Eligor Arrives in Bozja - 01/19/21

Blue was busy testing out her claws it seemed, having grown antsy in tents. She hadn't wanted far outside of the camp for a few days now and it felt good to simply strike at things, slashing and stabbing at the wooden striking dummy with enthusiasm and delight.

Eligor walks up quietly, tilting his head a bit. “I've found one of you at least.”

Blue flicked her ears at the voice nearby. Familiar…she blinked and twisted around, a surprised expression on her face at seeing Eli. The Xaela drops her hands to her sides, a pleasant smile on her face. “Eligor! I didn't know I'd be seeing you here.”

Eligor: “My idiot of an apprentice is making a mess of things, and it falls to me to correct the course.”

Eligor gazes upon you in deep reflection.

“Interestingly, it really was not for your sake in this case. Interesting indeed.”

Blue 's smiles fades into somewhat of a small frown. “A…mess of things? There's been a little bit of progress over here..”

Blue chooses not to say anything of their latter comment though she looks away.

Eligor: “Oh? So you were not even aware.”

Blue: “Well she did bring up something strange the other…”

Eligor: “Can you leave this place?”

Blue simply shakes her head.

“I can't.”

Eligor: “Why not?”

Blue takes a seat on the ground and cups her cheeks. “Because..I can help her.”

Eligor gazes upon you in deep reflection.

“I meant this camp.”

Blue blinks. “I mean, I can. Why?”

Eligor: “I wanted to multitask.”

Blue stares for a bit but nods.

Eligor: “This is a boring battlefield so far.”

Blue: “There's lots of mud.”

Eligor: “Ghimlyt felt more alive than this place. Are the imperials losing?”

Blue shrugs her shoulders. “Injured people still come in and come out of the camps on our side either ways.”

Eligor: “Hm.”

“About my apprentice…”

Blue: “Veldi says there's something odd about it though.”

Eligor: “Was that before or after she abused the usage of her weapon?”

Blue: “..I don't know. I don't know much about her grimbook or what it does or what she might have done.”

Eligor: “Hmm…so neither of you can give me any good information.”

“Perhaps your softness truly is a poison.”

Blue: “May I ask a question?”

Eligor: “You just did.”

Eligor looks around.

Blue shakes her head a bit and takes a breath. “Why'd Veldi end up being your apprentice?”

Eligor: “Boring machines and automatic wastes of metal as far as the eye can see…”

“What do you mean why?”

Blue: “Did she have a choice?”

Eligor: “Why does it matter?”


“We should get rid of any potential eavesdropping. Let us move a bit further out.”

Blue: “I always thought that apprentices are chosen to eventually be better than their masters right?” Blue follows.

Eligor: “So?”

“Hm..This spread of destruction is strange…”

Blue: “So you think Veldi should be better than you.”

Eligor: “This is far too uneven…”

“I am still not seeing a point from you.”

Blue taps her cheeks thoughtfully. “Do you remember a while back, when you were in Thanalan being…well, not you?”

Eligor begins tapping his foot. “Get to your point.”

“I do not need to be eased into whatever rudeness you feel you are preparing.”

Blue: “I don't wish to be rude.”

Eligor: “Wasting my time is quite rude.”

“Oh? A watcher.”

“You have fans I assume?”

Blue: “I think everybody's got their own battles to fight. You n' me n' Veldi and everybody. But I think sometimes you need strength from others who support you. Even if you don't want it. That's all.”


Eligor: “People interested in keeping track of you.”

Blue: “I guess I do.”

Eligor: “One of them followed us from camp. I thought it might be a coincidence but they actively are keeping a distance not far from us even after we moved.”

“I'll take care of them later I suppose.”

“As for your commentary…”

Blue doesn't turn around but seems to stiffen somewhat in response.

Eligor: “Neither of you will stop me from doing what I see fit with MY apprentice.”

Blue: “Why is there a neither? Is there another?”

Eligor: “It seems that you have this idea in your heads that you somehow know her better than I do. Truthfully, I could not possibly care less.”

“But once you cross the threshold and begin attempting to impose your opinion of what should and should not be, that is when you infringe upon /my/ business. Is that understood?”

Blue: “I never told you to do anything…not like I can stop what you do or what you think anyway.”

Eligor: “And yet you still speak the words.”

Blue: “But I'm staying weith Veldi regardless. And will defend her regardless.”

Eligor: “From me?”

Blue: “From everything.”

Eligor: “Please.”

Eligor: “If you were so valuable as a shield, why are you alone here with me?”

“What fool practices in an active warzone where anything could happen at a moments notice? Seems to me you were abandoned.”

Blue: “Because you're my friend too. Why wouldn't I be here?”

Eligor: “Lies ill suit you.”

Blue: “Just cause we don't agree doesn't mean anything. If something were to attack you right now I'd defend you too.”

Eligor: “Because you wish to defend my apprentice, and do not know what harm to me might cost her.”

“How many have you killed here?”

Blue turns around and shrugs her shoulders. “I don't want to hurt anyone really. You included. I've only killed machines here.”

Eligor: “And if I proved to you machines had life?”


“As it happens, I have a message for you.”

Blue: “..Anyway, I think you deserve to live.”

“There are lots of people that love you.”

Eligor: “You do not know me.”

Blue: “Just my thoughts.”

Eligor: “There is no merit to being clouded by sentimentality here. If my apprentice proves too far gone, I will separate her head from her shoulders and put her corpse to the pyre myself.”

Blue twitches.

Blue: “Have you not made mistakes before?”

Eligor: “This is a wasteful route of conversation.”

“You do not even know what is at stake.”

Blue: “No I don't.”

Eligor: “Then there is no point to defending what you cannot see.”

“Are you ready for your message?”

Blue: “I believe in her. I trust her, whatever it is.”

Blue sighs and nods. “What's the message?”

Eligor clears his throat. “I love you, wish me luck.”

Eligor picks up a clump of mud, fashioning it into two connected mounds shaped like a peach. “This is your bottom.”

Eligor proceeds to slap the mud mounds hard before turning his hand over and pointing at the back of his hand.

Blue: “….”

Eligor: “This is your lips.”

Eligor kisses the back of his hand.

\“There, I do believe that is the full message.” — Blue snorts and covers her mouth.

“Oh-ohkay. Yep, that sounds like him.”

“Thank you for the delivery.”

Eligor: “Then I do believe our business is concluded. I obviously cannot simulate him properly, but I very much refuse to without payment. Especially assuming the danger of assault upon delivery.”

Eligor: “I need to get to practicing my current fancy while wrangling in that idiot.”

Blue finishes facepalming in favor of nodding a little.

Eligor: “Then I am leaving. Do try to minimize the harm you will come to.”

“I'm fairly certain you're one of the few threads that have not snapped.”

Eligor seems lost in thought.

“Suppose I'll have to properly weave in my other delivery with the dressing down as well. How annoying.”

Blue tilts her head at that but doesn't question. “I'm doing my best.” — Eligor: “Mhm.”

Eligor walks off before suddenly stopping and pointing behind himself.

“I'd almost forgotten about the extra.”

Eligor snaps his fingers, and a loud series of cracks followed by a scream screech a somewhat middling distance away, followed by a loud pop.

“There. I suggest you take the longer route home if you are not used to…colorful displays.”

“Or I suppose camp would be a better word. I forgot you likely do not see things as a warmonger might.”

Blue tenses at the series of sounds, her eyes widening before looking to Eligor, her own fingers clenched. “Uhm…okay…” — Eligor bids farewell to you.

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