made as if to attack the creature again, but… it was quickly gone. melted and the dissapated into the sand. He stared at the spot on the ground for several minutes, catching his breath, as if waiting for the creature to come back. As he stood there, red irises gave way to brown little by little, and wrath ebbed away. He would eventually look at the half sword in his hand, then toss it away wordlessly. Taking one final deep breath, he turned and started southward again. As he walked away from the battlefield, he gave a shrill two note whistle. Ricard came running across the dunes towards the lone man, and the two would resume their previous speedy trip down towards Sagolii


Some time later…

What appeared to be a robotic cat appeared out of a distortion, looking at the fallen warrior quietly.

“You should have asked for help. If we bring you back, you’ll have to be punished like Baraqiel was.”

The cat nuzzled the melted corpse, lying by its side for some time. Apparently satisfied however, it stood to its true height, the robotic head suddenly elongating into an open maw.

There was only a single crunch after.

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