Complications - 03/23/21


Eligor appeared outside of his house in the Mists, scratching at his hair and trying to drown out the irritation boiling over in his gut. Nothing had been going right lately, and new variables on top of the ongoing chaos were more than unwelcome.

As he entered the house, he found himself stalled at the front door, unsure whether or not he should try to cook first or simply get back to work.


A pair of icy hues would lazily stare upon the kindling flames before her, the light in them seeming to flicker to and fro. Struggling with lucidity no doubt, a common occurrence really, which would surely gave others reasons to question her sanity.

Fortunate for her, Onini cared little of what others thought.

Her long pierced ears promptly wriggled upon hearing the doors to the household open, turning her attention towards them and finding Eligor standing there looking rather perturbed. With her form adorning with a silken golden robe haphazardly drapped over her form, she would approach, her steps near soundless.

Without a word, the Mage reached out and cradled his face, clicking her tongue, “Poor thing, challenging day, mm?”


He was still wearing a pink coat with a matching choker and fur collar—no doubt a gift from one or several of his daughters—and a peculiar pair of pitch black gloves that exposed his thumbs. He did not seem to register Onini’s presence until he was touched, his gaze focusing on her soon after.

“….Something like that. Earlier, I ran into a mouthy woman at Maelstrom Command. We spoke for a bit, and as irony would have it she turned out to be the wife of someone I promised to remain distant from. I made a hasty withdrawal and she more or less threatened that she would hunt me down on her own time.”

“Amidst all my other work having to navigate this new complication is simply…tiresome, to say the least. This place is not difficult to find, and if she tries to break in…” He trailed off

“Or what if Raziel is outside when she decides to bother showing up?”


Dark lashes hung heavily over her gaze as she regarded him in silence; though a thin brow did quirk some at the shade of the attire in which he wore. She said nothing of it, putting a pin on it until later.

“You've a way with women still it would seem.” She softly drawled, glancing to one side in thought until she returned her attention back. Her thumbs brushed along the sides of his face, doting despite the inscrutable expression she wore. “Complication? I admit, I've not been too… attentive to matters here.”


“It’s really not my intent to burden you with my problems down here. You’ve enough to deal with in the Sanctuary anyway.”

He sighed, a low glow coming to his eyes. “I tried to be passive and harmless. Forgettable even…but it did not work. It did not help that we share some physical traits and gained a passing interest in one another as a result. But the most annoying part…”

He exhales a cloud of smoke.

“Was the implied threat. The security she must have felt saying what she pleases to a stranger must have felt so satisfying to her. Annoying in the extreme.”

He moves in closer, trying to get a not-so-sly hug in.

“I’m so tired…”


“Aaah, yes. Being adored by the masses can be quite an exhausting, at times I wonder if retirement is an option…” She muttered, eyes narrowing a touch before heaving a long sigh. “But that is neither here or there.” With the thought dismissed, Onini looked back to her lover, giving a soft blink as he moved in closer and embraced her.

With a subtle tilt of her head, a wily grin curled upon her face, “Preaching to the choir, love.” She quipped, raising a hand to softly pet his crimson locks.


He visibly relaxes a bit, taking a breath.

“Well it shouldn’t get too out of hand, just…more variables I suppose.”

He pulled back a bit, his eyes having returned to normal.

“When is the last time you have been able to fight? I’m not sure how much you enjoy battle but you cannot have been exposed to much of it.”


Her digits sifted through the tresses, until he eased back and looked to have calmed some. His inquiry took her by surprise, brows raising before she glanced back, “Mm.. that is a good question…”

A gold claw tapped against her jaw whilst she thought, and looked back down, “I suppose since Raziel was born. Though my memories have proved to be hazy of late.”


“I see. Well would you like to? Or are you fine without it?”

He pulled back more, focusing his eyes towards the kitchen.

“Actually, how often have you been…losing time lately? Is it happening more often?”


She slowly leaned in towards him, bending at the waist a little to look at his face. She wore a mischevious little grin, tittering behind a hand, “Are you asking me out on a date, my love?” She teased.

Her hands curled along her hips as she stood back up straight, “Mm? My memories? I can't quite measure it… it has been.. here and there, there and here. It can be as if I am in a dense fog. Eventually I see what is in front of me, simply… takes time.”


He kept his eyes averted and on the kitchen.

“I might be. It’s not like we get to be around each other enough. As long as your condition is not really worse than usual though I’d say it’s nothing to worry about.”

“Do you want me to cook anything?”


“Do you want to cook?” She asked in return, noting how glued his gaze was upon the kitchen.


“It’s something I can do for you.”


Silence permeates betwixt them as she look onward at him, those orbs gleaming faintly under her thick lashes. The air around her seemed to distort for just one brief moment, tapering down her mounting emotions; and with that she smiled.

“You are too kind. What would I do without you?”


“Probably something fun I assume.”

He smiles briefly and moves towards the stairs leading to the second floor, sitting on them.

“Won’t food go well with wine?”


Onini snorted derisively to his response, her hands smoothing back her raven locks away from her face while her eyes followed his movements. “With or without food, I'll still consume it as if it were blood… or do they say water for that.. Well regardless, sweet wine is simply…” She pursed her lips and pressed her digits against them, making a kissing gesture. “I would say it could even go up against my adoration for gold.”

There was a pause, her pierced tongue dapping at her lower lip, “It would still lose however.”


He rubbed at his chin and closed his eyes, leaning back a bit.

“I suppose I can make something later then. For now it might be best to continue working on the Arsenal project. During that time someone is bound to do something annoying, so rather than wait for it I should be as productive as possible.”

He opened his eyes, finally looking into Onini’s again.

“Speaking of, do you remember what I asked about before?”


She stared at him, slowly blinking as those white pupils narrowed just a touch. “Refresh my memory, darling.”


He kept his gaze, but a flush of pink spread faintly across his marked cheeks.

“….About children.”


Her ears perked, those piercings gleaming under the dull glow of the fire. She canted her head softly, locks of ebony sliding past her shoulder and quietly approached him. “Your desire for more?”


“More or less.”


“More or less.” She echoed, her voice barely above a whisper whilst she stood before him. A hand reached out and gingerly ghosted along his ear, “How many children do you wish for?”


“I’m not sure. At least two. But I brought it up because I think it would be best to wait for a while. Not only due to all the chaos, but also to give Raziel and Novine time to mature a bit. I think being an older sibling might suit them but if it’s too soon…they might feel replaced.”


Onini gave a delicate hum, her piercing clicking against her teeth as she rolled the stud around. Her hand cupped against his cheeks once more and leaned in, rubbing her nose against his.

“That would be wise.” She remarked, “A child is ever time consuming, a maddening process of patience. Not that I've ever been mother of the year myself…” The last part was murmured as she leaned back, “I'm not even entirely certain how the children see me.”


“You’d have to ask I suppose. I know Raziel thinks rather highly of you. I suppose she hasn’t made it obvious but she tries to emulate your…” He trailed off.

“….That is a wonderful robe. How did you get it?”


Her brows raised, seemingly taken aback. “Tickle me pink…” She muttered under her breath.

“Mm?” She took a step back, twirling around once before facing him once again. “I'm rather fond of it myself. I had it made, though it did cost a pretty gil considering it's made of silk.”


“I see. I’d certainly like to see more of it sometime soon. Perhaps after I do a bit more work on this project?”


“Are you certain you wish to see more of it or…” As before, the Mage leaned forward, hunching a shoulder to allow the neck of the robe to slip past one shoulder. “Or less of it?” Her lips curled impishly; ever the teasing one.

“Aw, leaving me so soon then?” Onini asked, hands at her hips.


“Leaving is a strong word for going downstairs. Just a bit of tuning.”

He selectively did not clarify in regards to her previous statement, choosing instead to keep his composure.

“Not like I’m locking you out either, I just thought you’d have more fun up here.”


His disregard to her remark only made her chuckle. After all, silence can be just as incriminating.

“True.” The Mage gently played with the flat head from the inside of the piercing just below her lower lip with her tongue. “Well I suppose I'll let you play with your little toys then.”


He moved in swiftly to plant a surprise kiss on her cheek before slipping around her to the basement door, giving a half wave as he turned the knob.

“I shouldn’t be too long if I know you’re waiting. Try not to drink too much before I cook something.”


Onini blinked once, and then once more as a hand raised to touch her cheek. She turned to glance at him from over her shoulder, wiggling her claws in a wave.

“I won't make any promises.” She responded, a soft scoff pushing past her petals.

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