Butterfly Effect - 03/10/21


Blue was excited. She'd learned a lot in such a short amount of time with Vinalo concerning how they viewed aether; how they heard it. How they heard her aether. There was much to learn from them in the coming weeks, but Blue wanted other perspectives and other views. That was the reason she asked Novine to teach her as well, quite certain that both teaching methods were going to be quite different…and quite interesting! She couldn't wait to keep learning more.

Blue made sure the chocobos in the stables were well taken care of before she approached the large doors leading into the manor. She'd missed the birds. Tret mighta done a good job covering for Blue while she was away, but it was good to tend to and spoil them most mercilessly.

The Xaela pushed the great doors open and peaked inside. She remembered being told to be quiet for any other people who might have been studying, and so Blue crept about quietly, trying to find where Novine might be.

In her palm was a small object wrapped in paper and haphazardly tried in bright red ribbon.


While normally the interior of the manor was a bit on the quiet side of things, it appeared to be rather busy for once. There were members of the organization uniformed in mathing clothing, some more heavily armored than others. Some were studying, others were having silent meals in the eatery. The clashing of swords could be heard from the upper floor. Everyone seemed quite busy and uniquely focused.

Most notably though, Novine could be spotted sitting upon that large crystalline throne like an overseer keeping an eye on everything, making sure nothing was out of place. She appeared to be taking herself rather seriously for once, her own posture straight and serious as she spoke to a few of her underlings.

“Just make sure you monitor how they're using them. We give what people need, not just the stuff they want. Dependence - we need them to rely on us so we can grow and help other people elsewhere. Don't forget our mission.”

The two more armored individuals give Novine some kind of murmured reply of understanding and a salute before turning and walking down the large staircase headed toward the door.

She sighed and drew up her legs into a crossed posture, scooting back into a more comfortable position on her throne, long hair pooling around her on the gleaming seat. By body language alone, she looked like a strange child queen or a spoiled, petulant young princess, the latter being a bit more on the nose.


Blue wasn't used to this much activity going on throughout the manor, and it showed in the way she carefully made her way inside and observed each sound and each sight with interest. Things had suddenly gotten busier around here. Had the estate changed that much or was this new?

Renewed with a sense to get some answers for herself, the Au Ri finally took note of Novine upon her throne and strode up to her with a skip to her step as the two armored folk walk past her.

“Novine, there you are!” The Xaela spoke up when she drew closer before downright bounding up the stairs to the base of the throne. Once at Novine's side, she glanced about again, sweeping her gaze over those she couldn't see from the floor below.

“It's all busy around here now…also hiya! How've you been?!”


She sees Blue and waves, looking down at her with a proud, slightly smug grin.

“Well, while you were gone I talked to a buncha people and got some advice. I guess you could say I've been inspired!” she says waving her arms to gesture at everything happening. “I mean, stuff was happening before, just it wasn't very organized. Mostly people doing some training and trying to gain some footholds here and there, but I think I was just spreading stuff too thin and relying on other people to do things too much. It's my organization, so what I say goes. I think that cat's been running things his way, but he's just gonna run us into the ground or into absolute ineffectiveness, honestly.”

She eyes the present and her head twitches to the side in a curious way, her eyes lingering on it for a moment, definitely wanting to know if it was for her or not, but not wanting to seem so petty as to expect it.

“I've been okay! Been working on fixing my arcanism and getting stronger. Mainly been doing that really,” she says a bit sheepishly, feeling a little self-conscious that she didn't have anything cooler to report. “Other than that, just doing my thing really. Observing… experiencing… y'know, that kinda stuff.” She shrugs. “Anyway, what've you been doing? You were over East for forever. I thought Lami ate you.”


Blue clapped her hands together and nodded, slightly covering up the small parchment within her palms as she did so. “I gotta admit, it's really different to see so much activity..it's kinda refreshing! There were times when I'd come in after tending the chocobos and wonder if I entered some weird abandoned house.”

She briefly got herself distracted at the sword clashing sounds up above, earfins flicking, before she turned around again and laughed.

“It really felt like I was over there foreeever. I think we were out there longer than we were supposed to be. Helped my sister with some stuff in Bozja for a little while before we went back to training. Aaaand, Lami didn't eat me! She's prolly back by now as well…somewhere…”

Blue absently toyed with her braid as she continued. “But I think I got a bit stronger. Lami is a silly cat but she's a pretty good teacher. I learned how to be all sneaky much better! And how to use mudras! You called 'em those weird hand things when we talked last but it was fun to learn and I do pretty well with them! There was this test at the end with millions of frogs and a pervy old man and then THIS HUGE LAVA FROG.” Blue couldn't properly express how huge the lava frog was, but she made a valiant effort, climbing up the stair railing to the top floor, balance wavering, as she stretched out her hands above her head as high as they could go. “HE WAS BIGGER! I JUST…CAN'T….REACH….”

With a nimble little hop, the Xaela drops down from the third floor and before the throne again before holding out her little package to Novine with a smile.

“Also we went out shopping and I gots a little something for you!”


Novine loosens up a bit as Blue's playfulness comes out and rubs off on her a bit, but she still seems a tad restrained even as she giggles.

“Lami never told me she knows a bunch of giant frogs. She always seemed so boring! Did she boss you around? I find she's kinda bossy. She likes to feel important,” she says matter-of-factly. “Which reminds me, I need to talk to her soon before she goes….”

Blue landed before her with ease extending the package toward her, and Novine grinned largely, scooting to the edge of her throne and reaching for it.

“For me? Why?” she asked, still confused why Blue kept giving her presents.


Blue shook her head. “I didn't know she knew a buncha frogs either…the big one is very annoyed with her.” The Xaela straightened though as she passed off the small present into Novine's hands and continued. “She was a lil bossy when she was telling me to do stuff, but I think that's just teacher Lami talking. Otherwise she treated me normal I think. She doesn't like talking bout herself much though and gets kinda riled up if anybody asks..” Blue frowned a bit at this, but shook her head soon after and brightened at Novine's question.

“Cause you're my friend!” She stamped her foot and looked away sheepishly. “But you prolly do get more presents than a buncha my other friends, cause I'm a lil afraid you'll yell at me or tell me to go away. If I bring you things you might like, then you might not have any reason to and then we can be better friends.”

If the parcel was opened, it would reveal a small wooden hair comb. The top of the comb contained little wooden engravings of butterflies, painted an ornate blue and purple hue. Otherwise, it was a simple comb to do all the hair-related things one could possibly wanna do…with their hair!


She makes a confused look as she takes the package and opens it, looking at the comb and hold it up as if holding it up would allow her to see it better in the low light. Flipping it around, to examine all the details, rubbing her fingers over the engravings, she pulls it close to her chest, holding it with both hands in a possessive sort of way.

“Wanna go somewhere else? Not really the best place for a conversation about friendship and stuff. Could take you to my room though! I don't have any chairs in there though. We can go anywhere really.”


Blue perked up and nodded. “Show me your room! I know you mentioned something about not having much in there. I dun need no chairs.”


She launches herself off the throne to land in the floor below. “Follow me!” she directs, taking her package and comb with her as she keeps walking down the stairs and turning he corner to the hallway leading to the various rooms and dormitories that made up the much quieter portions of the establishment.

“I finally had to get rid of the cake. It was pretty. I probably should've given it to Raziel but… She gets enough cake. Wouldn't have appreciated it like I did just looking at it.”


Blue aptly followed after, having only gone into the dormitories the once with Veldi what felt like ages ago. She wondered if the fish was still doing good.

Eyes flickered from door to closed door, somewhat grateful for the quiet before responding to Novine.

“Oooh, did you really keep the cake that long? At least it was all fulla sugar. That helps it last longer- I think? But maybe if you still need some decorating help with your room we can find some stuff that doesn't go bad after a while!”


She stopped in front of her room, reaching up to the door knob and letting herself inside. As advertised, a completely blank and empty room was all that greeted them. She stepped in ahead of Blue and held the door for her.

“I did keep it! The strawberries got gross pretty quick, but the rest of it was fine.” She paused, setting the decorated box in the middle of the room, the little package clearly receiving pride of place as she stepped away and considered how it looked sitting there in the middle of the room under the ceiling light. “Thanks, by the way,” she offered, raising the comb as if she were gesturing a glass for a toast. “For this! It's pretty. I like butterflies a lot,” she said with a grin. She seemed to be able to let her guard down a bit now that she wasn't under the prying eyes of her organization.


Blue peeked into the room briefly, eyes widening at the bareness of it before she took the invitation to come inside with a gracious smile and a nod of her head. “How long have you had this room for? It still looks like someone hasn't quite moved in yet!” Still, regardless of the emptiness, the Xaela giggled and twirled around in a circle. “So much space for fun stuff!”

She beamed at Novine's words, clearly pleased her choice of present was a good one. “I know I dunno too much about you, but I know you have amazingly lovely hair, and your butterflies are always fun to watch when you use them for battle and things. You're like a butterfly princess!” Blue sat down in the middle of the room near the box in the center, tail giving a pleasant wag.


The compliments seemed to work because she closed the door and nearly skipped over to where she was, making a slight bit of a show of flicking her hair behind her to make sure she didn't sit on it, the lustrous locks fanning behind her as she settled on the ground.

“I've always liked 'em as soon as I learned more about them! I feel a lot like them - starting as one thing and growing into something different, and prettier, and better.”


Blue nodded, coiling her tail into her lap.

“I guess most animals are like that in some way, growing up from cute lil babies and changing into adults, but butterflies do it the most dramatically and beautifully” She acknowledged before gesturing to Novine's hair with a wave of her hand.

“Can I? I never get to play with anybody's hair. Tret's is too short…I promise I won't muss it up! I work with my own hair a lot.” True to her word, the Xaela's own locks were not nearly as long, but she always managed to find time in the day to keep her hair nice, neat, and semi-braided.

She continued.

“Anyways, are you happier now that you're better than what you were before? Or is the butterfly still forming?”


Novine looked confused for a second but quickly put the pieces together. She smiled rather genuinely before pulling her hair over her shoulder, turning her back to Blue and scooting toward her before dumping all that hair behind her and offering the comb to Blue behind her back. It was done up in her usual ponytail with little banded braids scattered throughout.

She stared at the wall opposite Blue, waiting in an alert, excited way for the tugs on her hair to begin.

“Yeah! I'm happy with the way I came out. I'm better in a lot of ways. I don't have many friends… and it's hard for me to keep close relationships now. I used to be better at talking to people. Like… I was okay with not telling people the truth I saw. I wasn't a liar back then either, but I held things back to make myself look good, and it worked. Had lots of friends, n' lots of people who'd be willing to protect me.”

She hummed to herself for a moment.

“I think I have a few now but… well, family doesn't really count as friends, n' most of my friends probably aren't strong enough to protect me. I've gotta be the one to be strong for myself n' stuff. Life was easier when I didn't have to be strong I guess but… I dunno, I like being strong. I like not pulling friends into weird situations with me. It's probably good that I don't have a lot.”


The Xaela took the comb with one hand while the opposite swept over Novine's hair, locating each braided strand first so she didn't rustle them around too much and finding a nice area with which to start combing gently. Blue set about smoothing portions of her hair first as earfins flicked and listened to her words.

“Ah..I can relate to that in a way. I don't see myself as very strong…but I want to be, cause I wanna be counted on if there's trouble and I wanna know that I can help make a difference. I've got my sister who I'm sure would be happy if I just went back to just sweeping up chocobo stables and being all safe and sound and far away from bad situations but…I don't know. I want to be around. I imagine it's a bit lonely being strong but with no one near.”

Blue reached up and pulled at the band keeping Novine's ponytail together and began combing from the top of her head downwards in leisurely slow motions.

“If you're in danger, even if you're much stronger, your friends would wanna jump in and help you. I think it's just natural. Family is a bit different from friends like you said, but if one of them was in trouble, you'd totally try and help, wouldn't you?”


Novine allows her to remove her hair tie, pulling her other braided strands over her shoulder to assist in undoing those. Shen combs out the now wavy and long threads with her fingers as Blue makes her way though. She would the hair to be very well taken care of, undamaged, but a little tangled due to the sheer length of it, occasional snags catching the teeth of the comb like little traps.

“Well, yeah… I guess. Family's different. Friends though… I feel like they'll just see how weird things can get around me and keep away eventually.” She pauses a moment, debating how much she wanted to share. “A lot of people I used to call friends, they're too scared of the things around me, or the circumstances around me so… I dunno, I don't think they like talking to me. They all give me this look. It's really annoying! Like… Like I shouldn't be here, or I'm complicating things, or I'm some.. creature. I worked hard to be where I am and no one else sees it!”


Blue began grouping Novine's hair together in three long thick strands, setting the latter two in her lap while she worked over the first with the comb and straightened out the snags to the best of her ability. She seemed to enjoy the process all on its own, humming softly to herself amidst the sharing session.

“People will view you how they want to view you, but that doesn't mean it always has to be that way! I know I'm a little…strange, and I get those looks sometimes too. I feel like…” Blue mused, simply brushing through Novine's hair with her fingertips. “…Like a piece in a puzzle that doesn't fit right, and everybody knows it.”

“But the truth is that it'll never matter where you came from or what you are or what all goes on around you. You gotta be true to yourself. You'll find people that accept that and love you for who you are. It might take some time, but I'm sure there are a lotta lonely people out there who'd love to have a Novine in their lives.”

She giggled and resumed her combing.


“Well sure, I know all that. But knowing they'll try and get involved with stuff makes me wonder if it's better to not bother. It's easier not having to constantly be watching out for people.”

She closed her eyes and let her body flow with the movement of the comb - the taught feeling at her skull followed by the loosening as the comb moved to the ends, her body being pulled back and then allowed to tip forward again. Over and over and over. She found it rather soothing, her voice losing a lot of it's usual bite.


“I don't know..I guess it could be easier..”

Blue began on the second set of strands, letting the first coil loosely on her leg as she continued to run her comb, teasing at stubborn little tangles.

“I guess it might be a bother or hassle to watch out for people but they're there for you. They know what they're getting into and still they stay. I don't know..I guess I'd feel comfort in that. Even if it meant guarding them more or watching their backs.”


“Well yeah, but they also hold you back too, right? Like… they stop you from maybe going where you need to go. Sometimes you've gotta make risks to get where you need to get for some reason, and those people hold you back, whether deliberately or not.” She sighs and tips her head back as Blue combs away. “Like… you might spend too much time with 'em and not train. Or they might ask you not to do something and you'll feel guilty if you don't… Like it's nice n' all to have people who care I guess, but sometimes it feels like they don't care 'cause they want you to be a certain way.”


Blue set about her task of brushing out the 3rd set of hair strands, smoothing those out before she'd set her comb down and begin weaving a large braid out of all three. She stopped when Novine tilted her head back, ears flicking at her words before the Xaela shook her head and smiled.

“You've got a lotta concerns about friendship and I wish I could answer them all and settle your worries. Anything can hold you back, not just friends. What if the risks you wanna take are actually too great, and they're warning you? Absolutely none of my friends wanted me to go to Bozja.” A frown flickered across her face briefly. “They couldn't really stop me from going but they still supported my decision..after a while that is. Friends aren't gonna try to mold ya into what they want..and if they try then they aren't a very good friend to have.”

“Maybe you just need better friends.” Blue gingerly wrapped her arms around Novine and squeezed her into a hug before pulling away to continue braiding her hair once more. “Find people that make you feel comfortable to be yourself around. Maybe take on all the stressful what-if stuff as it happens but enjoy what you've got till then. Cause it is nice to be all cared about, I think so at least.”


Novine tenses a bit and sort of… awkwardly blinks as Blue wraps her into a hug. She doesn't shrug it off or try to escape, but endures it, trying to decide if she liked it or not for the time being. But Blue pulled away soon enough, leaving the girl sort of sheepish as she scratched the floor with her fingernail, playing with the way the end of it would catch between the boards.

“…Maybe. I also know they'll probably all be gone before I am too. Seems pointless to make too many if I'm gonna not have 'em some day anyway.”


“Mhmm. That's why I try to spend as much time with 'em as I can. Doesn't matter if age gets em or they die somehow…or they just disappear. Everyone goes away after a while..and I hate it!” There's a sudden, surprising rise in Blue's voice, the Xaela tensing up.

“It's not fair…so I'll cherish and guard my friends for as long as I'm able to.” She took a slow, even breath and went back to braiding. “…But it's not pointless. What about all the good times and the memories? What about all the bad times and how they were there through that too? It's meaningful n' has value and purpose..and you gotta just treasure those moments even more before it's too late.”


“I think I've got more memories I wish I didn't have to have than memories I wish I could keep. Buncha stagnant worlds that I can't visit. Most of 'em don't really make me feel good. But who knows, maybe I'll make some that are worth keeping around.”


Blue shrugged her shoulders. “There are plenty of memories I wish I could just get rid of too…but then I can't. I would be completely different if things hadn't happened the way they had. I don't think I would have ended up here either. It's too late to really know I guess. But I hope you make some really good memories you wanna keep for forever.”


“Well I don't wanna undo anything, I just want to not be able to remember it sometimes. But there's too many useful practical things in 'em so I don't do anything about 'em. Father said he could get rid if them if I didn't want them anymore though. I bet he could get rid of yours if you didn't want them too,” she suggests, deciding she was a little tired of sitting the way she was and getting fidgety, wiggling into a more comfortable position, leaning back on her hands as she knocks her boots together, making an annoying clacking noise with them.


Blue was just about done with the long braid down the center of Novine's back, tightening up the last few knots before looking around for the band she'd placed on the ground somewhere as she wiggled about.

“Almost done…” Her ears flicked at the sounds of boot clacking but it didn't seem to bother Blue, mostly cause she did the same thing at home to Tret's unamusement.

“And I'm sure he could. I gots plenty of bad ones too. But I think I'm okay. I'm a lot stronger cause of what I went through, so I wouldn't want to completely forget.”

She secured the band to the tail end of Novine's brand new braid, smoothing out any loose hairs with finger and comb before leaning back.

“Aaaand done!”


She reaches behind her and pulls the braid over her shoulder, examining whether or not Blue had done anything particular fancy to it. Taking the finishing of the braid to be a good time to change the subject, realizing that she had inadvertently started talking about something completely irrelevant to the original purpose of the meeting, she turned around to face her, braid weighing heavy in her lap as she was clearly a bit embarrassed that she vented the way she did.

“So… yeah, anyway. Um….Sorry, you didn't come here to talk about any of that. Aether stuff, right?”


Blue had honestly forgotten why she'd actually come by herself. She blinked a bit and then brightened.

“Oh..yeah! Though now that it seems a bunch more busy here, you think you'll still have a bit of time to teach me?”

She looked at Novine's braid, clearly pleased at her own handiwork, a stray hand rising up to mess with the much smaller braid draped over her own shoulder.


“Yeah, I don't see why not. Most of the stuff is other people doing things for me. They can bug me over a linkpearl if it's important, but they've got their orders n' stuff. Things should run themselves mostly.”


“Okay! Sounds good!” The Xaela hummed to herself, rubbing at her cheek with the back of a finger thoughtfully.

“Not much has changed from our first talk about it over Linkpearl aside from battling a buncha frogs soon after that. The pervy old man I fought said my skills with water were pretty good, so I'd like to continue exploring that and improving.”

“I asked Vinalo for help with learning 'bout aether as well, cause I think you both have really different ways of viewing it and I wanna know what kinda feels best for me.”

Blue went back to fiddling with her braid again. “I just wanna be able to protect my friends better, and I think learning from one of the strongest magic users I know is a good place to start.”


She preened a bit having received the compliment, practically glowing in the vanity it produced in her. “Well, can't guarantee it'll be better. Still don't think i'm the best at explaining things, but Tod figured it out after I told him, so there's hope. I can at least tell you you're doing it wrong, and I'm not gonna hold back things you need to be told either, so I think that's probably good.”


Blue nodded. “And you're more than welcome to tell me if I'm doing stuff wrong or bad or other things like that. I wanna know how to do this right. It's still this..mysterious thing that can help and hurt and make all sorts of amazing things happen. And that's…a lot. I don't wanna mess up during something important..specially if I do wanna get into more dangerous things.”


“Well, that's the first thing we've gotta change. Aether's not mysterious. It's everything. If you're not scared of sitting in this room, then there's no reason to be spooked out by aether. If you see it as what it is, it'll be a lot easier to deal with. Lots of people like to treat it like it's this big fancy spiritual thing, or they get all airy fairy about it. But it's something you can see, feel and experience all the time. You're aether. I'm aether. We're breathing aether. You just made a big braid out of aether with a comb made of aether. It's not mysterious at all. What most people don't really get how to do is to interact with it and manipulate it in ways that are different than how it has settled.”


Blue hummed and nodded. “That's true…it is..everything..” She pulled her wrist into her lap, squeezing a bit “I guess it's just mysterious because it is everywhere. I can't see it, but like breathing, or seeing air, you just have to know that it's there all around. Maybe mysterious is the wrong word…”

She straightened after a moment, tilting her head. “I was told that people can sometimes see the aether of other people. Can you? Or even your own?”


She grins and nods very proudly. “Mhm! I didn't used to be able to, but I can now! It's suuuper easy to do things with aether now that I can see the flow of it. I wish I could show you… the first time I saw it, it was like…. like… hmm… It's like everything became a kaleidoscope all of a sudden! All the colors swirling around. Certain people being brighter than others, giving off their own colors. I dunno if I could go back to the way things were having seen things like they are now.”

“Once you learn where it is and how it moves, you'll be able to start bending it n' playing with it just fine.”


Blue's eyes widened as it was described, pondering briefly to herself. “That musta been so dizzying at first, all the new colors everywhere! I imagine it really would be quite hard to go back once you've seen all the pretty.”

The Xaela stretched out, having been in the same sitting position herself since the hair therapy, and drew her knees up against her chest.

“Vinalo said they can sense aether by hearing it, and everybody's got a different sort of song.”

She leaned forward and rocked a bit eagerly, eyes bright and curious.

“They told me what my aether sounded like, n' that made me wanna know more about it. If I may ask, what does my aether look like?”


“Well it's not just seeing it really…. It's just… there! All the time. Buuuut yours is pretty different. Lotsa different colors of Blue, all mixing and roiling around. Like a stew maybe. All of that's happening around some kinda core that, well… When my father warned me about you, I can see why now. It's like there's a battle n' you've got a bunch of different people all trying to win.”

She pauses a moment, narrow her eyes as if trying to get a better handle on how to describe it.

“Compared to other aether, it's… Not exactly what I'd call pretty, no offense. It's kinda alarming. A normal soul's sorta elegant, at harmony. Yours is just… A lot! Makes us wonder what you're hiding. I think I might have an idea. Not that it matters that much like, personality-wise but it makes us suspicious.”


Blue blinks a little bit at the explanation, giving a blank, confused stare at her aether being compared to stew. Thankfully, Novine continued and the Xaela settled back to listening, though she also wriggled anxiously in place at the oddity of it.

“Well…sounds about the same as Vinalo described it, just with seeing.”

She mused quietly to herself before shrugging her shoulders gingerly. “I'm just me. Not as if I could tell how weird my aether is without openly asking. I can understand being all suspicious with how strange it is though.”


“Well of course you're just you. You're not the only one with weird aether. Just another notable soul that makes us wonder. Mine looks pretty weird actually so it'd be quite the site seeing us both together. The way I see it, you're just someone who's got a lot of possibility. Someone who maybe push the boundaries of the things most can do.”


Blue flicked an ear and nodded. She seemed both relieved and pleased at the offhand compliment to her capabilities. Her tail gave a happy wag.

“Ooh, what does your aether look like?” She squinted a little bit, as if she had the capability to see it herself, but stopped soon after from the headache forming instead, rubbing her head with a light whine.


“Small,” she said simply with a shrug. “But it's getting bigger!” she insisted with a big nod to punctuate her certainty.


“Well like you said, that just means you got a lotta possibility and room to grow all sorts of gigantic!” The Xaela stretched out her body and arms for emphasis before letting it spring back like a slinky.

“I don't wanna keep you too long today, cause there are a buncha people here who might need more instructions or direction. I know you said being close to bodies of water might help me with learning about manipulating water better…for our first official lesson, wanna meet somewhere wet?”


“Yeah, sounds good! There's a spot by Summerford Farms I like a lot. I think I mentioned it. But anywhere really is fine.”


“Okie! I'll poke you on linkpearl in a few days and we can set something up!” She hops up to her feet and peers around the room of emptiness one more time before rubbing her arm and turning to Novine. “What kinda things do you like?”


She tilts her head and looks around. As she stands up, sensing Blue's ulterior motive.

“Treasures,” she answers. “Like…. It jewels and stuff. But things that people make, or aren't a lot of. Special things.”

She stretches largely, back arching and fingertips reaching toward the ceiling.


Blue tapped her chin thoughtfully and took a couple steps away from the lalafell. “You wanna make a treasure trove of special things! That would be nice. And be something fun to talk about, cause special things always have a story with em.” She twirled around. “Sadly, the only thing I can think up off the top of my head is something Tret acquired when he and some of our friends went out adventuring. Think he's trying to figure it out still though…but acquiring stuff like that shouldn't be too hard if you know where to look…” She hummed a bit and smiled brightly. “I'll see what I can find out, and if you learn of something special you might want, lemme know!”


“I dunno about a TROVE, but I don't want a bunch of junk. Pointless to keep it if it's just… stuff I didn't ask for and it's not special!” she says waving while still stretching. She didn't seem to want to walk her to the door or anything. “But I'll let you know!”


Blue nodded and waved at Novine, clearly not minding if she were escorted to the door or not. Did people do that? “Have a good rest of your day Novine!” And like a shot, the lizard frolicked herself right out the door, down a once-quiet hall, and past a bunch of busy people to the the exit, pleased things had gone well.

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