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Deployment - Gair receives a letter of deployment for a month-long campaign into Ghimlyt. The lout and Miyuki say their farewells. [Gair, Miyuki] - 07/16/19

Episode Occidens - A series of scenes regarding the infiltration of Castrum Occidens. [Gair, Luna, A'erina, Enyo] - 07/24/19

Kugane Before the Trip - Two strangers have a need for passage back to Eorzea, and only the Kurokaze manned by Akiko can get them there. [Enyo (Add Akiko, Xany)] - 07/24/19

Arrival - Gair returns home from his deployment to the joyous fanfare of a A'tera, a smol bean, and Miyuki. [Gair, Miyuki] - 07/28/19


Aftermath - Gair and Miyuki comfort eachother in the aftermath of violence, where no one ever truly wins. [Gair, Miyuki] - 08/21/19


Painting the Town Red Handed - Gair catches Pipino stirring up a bit o' trouble in Ul'Dah - [Pipino, Gair] - 10/9/19

Slice of Life - A couple of quick scenarios between friends. [Luna, Enyo, Luto, A'erina, Pipino, Eupheme, Gair] - 10/09/19

Give and Take - Pipino calls for help from her closest companions when she finds herself in the grip of something terrible. [Pipino, Luna, A'erina, Gair, Enyo] - 10/23/19

Follow Up - A'erina asks her fellow lalafells on how to be a popato. Later, her Inner Beast kicks into full effect and it's up to her friends to cure her. [A'erina, Pipino, Tadashi, Gair] - 10/25/19

A Trip to Kugane - The crew receive an all expenses paid trip to Kugane via Enyo and her connections. Adventures await! [Enyo, Gair, Miyuki, Pipino, Hadrian, A'erina, Luto, Tadashi] - 10/25/19


The Forever Wound - A group of thugs harass a familiar-looking Moonseeker. Gair, Lutomis, and Tod quickly come to her aid. [Luna, Gair, Leiser Tod] - 11/03/19

The Lines Between Trust and Betrayal - Enyo, who is a Garlean Experiment, gets kidnapped and it's up to Gair and Luna to bring her back safe and sound. [Enyo, Luna, Gair, Miyuki] - 11/13/19

Curiosity Killed the Cat - Luna and Gair venture into the Coerthan Highlands to retrieve the cure to Luna's transformation by force. [Luna, Gair] - 11/18/19

Another Mother - A trio of cats make their way to Luna's house, where conversation of love and lust give way to a greater, sadder truth. [A'thasri, Luna] - 11/23/19

Building Walls Between Friends - Three Friends plan out the renovation and opening of the Hearth and Home. [Luna, A'erina, Pipino] - 11/27/19


The Reading Rainbow - A party of friends delve into the Great Gubal Library to locate the blueprints for Pipino's battle armor. [Luna, Pipino, Gair, Enyo] - 12/09/19

Will and Shadow - Two companions share a meal and the thoughts that drive them. [Luna, Gair] - 12/12/19

Aerina and Sesera - A'erina and Sesera have a little chat about friendship, the beast within, and a Mor Dhonian ambush. [A'erina, Sesera] - 12/27/19



Bittersweet Gratitude - Gair visits Miyuki at the coliseum infirmary for a quick, grateful exchange. [Gair, Miyuki] - 01/08/20

A Tiel and a Cold Place - Luna meets Luca for the first time and tavern shenanigans ensue. [Luna, Luca, Tretesta, Sesera, Gair] - 01/17/20

Knock Knock Open Up the Door It's Tiel - Lucatiel checks in on an injured Gair and have a pleasant conversation about knights, swords, and apartments. [Luca, Gair] - 01/21/20

Flight from the Gilded Cage - With Langston's support, Pipino finally breaks ties with her family. [Langston, Pipino] - 01/31/20


Riding the Dilu Horse Bird - Pipino and Sesera meet with Tretesta to purchase chocobos. [Pipino, Sesera, Tretesta] - 02/07/20


Ishgardian's Anonymous - Gair eats fish and chips while Luna discusses her loss of innocence. [Gair, Luna] - 03/23/20


Coming Home - Luna returns to Ishgard with Gair in tow to discuss the future of House Neaucant with Lord Lafont. [Gair, Luna] - 04/27/20

Motherfuckin Airship - Gair and Luna are attacked by a mysterious doppelganger on their way back to Thanalan. [Gair, Luna] - 04/28/20


The Longest Boys Night - Gair has lit the signal fires to muster the men for a night of debauchery. [Gair, Langston, Tretesta, Lucas] - 05/11/20

A Bit Cold Tonight - Blue laments to Tretesta about not being able to show her true self to her new friends. [Blue, Tretesta] - 05/31/20

The Hopeful Tomorrow - In an apocalyptic probability, three old friends band together to save a corrupted world. [Eligor, Pipino, Luna, Gair, A'erina] - 05-31-20


The Strength to Lead - Novine engages in a duel with Eligor and learns about the importance of disguises.[Novine, Eligor] - 06/22/20

An Errand or Two - Eligor hacks and slashes a boy - Pipino meets and bonds with P'lami, and informs Eligor of her potential kidnapping. [Pipino, Eligor, P'Lami] - 06/24/20

Gil Farming - Blue returns to the Kerberion household in the middle of the night bearing a sachel full of gil from her thiefly attempts. [Tretesta, Blue] - 06/24/20

Bender Day 5 - Blue encounters a drunken and emotional Veldi at the chocobo stables. Blue claims her as a sister. [Blue, Veldi] - 06/26/20

Stone and Steel - A'tasri and A'erina spend some quality time learning about archery and aether manipulation. [A'erina, Tasri] - 6/28/20

Bring Your Daughter to Work - After being absent for months, Gair and Luca finally find Luna at the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly. [Gair, Luca, Luna] - 06/29/20


Frayed at the Seams - Novine and P'lami converse about life, family, and personal growth. [Novine, P'Lami] - 7/9/20

Reflection Among Buzzards - Blue contemplates on her actions and her lies, receiving advice from Veldi who has her own inner demons. [Blue, Veldi] - 07/17/20

Missing in Action - Novine calls up Tad to talk about winning the Spellstone and making ripples in the world. [Novine, Tadashi] - 07/20/20

Girls Day Out - Blue and Lucatiel spend the day in Hawker's Alley buying dresses and evading vagrants. [Luca, Blue] - 7/21/20

Simple Errands - Pipino encounters F'loki while shopping for supplies and they have a short but pleasant chat. [Pipino, F'loki] - 07/23/20

Aeshma - A strange pulsing in Thanalan draws four curious individuals to investigate and discover the man at the center of it all. [Eligor, Blue, A'erina, Gair, Novine] - 07/24/20

Distortionist's Utopia - After a worrying interaction with her sister Raziel, Novine's consciousness finds itself in the body of Alia, accepting the call to distort the very fabric of her reality. [Novine, Raziel, Eligor] - 7/31/2020


Fire Watch - A fire blazes through the Sylphlands, destroying homes and lives. A group of friends go deeper in to find and prevent the source from doing further damage. [Blue, Luna, Vinalo, Tretesta] - 08/04/20

The Calm - Luca has a small family reunion at the docks with some certain passerbys taking interest. [Luna, Luca, Tretesta, A'erina, R'lamiza] - 08/14/20

Next Door Neighbors - Blue and Tretesta discuss their first mission from the Hounds Den. [Blue, Tretesta] - 08/19/20

Earn Your Ink - Pipino and Vinalo engage in a meeting with Langston's brother regarding the possible publishing of Propitious Plants: A Traveler's Guide to the Black Shroud. [Pipino, Vinalo, Langston] - 08/23/20

Releasing the Hound - The Blue couple engage in a short conversation about their upcoming mission and further info about Eligor's mysterious estate. [Blue, Tretesta] - 08/28/20

The Storm - Luna receives bad news regarding a burning ship out at sea that may belong to the Wrights - Lucatiel's parents. [Luna, Luca, Gair, Vinalo] - 08/28/20


Doll - During a particular visit to the manor, Blue comes across curious Alkaid ; Veldi drops in being Veldi. Blue shares her secret. [Blue, Alkaid, Veldi] - 09/02/20

From Ashes - Blue, Pipino, and Vinalo go into the recovering Sylphlands to search for mushrooms and little bits of hope. [Blue, Pipino, Vinalo] - 09/08/20

Meet the Family - A'erina tries to fix the rift between her family and herself and brings in F'loki for support. [A'erina, F'loki] - 9/8/2020

Distant Sun - Gair makes for his last mission up north and his friends come to say farewell. [Gair, Luna, Luca, Tasri, A'erina, Tretesta, Pipino, Vinalo, Blue] - 09/11/20

Red Haze - Plagued by visions of red one early morning, Blue looks to Tretesta for support. [Blue, Tretesta] - 09/14/20

Connect - Novine unexpectedly gets an opportunity to talk to her missing Father, Eligor. [Novine, Eligor] - 09/15/20

Tell Me More - A'erina calls up F'Loki and asks him to come over. For talking. [A'erina, F'loki] - 09/15/20

Byronic Machines - Five colorful souls awaken if only to be told to die. [Novine, Eligor, Gair, A'erina, Tadashi, R'lamiza, Blue] - 09/20/20

The Ceaseless Tremors - A strange gigantic wyrm thrashes and rampages throughout the Sagoli Desert and needs to be stopped. [Blue, Tretesta, Leiser Tod, Novine, Yuyuci, A'thasri] - 09/22/20

By Land and Sea - R'Lamiza dials up her new best friend, A'erina, catching up on the latest buzz. [R'Lamiza, A'erina] - 09/24/20

The Crystalline Dark Syvaa Jero - Two fresh souls find themselves in new bodies in the darkness of the deep. Conflict arises. [Gair, Tadashi, Novine, Eligor, Blue] - 09/24/20

A Quiet Walk in the Shroud - Tretesta takes a leisurely walk through the Shroud, only to find himself followed by a certain curious being. [Alkaid, Tretesta] - 09/24/20

Hair Therapy - Luca helps Langston and Lami with their various hair troubles at her makeshift salon. [Luca, Langston, R'Lamiza] - 09/28/20


Blood and Cards - A'erina gets her fortune read by Astra and A'erina receives more dubious blood samples. [Astra, A'erina] - 10/12/20

Mood Killer - A rather sudden development at the tavern has winds up with a distraught Blue and a consoling Tretesta. [Blue, Tretesta] - 10/12/20

Sibling Bonding - R'Lamiza seeks answers from her older brother F'Loki, who may or may not be himself. [R'Lamiza, F'loki] - 10/15/20

An Unforgettable Luncheon - Vinalo is invited to Luna's tavern for a delicious meal and a pleasant conversation. [Luna, Vinalo] - 10/17/20

Who is the Hunted - Astra goes hunting in the Shroud for an offering to her god and comes across a strange Blue deer instead. [Astra, Blue, Tretesta] - 10/17/20

A Year Slipped By - Langston and Pipino celebrate their one year anniversary in their own special way. [Langston, Pipino] - 10/22/20

To Speak of the East - Blue talks to Tretesta about her upcoming trip East for training and adventure. [Blue, Tretesta] - 10/26/20


Into the Wild Blue Yonder - Blue says her farewell to Tretesta as she joins Lami on her journey Eastward. [Blue, Tretesta, R'Lamiza] - 11/09/20

Cinder and Sadness - Luna, Luca, Gair, and Vinalo all come together to investigate the Wright ship and uncover what happened to Luca's parents. [Luna, Luca, Gair, Vinalo] - 11/12/20

Curiosity Killed the Cat - Luna and Gair venture into the Coerthan Highlands to retrieve the cure to Luna's transformation by force. [Luna, Gair] - 11/18/19


Rock and a Hard Place - F'loki lingers in the secret place that reminds him of his family, if only to find that he's not alone. [F'loki, A'erina] - 12/01/20

Long Distance Marriage - Tretesta and Blue make sure their linkpearls work as Blue makes her way Eastward onboard the Cry. [Tretesta, Blue] - 12/02/20

The Long Awaited Visit - Novine finally gets a chance to visit her sister Raziel in the floating ark drifting through Cloudtop. [Novine, Raziel] - 12/06/20

The Weight of a Dream - Blue encounters a mysterious woman who appears to be an enemy of Veldi's. [Blue, Wisteria] - 12/07/20

What Happens After - Tretesta meets up with Vinalo to chat about what happens when people die. [Tretesta, Vinalo] - 12/07/20

To Teach of Aspects - R'Lamiza teaches Blue about elements and aspects, along with how to teleport. [Blue, R'Lamiza] - 12/10/20

Distress Signal - Blue reaches out to her partner and tries to tell him about the worrisome encounter she had with the purple-eyed lady. [Blue, Tretesta] - 12/13/20

Red Sea Adventure - Blue tell Lami about the stranger, a tithe is paid, and Blue draws the ire of a bunch of lizards. [R'Lamiza, Blue] - 12/15/20

Help Wanted - Astra recruits a few familiar faces to help her on her expedition into Golmore to search for the Scouring Orb. [Astra, Luca, A'erina, Tretesta] - 12/20/20

A Morning Stroll - Vinalo encounters a sickly girl and her mother living in the Lavender Beds who need a kind healer to help them. [Blue[GM], Vinalo] - 12/20/20

To Protect to Save - Blue calls Luna asking for advice on the concept of protecting those who are important. [Blue, Luna] - 12/21/20

A Quick Chat - Lami dials up an Eligor, concerned about who Blue's been talking to. [R'Lamiza, Eligor] - 12/22/20

Second Starlight - Just your average Starlight Party at the Abigor Household. [Eligor, Novine, Veldi, Blue, R'Lamiza, Tretesta, P'Lami, Alkaid, Raziel, Pheria] - 12/27/20

When the Carbs Fell - Langston goes on a mission to discover how to grow an elusive popoto. His task is helped and hampered by bestie Tretesta. [Langston, Tretesta] - 12/29/20



Morning Rituals - A simple morning in the life of Blue and Lami while they're out East. [Blue, R'Lamiza] - 01/04/21

The Scouring Orb - A peculiar party of 5 delve into a strange temple in hopes of adventure and fortune. [Astra[GM], Tretesta, A'erina, Luca] - 01/04/21

Little Talks - Blue tells Tretesta that she's going to help Veldi over in the Bozjan Warfront. [Blue, Tretesta] - 01/09/21

Handle with Care - Blue tries to treat a critically-injured soldier aided by Vinalo's expertise. She ends up shot in the process and calls Veldi for help. [Blue, Vinalo, Veldi, R'Lamiza] - 01/11/21

Childlike Wonder - Novine just spending some quality time with her Father. And watching a botched assassination attempt among other things. [Eligor, Novine] - 01/13/21

R’esha Descending - Tretesta acquires a new bodyguard in the form of a powerful young Miqo'te. [R'esha, Tretesta] - 1/17/21

Babysitter's Club - Vinalo offers to watch Meia for a few bells while her mother goes shopping. [Blue-GM, Vinalo] - 01/19/21

An Unenthusiastic Cat Seeks Out a Lizard - After checking in with Veldi, Lami sneaks into the Bozjan ruins, only to be uncovered soon after. [R'lamiza, Veldi, ???, Eligor] - 01/20/21

Calling the Battle Savvy - Seeking out advice from someone more experienced in war, Blue sends a call out to Gair. [Blue, Gair] - 01/25/21

Revenge Match - R'lamiza gets a second chance at a death match with the strange Gair-look-alike. [R'lamiza, Eligor-GM] - 01/27/21

Can't Be Gone - Blue runs out onto the battlefield searching for a missing Veldi, while R'lamiza follows close behind. [Blue, R'Lamiza, Veldi] - 01/28/21

Test of Fate - Misha goes to the Astromancer's guild in the hopes of retrieving her deceased husband's airship. Vinalo comes to support her, if only to face further hardship. [Vinalo, Misha] - 01/30/21

Catching Up - Wanting to reach out to Tretesta while the night was quiet, Blue makes a linkpearl call home. [Blue, Tretesta] - 01/31/21


Self Defense Against the Dark Arts - Lucatiel goes on her first field training exercise accompanied by Luna and Vinalo. [Lucatiel, Luna, Vinalo] - 02/08/21

The Fervent Desire to Learn - Blue asks her friends to help teach her more about aether when she returns from the East. [Blue, Vinalo, Novine] - 02/11/21

Circling Drains - Eligor is bothered by the concept of providing comfort while comforting a small Miqo' child and Novine takes up her Darkshines family name. [Novine, Eligor] - 02/15/21

I Love Life - Langston meets with Luna, hoisting a crate of tomatoes and dreams of compost. [Langston, Luna] - 02/15/21

Regaining My Pride - After disappearing from her loved ones, A'erina finally reaches out via linkpearl for help and companionship. [A'erina, F'loki, Luna, Astra, Alkaid, Lucatiel] - 02/16/21

Trials of the Shadow Walkers - It is finally time for Blue to enter the trials that, if she passes, will allow her to become a full-fledged ninja like Lami. [R'Lamiza, Blue] - 02/16/21

The Diety Diamante - Tretesta reaches out to Astra, full of questions about the new accessories they now wear. [Tretesta, Astra] - 02/18/21

Silence Thy Old Mentality - Pipino walks home with a friendly old man, if only to discover that he is Langston's grandfather. [Pipino, Heheyito, Langston] - 02/18/21

No Dawn for Old Xaela - Blue comes across a half-buried Xaela who looks quite familiar. [Veldi, Blue] - 02/19/21

Sunburned and Alive - Tretesta and Lucatiel go on a shopping trip in Limsa Lominsa, only to spy a very familiar face. [Haimus, Tretesta, Lucatiel] - 02/22/21

Kugane Night Out - Lami and Blue spend their last day having a girl's night out in the form of shopping, eating out, and beating up mooks. [R'lamiza, Blue] - 02/23/21

Indebted - Yoake visits Eligor's home to offer him information regarding Pyrefly if only to discover another unwelcome guest. [Yoake, Veldi, Eligor] - 02/24/21

Meeting the Manic - Vinalo discovers the source of Meia and Roselle's woes standing outside their home. Later, they check on their patient to find them in a much worse condition. [Vinalo] - 02/24/21

Homebound - Blue returns from her trip out East wanting to surprise her husband but receives an unexpected surprise herself. [Tretesta, Blue] - 02/26/21

The Watcher - Tret plays repairman while the little trickster Tyche entertains him. [Tretesta, Tyche] - 02/27/21


Girl Talk - Blue visits Luna and Luca's home to catch up and share a meal with them and Rina who is still recovering. [Blue, Lucatiel, Luna, A'erina] - 03/02/21

The Want to Serve - R'lamiza meets with Eligor to offer up her services to join his cause. [R'Lamiza, Eligor] - 03/02/21

Ancient Curiousity - Partial goddess meets ancient frog king for the first time in the Kerberion houshold. [Tyche, Rex] - 03/05/21

Aetheric Connections - New recruit Haimus meets his superior Lami who is curious as to how he is connected with Astra.[Haimus, R'lamiza, Astra] - 03/05/21

Absent Without Leave - Novine discovers her father's involvement in Tadashi's sudden disappearance and finds out what her boy toy has been up to. [Novine, Eligor, Tadashi] - 03/07/21

Butterfly Effect - Blue visits with Novine equipped with a gift, friendship, and plans to learn more about Aether manipulation.[Blue, Novine] - 03/10/21

The Scarlet Letter - Blue requests Veldi's help in deciphering a letter given to her by A'erina [Blue, Veldi] - 03/16/21

Parental Procrastination - Vinalo's mother meets with Pipino to inquire of Vinalo and the possibility of entering their life again. [Leleja, Pipino] - 03/17/21

Another Encounter - Eligor meets Orchard by chance. They share toothy tales and Orchard finds someone new to hunt. [Eligor, Orchard] - 03/23/21

Complications - Eligor and Onini share a moment together and catch up on current events and desires. [Eligor, Onini] - 03/23/21

Painting the Town Blue - Blue and Tretesta go on a date night over at Costa del Sol. [Blue, Tretesta] - 03/24/21

Sharks - Orchard approaches Eligor desiring answers as to why her loved ones are so wary of him. [Orchard, Eligor] - 03/29/21


Bonds and More - On the way to meet up with Blue, Tretesta is stopped by a strange armored figure who requires a sample for its benefactor. [Wisteria-related, Tretesta] - 04/02/21

Breaking in a Kitchen - Tretesta and Pheria spend some time in the kitchen together cooking up a savory sweet offering for Raziel. [Tretesta, Pheria, Raziel] - 04/04/21

Gift of Steel - Lami in her infinite generosity gifts new crewmate Haimus a weapon for his hard work. [R'lamiza, Haimus] - 04/20/21

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