Bozja Campaign Intro

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “That tracks…”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot walked up the the table. But said nothing.

Veldi Tzitzimitl forces a smile for you.

Blue Kerberion followed after Lami and waves at Veldi happily.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Unexpected visitors.”

E'koda Barococo: “Y'know em?”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot just stared at Veldi for awhile. But remained silent. She wasn't sure she could trust her mouth currently so she just chose not to use it.

Veldi Tzitzimitl keeps a stony smile. “I do. I suppose I must have forgotten I asked for their assistance.”

“Couldnt be sure I'd run into a skilled courier any time soon you see.”

Blue Kerberion glances over at Lami before kicking her in the heel and looking to the pair. “Asking isn't always necessary!”

E'koda Barococo: “Trustworthy one's hard t'come by. They're cool?”

Veldi Tzitzimitl sighs. “They are involved, so I suppose they'd have to be.”

Blue Kerberion tilts her head over at Ko and offers him a friendly wave as well.

E'koda Barococo nods. “Heya, then. E'Koda. Jus' Ko's fine.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Moving on, your breakthrough tracks a bit with what I've been looking into. Namely, some strangely quiet parts of the battlefield. Think you'd be up to a minor investigation?”

E'koda Barococo: “'A course.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot shot Blue a look before looking back at the pair.“Lami werks fer me.” She said simply.“Look forward ta werkin' with ya.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Great. Well make sure to keep your heads down everyone!”

Blue Kerberion smiles serenely. “And I'm Blue.”

E'koda Barococo cracks a grin beneath the sharp peak of his visor. “Veldi always picks interestin' folks t'work with, m'sure it'll be a milk run.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot coughed abit under her mask and making some odd noises but followed.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Afore I move a step further…”

“The FUCK are you doin here?”

E'koda Barococo snorts. “Glad we can drop the kayfabe.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Me? Or are you refering to the fact I brought Blue here?

R'lamiza Swiftfoot had dropped her normal limsan accent.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “The fuck do you think?”

Blue Kerberion puts her hands on her hips and stares at Veldi. “I told you I was coming.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I came to make sure Blue doesn't get taken out early. Blue wasn't going to take no for an answer.

SO here we are.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “I also remember immediately telling you NOT to do that.”

“Oh I'm sorry, I didnt realize she had her own damn ship.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I didn't bring her here to come help you. It just happened to cross that way.

I knew you where here about the same time you found me in Kugane.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Convincing.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Don't have to be when I'm not lying.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “You remember the last time you just happened to end up in a godsdamned warzone?”

“I suppose you thought the screaming and explosions meant a party was happening?”

Blue Kerberion looks over to Ko and offers a small smile. “Sorry 'bout all this. She's my sister. Dunno why she doesn't want me to tag along.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Don't think I came here for the fun of it. I wasn't exactly supportive of coming here. But she ws going to come here with or without me.

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I'm not pleased to be here anymore then you are to see me.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Whatever.”

E'koda Barococo holds his hands up disarmingly. “Hey, s'none a' my business.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “We need to head east from here.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Lets just get this over with so I can get Blue out of here.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Fuck you.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Right back at you.

E'koda Barococo: “We good t'work now?”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: All Aces here.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Gotta be. Potentially weeks of work

getting flushed here.”

“Alright, so…”

Veldi Tzitzimitl points.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “See those sandbags cross the way there?”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Eyup.

E'koda Barococo: “What 'bout 'em?”

Blue Kerberion: “Mhmm”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “More than once I've caught small squads out near em. Thing is, aint no units assigned specifically to this block anymore.”

E'koda Barococo: “S'fishy.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Mhm. Went over to check it out times, but one of em always moved out 'fore I could get close.”

“They called it scouting but I think its a supplier.”

E'koda Barococo: “No point, front's moved too much t'waste the resources, 'less they're scoutin' for somethin' else, but I doubt it.”

E'koda Barococo: “So, we settin' an ambush? S'kinda my bag.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Pretty much what I thought. As for the ambush…”

Veldi Tzitzimitl seems lost in thought.

“I think we should probably leave this place be for now. This would be stopping the deals yeah but it aint gonna do anything to the supply.”

“I've had my hands full though treatin' wounded.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: So what? Is there another target you have in mind? Or did we run this way for sight seeing?

E'koda Barococo: “Might not do t'show we're on to 'em, anyroad. Not 'til we chase this lead.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Basically we need a way to cut off the supply and to pinpoint wherever supply camps might be located.”

“My idea was more or less to find as many of the deal locations and try tracing a supply route but I'll certainly have eyes on me now that I already got so close to one.”

“So I'm taking ideas if anyone has some.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Do you know of where this point heads out too?

E'koda Barococo: “If I can set up a deal, 'tween the four of us keepin' an eye on 'em, we might be able t'catch 'em at a pick-up. We catch their distributor, we find th' supplier.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “I dont, but thats….an idea, yeah.”

“But did it go that smoothly in Ishgard?”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot shrugged.“Better then what I woulda thought-” She cocked her head to the side. And fell silent.

E'koda Barococo: “'Course not, but we charged in in Ishgard. No time t'set up a long play.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Thats fair I guess.”

“Mind telling me a bit more about what you found?”

“If you have anymore details I mean.”

Blue Kerberion listens to the conversations at hand, but drops down to pluck a wriggling worm from the mud. “I like the setting up a deal idea.” She vouches.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “As for you two….have you spoken to anyone other than us yet?”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Nope. Fresh off the boat.

Blue Kerberion: “Yep.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: We've kept to ourselves, for the most part, While training.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Problem is people have ears.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Do you consider Namazu people?

Blue Kerberion: “The Namazu stayed away anyway.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Not talking about Yanxia. Talking about here.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Then I can't imagine anyone heard anything worth a damn from us. I'm trying to get my bearings here.

Blue Kerberion drops the worm into a bush and stands up, brushing herself off. “Besides us talking out in that camp, there's been nothing.”

E'koda Barococo: “We know more 'bout them than they do us, even if jus' by a sliver, an' it's still a huge advantage.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “You mean the suppliers?”

“I suppose runners could fall under that too.”

Blue Kerberion: “Is it always this muddy here?”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Tends to happen when people displace the earth.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot simply shrugged at Veldi. Looking at Blue and thumbing at Veldi.

E'koda Barococo: “Most a' the folks I suspect a' usin're pals with a Bozjan quartermaster my th' name a' Hrodi. Hrothgar fella. I got a hunch he's a dealer, an' we're on decent terms 'cause I've been givin' him first pick a' salvage recently. Maybe I can set somethin' up.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Sounds good. There's a risk I forgot to bring up though.”

Blue Kerberion: “I mean….if only small squads are stationed over there, wouldn't it be easier to track their prints and see where they go anyhow?”

“Don't even need em to be there.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: That's assuming their prints are still there enough to track.

E'koda Barococo: “Lotsa wildlife tramplin' 'em, lotsa rain' washin' 'em away. An' if they're smart, they'll rotate drop sites.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Not really no. Basically what they said.”

E'koda Barococo: “Could be worth keepin' an' eye on if y'feel like stakin' it out.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Speaking of, we need a role for you two. Somethin' that won't draw too many eyes for all four of us romping out together like this, an somethin' easy to keep track of.”

Blue Kerberion hums and crosses her arms before nodding.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “I'm a field medic so I can kinda be where I need to be, but I cant exactly just fuck off for no reason.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I was an information spreader…or a high profile target remover back duirng the Doman rebellion.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Sure you wanna be an assassin here though? If you dont produce results they might get suspicious.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot shrugged.“It's like riding a bike. A bloody bike.”

I could settle for simply spreading information to units as well. I'm fairly well versed at hiding.“

Yet again These guys might be a tad bit more orginized then it was during Doma.

E'koda Barococo: “Just find a cover job, somethin' that gives y'reason t'leave camp. Don' even have t'be glamorous.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “That.”

“Normally I wouldnt give two shites but we are all connected now whether we like it or not.”

“You draw eyes then we are all getting looked at.”

E'koda Barococo: “Scrap picker, courier, aide-de-camp, grave digger… lotsa jobs inna warzone that ain't fightin' that get ignored.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Blue.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Well, What sort of rolls are there then? I'm used to what I know. Courier. Whatever is simplest.”She thumbed at Blue.“I'd be more concered about her then me…“She looked at Ko.”I can do the scrap bit. I'm not digging people graves.”

Blue Kerberion: “Yes?”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Can you treat wounds? Apply bandages?”

Blue Kerberion: “Um…I know the very basics of how to treat wounds. Nothing too special or specific, but I can bandage.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Dammit I'm getting a call for an op.”

“We can meet up here after.”

E'koda Barococo: “Y'registered with any adventurin' guilds? Hell, y'can probably just ask 'round camp, bet some quartermaster'd draft y'a contract without askin' too many questions.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I do trade for a living. So that could be an in. Pose as a supplier for the war effort. I could come my first mate to bring the ship here for a get away if we need it.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Come if you're gonna. I'm headed out.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Fuck me

Veldi Tzitzimitl stretches.

“Well that sucked.”

E'koda Barococo: “Y'take y'r lumps. Ow.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Don't all ops?

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Out here sure.”

“Speaking of suck…Ko.”

Blue Kerberion: “I dunno…was kinda fun.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Forgot to mention the danger thing I brought up.”

“Blue here got approached in Kugane. I think it might be the person who actually made the drug in the first place.”

“An they already know about her, me, and presumably the rat here. Stands to reason since you were involved in Ishgard that they have an eye on you too.”

E'koda Barococo: “So we got a face?”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: OI. I'm not a fucking rat.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “She….might.”

“Somethin' rubs me the wrong way about it.”

Blue Kerberion: “I thought I saw her face…it seemed like it was right.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Big point here is that it's uh…”

Blue Kerberion: “Blonde hair, purple eyes…midlander. Not much else. Likes to wear masks.”

E'koda Barococo: “I got enough false leads in my documentation t'keep 'em chasin' their tails for a while, but thanks for th' heads up.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Possible that even if we find some leads eventually they might pull somethin'.”

“Long as you're sure.”

Blue Kerberion: “Wouldn't be able to forget.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl seems lost in thought.

“Fuckin' rain…”

E'koda Barococo: “If we're possibly compromised, we can't pull the trigger 'til we're sure we won't miss. No snappin' at small fry, we play our cover 'til we've got a shot.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Well, least visibility will be lower.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “That's more why I'm not into snapping them up one by one.”

E'koda Barococo: “Tracks're gone, li'l noise cover… rain's not so bad.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “It's cold, wet, and makes you sick.”

Blue Kerberion: “Helps things grow too.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot shakes her head abit.“Water resistant clothing.”

E'koda Barococo nods in agreement. “There's that. I'll keep makin' my plays, see if I can set up a meetin' with Hrodi.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl sighs. “Blue can just use me as a cover.”

E'koda Barococo: “Y'brought her in as a field nurse.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “If its my sister running around and everyone hears that, they wont question too much unless she does something more stupid than coming out here in the first place.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I'll call in my ship, Tell them to bring war supplies. Will pose as a supplier for the front. Well I will actually be supplying the front but stil.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Alright but try not to hit em too hard in the pockets.”

Blue Kerberion seems pleased, bouncing in place excitedly. “Sounds good to me!”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “People out here will die for the slightest edge. We don' need em anymore desperate.”

E'koda Barococo: “If it's legit, it's even better cover. Maybe y'need t'subcontract someone t'run a few deliveries, then it won't be odd if we're seen t'gether.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Would be less odd for me to run around with her too if she's my supplier. Inspecting the field for goods, services, and needs makes sense.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I'm not that heartless. I hate Garleans as much as the next guy. Hells I'll give some shit away if it helps beat these bastards back.“ Nodding.”Aye. I got a carrier for such things.“

E'koda Barococo: “Urgent deliveries a' medical supplies t'the field if we need pass messages.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Then I think we are all covered on identities for now.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot nodded.”Agreed. I'll get right on it. Ship should be able to get here fairly quickly. They are just outside the Red Sea now.“

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “There's one last place I wanted to point out though. Quite a bit north from here.”

E'koda Barococo: “We got plausible deniablity f'r any a' us bein' seen t'gether. That's solid.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: And I'll get to make abit of Gil on the side. I'm happy. I'll make sure the boys are ready for a scrap if it comes down to it. I'll explain the situation to my first mate and get on it then…“Giving Veldi a look.”Alright.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “All ready to move out then?”

E'koda Barococo nods

Blue Kerberion nods, earfins wiggling happily.

R'lamiza Swiftfoot nodded at Veldi. “Ready as I'll ever be.” Looking at Blue.“Anything you want from the ship? You won't be able to get on there till this is done.”

Blue Kerberion: “Nah..I'm fine. Got everything I'll be needing.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Alright.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “This is close enough I guess.”

“Past here is a bunch of ruins.”

E'koda Barococo: “No sweat so far.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Reminds me of Doma…almost. Not in a good way either.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Even the fuckin…FUCK.”

“This place is basically a perfect spot for a smuggling operation no?”

E'koda Barococo: “Lotta my skirmishes in Ala Mhigo were in ruins like this.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Lots o' ruins, plenty of space, and no one to question anyone comin or goin here.”

Blue Kerberion: “Makes sense..”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Aye…That was a tough one as well…Managed ta help clean up after the liberation there as well. Glad to see the homeland home again.“Snapping back to the subject at hand.”Aye.“

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “I ain't caught anyone out here yet but…it bothers me.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Want me to see about throwing a few uniforms on the boys and getting them to poke about? Or would that be too much?

Blue Kerberion: “Oh but lookit all the walking plants!”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “They all want to kill you.”

Blue Kerberion: “Prolly just grumpy.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “I got attacked by a water ball.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: It's a warzone. I can't imagine nature is pleased with all the destruction.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Sounds reasonable.”

Blue Kerberion giggles. “You got splooshed.”

E'koda Barococo: “S'kinda comfortin' seein' cactuar out here. Feels jus' like home.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Gods…these are the people I'm working with…”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot shrugged.”So, Is that a yes ta me idea for me boys?“

E'koda Barococo: “Should be safe for now, at least. Sure y'wouldn' prefer closer t'one a' the camps?”

E'koda Barococo: “Well… safe as y'r gonna find in a warzone.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “What'dya mean?”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Up to them. I won't force them to come into a warzone.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “I ain't payin em. Far as I'm concerned they dont exist til they need to.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Some of my crew putting on uniforms and keeping an eye on as scouts. Smuggle them here on a transfer boat instead of my ship. Fresh faces.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “But yeah we can get to a camp.”

“I just wanted to get everyone an eye on this place first.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot nodded.”Alright. I'll get my end in the works.“

Blue Kerberion: “Hey Veldi, are there any 'bos?”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Assuming we all move mostly alone we will have to keep watch seperately.”

E'koda Barococo: “You get established in the basecamp, I bet y'could get some hands out t'the forward posts.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Any what?”

Blue Kerberion: “Birds.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: ”….Yes.“

“Highly recommend staying away.”

“War's made everyone much nastier.”

Blue Kerberion tilts her head and frowns. “Even the chocos? Sad…”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot pushed off from the wall.”Aye. Good idea. Much easier then smuggling them here and they have a good reason to be out this way.“

E'koda Barococo: “Sidenote, if y'r goin' t'the ship could y'get me some #50 steel wire? The good thin stuff. If y'r takin' requests.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot nodded.”Sure. How much you want?“

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Well unless any of you have anything else you want to do, I'm gonna suggest we wait for another op. Having us seen together running to the scene should get rid of any rumors before they start. Harmful ones anyway.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “From there we can head back to the main camp and split up.”

Blue Kerberion: “Sounds like a plan.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Lets go to the closest forward camp then.”

E'koda Barococo: “Mn, I like those pocket-size fifty fulm spools, case a' those'd be great.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot nodded. “I'll make sure you get that then.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl looks around.

“Attune if you need it.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl points.

Veldi Tzitzimitl sighs. “Tired.”

Blue Kerberion: “Take a rest then.”

E'koda Barococo: “Oughta hit the mess at the main camp, Bozjan food's damn fine.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I'll do that. Wouldn't mind adding some new recipes to my own arsenal.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Cant keep much down at the moment. I'll get some bread later.”

“There's for sure a ring somewhere in Yanxia too, but there's apparently a lot of secrets out there.”

E'koda Barococo: “Y'cook too? M'no chef're anythin' but I know my way 'round a campfire.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Feels like a ball of tangled strings out there.”

“I can cook! Grill….uh…boil….” — Blue Kerberion: “Yanxia is a big place. Dun think Lami even got to show me anything.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot would grin under her mask.”Of course. My best jobs where adding a few drops here and there as a “Chef” in my younger days. Campfire cooking is just a stove without sides.“

Blue Kerberion: “Everything. I meant everything. You showed me stuff.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Aye. But after this, you'll get to see more. Since we cut into your training abit heavy for this.”

Blue Kerberion: “Yeah..lil bit.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Thought she was supposed to pass some arbitrary test shite?”

E'koda Barococo: “Don' think I've been t'mainland Doma. Some a'a the outlyin' ilses on a job once, but otherwise just Kugane. An' here, I guess.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: It's lovely now that it's free. I'd recommend a visit after your time heres done. Won't regret it.

She did actually.

Veldi Tzitzimitl raises a hand to her ear. “Got an op.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: She's taking the trade up well actually…And here we go.

Blue Kerberion: “So uh. Couldn't we have just left that choco alone?”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I am reminded why Edel is the only good one

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Not if we are getting attacked by groups of them led by a bigger and angrier one, no.”

Blue Kerberion: “They're all good, even that one. Just misunderstood.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl sighs.

“Anyone hurt?”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot rolled her shoulders.“Fit as a I ever will be.”

E'koda Barococo: “All I know is the red ones summon meteors, an' that's the biggest, meanest red I've ever seen.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I never wanna see one again.

Blue Kerberion: “It's just like the time a buncha birds back in Bentbranch got loose. Just a lil angrier!”

E'koda Barococo: “A li'l? That's all?”

Veldi Tzitzimitl sees you and buries her face in disbelief.

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: . . .

Blue Kerberion: “They're really cute though…they even did their own formations. Good, smart birds!”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Lets….just head back. I have more rounds I gotta get to before it gets too late.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Your tolerance for animals is second to none.

Blue Kerberion: “It's kinda required.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Fair enough.

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Must be how she stands you.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Hey!

Blue Kerberion giggles.

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I'm lovely! Your just sour!

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “Yeah yeah.”

“Lets go.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot sighed.“Anyways time to get to the real work.”

E'koda Barococo: “C'mon, s'head back while the shellin's stopped. Smelled 'em cookin' up a big pot a' sogan dolma 'fore we left.”

Blue Kerberion: “…So…muddy…”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “You'd think that they'd shell away some o' these hills…”

E'koda Barococo: “Can't make a better buy than a good pair a' boots.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: I'll add that to my list.

For Blue anyways.

Blue Kerberion: “Prolly a good idea…”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: See what I ment about Magitech Blue?

Blue Kerberion: “Magitek are dumb.”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot: Agreed.

Veldi Tzitzimitl takes a deep breath.

“Right! Thanks for your assistance everyone~”

E'koda Barococo: “Good spot for scrap, though. Don' forget their internal mags for munitions, supposin' they don' cook off when y'bust 'em.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl: “I'm going to check on the tents for now but remember to stay safe!”

R'lamiza Swiftfoot gave a small salute to Veldi. With a nod she kept her silent act up now that they where back in camp.

Veldi Tzitzimitl bids farewell.

E'koda Barococo: “I'll talk t'Holdi an' letcha know.”

Veldi Tzitzimitl gives you a big hug.

You give Veldi Tzitzimitl a big hug.

Blue Kerberion phews softly to herself, brushing away some stray strands of hair. “See you soon Sis!” Before scurrying off yet being near.

Veldi Tzitzimitl salutes you.

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