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F'loki Scene List


Simple Errands - Pipino encounters F'loki while shopping for supplies and they have a short but pleasant chat. [Pipino, F'loki] - 07/23/20

Meet the Family - A'erina tries to fix the rift between her family and herself and brings in F'loki for support. [A'erina, F'loki] - 9/8/2020

Tell Me More - A'erina calls up F'Loki and asks him to come over. For talking. [A'erina, F'loki] - 09/15/20

Sibling Bonding - R'Lamiza seeks answers from her older brother F'Loki, who may or may not be himself. [R'Lamiza, F'loki] - 10/15/20

Rock and a Hard Place - F'loki lingers in the secret place that reminds him of his family, if only to find that he's not alone. [F'loki, A'erina] - 12/01/20


Regaining My Pride - After disappearing from her loved ones, A'erina finally reaches out via linkpearl for help and companionship. [A'erina, F'loki, Luna, Astra, Alkaid, Lucatiel] - 02/16/21

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