Gil Farming - 06/24/20


If one took their chances through some rather nasty looking thickets and avoided some trip wires, they might happen upon a small log cabin in the northern Black Shroud. The Kerberion homestead was not much to look at and might even appear abandoned from the front. In the mid hours of night, wisps of smoke from a stone chimney told a different story.
Inside the rather dark home, a lone Hyur tended a metal pot atop the stovetop in the kitchen/dining room of the three room dwelling. He tasted a bit of the soup he was making, nodded with pleasure, then set his wooden spoon down on a small plate and stepped back to take a seat a round table in the center of the room. He'd look about the room, as if realizing how late it was, and turn the wick on the table lantern up, brighting up the area some. Then he settled back in his seat, crossed his arms, and closed his eyes, talking quietly to himself in a foreign tongue <“Not like her to be out so late and not leave a note. Wouldn't know where to start looking for her, either… Bah, shes a grown woman. God knows she can protect herself, in a corner.”


Darkness settled upon the Shroud but Blue continued on. She knew she wasn't far away from home now. She strode past trees and thickets, danced around bushes and copses, and made good time overall in spite of the load she carried.
Tret might hear a soft, muffled “Kweh!” from outside the cabin not long after, followed by something beating frantically at the siding.

Should he open the door, he'd find a very familiar Chocobo almost pitch black in the darkness. A large tattered-but-not-torn sack was wrapped hastily around her neck.

The bird's tail feathers wriggled happily and she lowered her head, bonking the Hyur gently with the tip of her beak as if to say <Did You Miss Me?>


Thoughts broken suddenly, Tret grabbed his kitchen knife off the table at the sound of scratching and held it at the ready. He waited a few beats before setting it back down on the table and going to the door. He didn't bat an eye at the amorphous dark blob in the darkness, reaching up to pat the horsebird's beak after it tapped him “You know, an hour more and I'd have called the Serpents to go looking after you. Soup's ready, so get in here, lovely, and show me what you've drug home tonight”


If chocobos could grin. Blue shook the sack off her neck and ran inside the cabin merrily. The aroma of fresh stew was too powerful for the female to resist.

Almost like some strange ethereal liquid would feathers and bone melt away, dissolving into the air and revealing more of the dark-scaled Xaela in the process. In the midst of changing she'd pluck a robe from the corner of the small cottage, wrapping it securely around herself before skipping over to the table where food awaited. Feathers were still dropping away from Blue's cheeks and neck as she took a seat and waited for Tret to come inside with the rather hefty sack.

“Now. Before you open it and be all surprised, promise me you won't be mad?”


<“Carried it all this way and couldn't bring it… son of a”> Tret crouched and grabbed the sack, tossing it over his- well that was heavier than it looked. He grunted and hefted the bag up, taking a look and a listen in the darkness before he turned and stepped back inside, closing the door softly with a foot. Into the kitchen he went, dropping the bag off with a soft Thud next to the kitchen table “I promise nothing, dear. What is this filled with? Buckles?” he sat down across from her, leaning on one arm on the table and looking at her in the lantern light.


Blue grabbed a bowl and began to spoon the hot meal into it, all grins on her face.

“I'm busy scarfing down food, love. Go ahead and open it!”

If Tret did end up opening the sack, he'd find smaller, weighted sacks within, each filled to full with coin. There'd be 15 of the small bags in all, meticulously counted to amount to a little over 100 thousand Gil in total

Once her partner took a proper look at what she brought back, Blue'd bring her hands together in a merry clap. “Surprise!”


He did indeed open the larger sack, pulling out one of the many smaller ones and shaking it “I was joking about the buckles. tell me you didn-” He was rendered dumbstruck when he opened the smaller pouch, and Tret slowly poured the contents onto the table. The gil spilled out and onto the floor and he could just… stare. He was quiet for a few moments, only the sound of spoon, bowl, and muching breaking the silence “…All of them are filled up like this? This is… os-tyah…” he took a piece and held it to the lamp “…Alright. What did we just give up for all this?”


Blue looked innocent at the Hyur. “We didn't give up anything at all. I just came across some nice equipment and since we don't need it ourselves, found a very nice merchant who was willing to sell it for me and gave me this much in exchange! I was quite surprised myself.”

She takes one more bite of stew before leaning forward on the table and picking up a coin between thumb and forefinger.

“I know we're not exactly poor or anything, buuuut we don't exactly have the most stable of income either. I wanted to help! And a lot of people seem to just leave out perfectly nice equipment that they certainly don't seem to be using themselves. Especially weapons, you should see some of the ones I found, all bejeweled and engraved…just lying around! People could use those!”


He fell silent again, as if trying to decide just how to punish her for this egrigious transgression. He took a few moments to scrape the coins in the table back into the bag, set it back in the larger sack, and then got up to look out the kitchen window into the night “…So, this all came from things that you… Found… And sold to some trader?” He nodded,clapped once, and then went to the stove to make himself a bowl of soup. Speaking to her over his shoulder, “Well, I suppose that's not the worst thing. If people wanted their things enough, they wouldn't leave them laying around.” Tret sat down again across from Blue and gestured at her with his spoon “Let's just not liberate equipment belonging to anyone we know, neh? Or rather, Anyone we like. Suppose there's a few we know that wouldn't miss a blade or two.”


Blue beamed at Tret, scaly tail wagging with excitement. “Indeed, dearest. It was surprisingly easy to do as well.”

She gestured over to the abandoned sack of coin. “I went out to Ul’Dah for those. I've heard there are rich bad people there, so I didn't think it would hurt them any.”

She leans back in her own chair, spoon in one hand, giving the thick broth a lick, eyes glancing away for a moment.

“Those massive buildings are easy to scale for me, I wasn't even winded! Windows ajar- Windows closed. It need not matter. A mouse has wedged itself through narrower.” The Au'ri seems quite proud of herself and this insight, setting her bowl down if only to clasp her hands together with delight once more.

To Tret's words, Blue hurriedly shakes her head. “Of course, I'd never take anything from our friends. Just bad people. And mean people. And maybe people that have too much stuff.”

“The worst part is trying to figure out the best way to drag it all back. At the very least, this merchant whom I spoke to agreed to take and trade any equipment I come across, no questions asked. Very nice woman with a shop over in the Lavender Beds, I shall have to introduce you sometime!”

Blue at this point has been pacing around excitedly, no doubt pondering her next caper, tail twitching erratically.


Tret watched Blue, quite amused as her mind raced about. He let her wear herself down as he worked on his own meal. Eventually he stopped and leaned back on two chair legs and raised a hand towards her dismissively “Don't worry about bad or mean or… Whatever. I'm sure the rich of Ul'Dah arent necessarily evil just because they have money. But do try to be careful about this. You know, don't go swiping too often, visit the same place or area multiple times….that's how you end up getting caught. And we do happen to keep company with two officers if the law… In a way.” He drops his chair back to four legs and tucks back into his food to finish it off. “One can likely be bribed, or have a favor called. The other… Not so much I think. Though I imagine there would be some fine unused things to… Happen upon… in Ishgard.”

Their food bowls were collected and placed in a wash basin, and Tret would then go to move the heavy bag into their main living room/den. Setting the bag next to a well worn couch, he flopped himself upon the cushions and grabbed a notebook off the low table in front of him. He flipped through a few pages absently “Sure, would love to meet her some time. Might have something to offer her as well. Sounds like she's been doing this type of thing for a while. Anything interesting for sale that you saw?”


Blue would wear herself out quite fast as it turns out. Carrying that load and keeping keeping her form would do a wonder on anyone. She stops pacing upon her partner's suggestions and nods softly. “You're right. I suppose I could spread myself out to the other citystates. Limsa comes to mind next. I'm certain their ships might have some interesting things to discover!” An earfin flicked at his mention of them knowing officers, to which Blue bit her lip softly. “I mean, I wouldn't want them to get into trouble over me. I'll just be careful about not getting too much attention, promise!”

She'd soon join him, hopping on top of the worn furniture before leaning against the Hyur in cuddle mode. “Her name is Shiina and she sells mostly adventuring gear, though it seems she also collects and sells tomes and potions too. A bit clumsy, she seems, but really nice! Told me I might look to search out less eye-catching stuff the next time around. Adventurers want efficiency over flashiness. But why not boooooth?” Blue stretches her arms out in emphasis, wiggling her fingers before curling back into the cushions with a giggle.

“With you and I both working, I bet we can spruce this cabin up, and get new things, and get some potted plants and flowers, and all sorts of things!”


Leaning back against the couch, he fished between the cushions for a cloth wrapped piece of charcoal. Looking at it for a few moments and sighing, Tret began to scribble into his notebook.

“Selling to adventurers then? Sure, I could see the benefit to less ornamental style. Perhaps its not the rich you want to look for, but maybe… The Adders? And the- how do you say….Wailers? Also the Bows. Surely they have a few odds and ends they just aren't using…as much as they could. And that's just local; the Yellow jackets, the Blades surely have things.” *He stopped writing and smiled at Blue, offering a shrug “Though, it might be a greater task getting into their armories, if they're a bit more vigilant about not leaving their toys around, neh?”


Blue curled up all the mores, one eye open watching Tret scribble the figures down.* “Ah…yes…those guys. You know they always have too much…” *The Au'ri yawns, tail curling up in her lap.* “You know I can find a way in there…just need…a distraction first…”. *Blue was worn out and it showed.* “Think..gonna sleep. Just you watch me, dear…they'll never see it coming..” She smiled sweetly and snuggled into the Hyur for a time, out like a light for the next few hours.


Tret wrapped the arm that held the notebook around his wife, letting her drift off fully before he'd return to his writing. “Sure, lovely… Distractions.<A few swords wont be missed from the armory in the middle of war. The blacksmiths make more, a few young men get swords better than they deserve, there's no great loss…>” The page he was working on was suddenly torn out, crumpled, and thrown to the side, and he'd begin anew on the blank page underneath.


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