Girl's Day Out - 7/21/20


Blue rose bright and early the following morning after teatime shenanigans with high spirits and a strange desire to look pretty for the next time she'd visit the Shroudrose Teahouse. She thinks of Lucatiel and how nice she always looks whether she's helping out at the Hearth and Home or spectating Grindstone matches from afar. Surely she'll be able to help! Perhaps even Pipino, of whom Blue admires from afar, might be of assistance in the lifelong game we call glamour should they come across each other.`

Blue makes for Limsa with a skip to her step, the first time she's ever approached the Hearth without Tret nearby. Had it been somewhere else, the gal would have gotten dreadfully lost. As it stands, she finds herself in front of door to the building, shyly picking off dust from her dress before rapping at the door and calling out, “Miss Luna! Can Luca come out and play today?” Cue happy tail wag.

[Luna and Luca]

After a moment do the doors to Luna's abode open, revealing a confused looking knightess in a tank top and shorts and holding a brush clearly more pretty than would be expected, likely a solution meant for her long hair which was currently askew slightly. “Ah… Miss Blue?” the woman asks slowly, rubbing an eye idly. She takes a moment. “You wish Miss Lucatiel to… come out and play? I… will let her know. Pray wait a moment.” There is an awkward pause as Luna processes the request, standing there like a statue before heading back inside and up the stairs.

After a minute or two, there is excited movement coming down the stairs. Lucatiel emerges from the doorway with a cheery smile and her long flowy white dress, hair brushed and put into her usual style. “Oh! Blue! I didn't expect to see you here - or this early. Or anybody really!” she says, having the slightest hint of sleepiness to her voice but overriding it with her usual enthusiasm. “Umm, I can come out and play! That sounds great! But ummm, what did you want to do?” she asks.


Blue seems not to notice just how early she made the trip to visit the pair. She is a seize the day sorta' gal, and it very much shows in just how awake she is.

 Blue bows politely to the slightly bedraggled Luna, “Thank you kindly!” murmured out as she too, also pauses and stares up at the woman patiently, kicking at dirt, dusting off her dress, wiggling her earfins- before hopping around the front of the grounds excitedly as she disappears to retrieve Luca.

It seems Blue's enthusiasm reaches near all time highs when she sees Luca at last, skipping on over to her and grabbing for her hands. “Luca, Luca!!! I went to the most wonderful place last night! Everyone was all dressed up and fancy. And there were cute cakes and delicious teas. And there were carbuncles!!!!”

She pauses in anticipation before continuing. “I'd like to go back again sometime, but all dressed up! And I could think of no better person to help me find something new and lovely to wear- you always look so pretty!”


Lucatiel's hands are promptly grabbed and the girl looks a bit confused but happy. “What? That sounds really cool! Like with suits and pretty dresses!? OH MY GOSH CUTE CAKES!? CARBUNCLES!?” The girl bounces on her feet with Blue now, overly excited. “Awww thank you! I can help you find something really pretty, sure! But it's more than just a nice dress, we'll have to do your hair and your make up too! Maybe I should get my kit… Or maybe just my coinpurse…” She pauses to think, unsure exactly what Blue had planned.


Blue lets go of Luca's hands and does a bit of a twirl. “Shopping! We're gonna go shopping!” The word sounds foreign coming out of Blue, who spends the majority of her time covered in either chocobo feathers or leaves n' twigs.

She pulls a considerable amount of gil from the pocket of her dress, leaning forward and whispering, “Tret came across a bit of money it seems doing one of his jobs, and I can use some of it to buy stuff! We can make a day of going to Hawker's Alley to see what all is there and get some things. And then, when the teahouse opens again, we can both dress up for it and dine with the fancy people together!”

Blue looks around a bit. “But Tret tells me there be pirates lurking around the alley too! We must be very careful throughout our adventure.”


Lucatiel's eyes light up. “Oh oh oh! Shopping, I love shopping! That sounds like fun!” The girl bounces on her heels a bit more, thoroughly excited. As Blue withdraws loads o' money, Lucatiel looks at it curiously. “Wow, lucky you! Oh, Hawker's Alley is really fun, there's so much stuff!” She nods at the idea. “I'd love to go to a teahouse with you all fancy! It'd be like one of those ball thingies Miss Luna did when she was young! But it'll be for us instead!” As Blue mentions a certain P-word, Lucatiel gasps. “PIRATES!? You're right, I forgot they lurk around Limsa! We'll be very careful!” she says cautiously.

“Hang on, I gotta get my coinpurse and… and Carby too! He'll wanna come with!” And with that, she runs back into the house. It takes a couple minutes for her to emerge, smiling and carrying her Carbuncle in her arms again. “Okay, ready!”


Blue giggles and puts the gil back in her pocket for maximum safekeeping. “We'll be fine I'm sure! Especially with your carbuncle to protect us!”. She lets Luca run back into the house while the Au Ri waits outside and ponders to herself.

`Hmm..definitely got enough gil for at least one dress. Maybe there are some vendors selling food out there- gotta set aside dosh for that..oh maybe she can get some accessories for the chocobos back at the stables! The possibilities are endless!`

She breaks away from her thoughts when Luca comes back out with Carby in tow. Blue'd reach out her hand to pet the malevolent entity before looking up at her companion.“

 ”Alright then! Let's go!“

Scene Change - From Hearth and Home to Hawker's Alley


Hawker's Alley was, as ever, loud and bustling. People coming to and fro, merchants shouting up their wares, the odd tourist gawking at everything like a wildly-impressed child. Not entirely unlike Lucatiel herself, now in tow with Blue and her Carbuncle.

“Whoooaaaaa… So much stuff! Umm, so! What kind of dress would suit you…” she says, turning her head towards Blue, smiling while contemplating. “Hmmm… I'm not sure if you'd want a big poofy dress… Maybe something lighter like mine…” she ponders aloud, dusting off her own garment as if to draw attention to it. “Hmmm….”


In truth, Blue had never actually been to Hawker's Alley before. Tret had told her the tales before, certainly, when on business out in Limsa, but this was one of the few times where the Au Ri would actually be in a a bustling marketplace. Her jaw dropped at the spectacle of it, barely hearing Luca over the sounds of traders and merchants advertising everything, from clothing to weapons to stalls of fish both grilled and raw. Entertainers- mostly dancers though the occasional instrument player would be present as well- had crowds of people surrounding them, tossing coin and shouting for encores. It was loud and crowded and Blue briefly had to steel herself. Deep breath.

An ear flicks and she realizes she's just been standing there awkwardly. She looks to Luca and grins. “I'm thinking something short- the long poofy dresses are so pretty but I feel like I might trip over myself! And being short makes even short dresses look long on me!” She'd start walking through the alley, with hopefully Luca and her Carbuncle in tow, trying not to be smitten at every single stall selling wares. “I think for color though…not gonna do blue this time. Purple might be really nice. And elegant!”

Not too far ahead of the two, a couple of shifty-eyed rogues were leaning against the wall, seeming to observe the bustling crowd walking through with interest.


More accustomed to the lively furor of the Alley, Luca begins to think about dresses. She casually picks up her Carbuncle once again, playing idly with it's front paws while she walks with Blue. “Something… short huh? Hmmm…. maybe something that goes down to your knees then… Oh! And purple!” As she 'focuses' (as best she can) on the topic, she begins to playfully squeeze the Carbuncle's paws gently.

Mother I do wish you would not.

Naturally, only the Carbuncle can hear it's own thoughts.


Blue nods enthusiastically, “Yeah! And maybe some different thigh high leggings to wear with it!” Blue very much enjoys her thigh-highs. She pauses at one stall with an old Miquo'te woman showcasing her weaving skills. A crotchety old voice purrs at the two of them. “Ah, two lovely ladies in my midst- have you need for something exotic and sultry?” She gestures to her table, where vibrant silken dresses adorned with small jewels hang in an assortment of vivid colors.

The Au Ri looks fascinated, browsing through the garments and taking one dress to hold over Luca, covering Carby in the fabric as a result. Blue thinks. “Eh…not really going for a sultry look at a tearoom…but what do you think?”

One of the rogues unlatch themselves from the wall, nodding to his companion before making his way into the crowd, clearly heading in the direction of the two dress-seekers. A midlander hyur, dressed in unsultry blacks and browns, dips down, unlatching a small knife from his boot, eyes set upon Lucatiel.


The girl giggles. “Leggings? Those are really cute! They'd look great on you!” she enthuses, suddenly finding herself enraptured by the elderly mi'qote. “Ooooh! I don't know about sultry…” she admits, finding herself suddenly having a dress pushed against her. The Carbuncle wriggles as the fabric covers it's face. “Umm… I don't know about this… It's pretty! But it's not like I have anybody to wear it for!” she says with a bit of a giggle. “H-hey, Carby! What's up with you?” she asks, looking down at the still wriggling creature.

The Carbuncle manages to escape the girl's grasp, sliding out and falling to the ground with magical grace, landing on all fours. It quickly flips around and moves underneath Lucatiel's dress, looking out behind her and watching the no-gooder approaching.


Blue shakes her head and draws the dress to herself, eyeing the fabric carefully. With a sigh, the Au Ri places it back on the table, much to the dismay of the merchant. “You don't want to be sexy sultry like Thavnarian dancer?” The woman remarks in disbelief, clicking her tongue.

Meanwhile, the no-gooder saunters up and close, indistinguishable to all save smart carbuncle eyes. Or so it seems. As soon as he gets within a few ilms of the pair of shoppers, an elegant Viera garbed in dancer's apparel sweeps in between the knife and the Luca. She gracefully brings one chakram to the rogue's throat and wraps her opposite arm around his waist, guiding him in a waltz away from the duo as if nothing menacing had been about to happen.

Unaware of the event herself, Blue apologizes to the miqo'te with an apologetic bow. “I'm sorry, it's not exactly what I'm looking for. Have a good day!” She looks to Luca and shrugs. “Plenty of other stalls to go through still. Hey, where did Carby go?”

Meanwhile, the partner of mister no gooder is bewildered, gritting his teeth. He seems to be saying something to someone- perhaps through linkpearl.


Lucatiel giggles again at the thought of being 'sexy sultry like Thavnarian dancer'. “No, I don't think so! But thank you anyway, it's a very pretty dress!” She makes sure to smile for the merchant. “Yeah, there's a lot more! There's – umm, oh!” She looks around, and as if on cue the Carbuncle has turned back around, now peeking his head out from underneath Lucatiel's skirt and looking up at her. She bends down to pick him up again. “There you are! Don't wander off silly!” She presses the creature against her face and smooshes it affectionately before relenting back to just holding it in her arms. “So which stall should we look at next Blue? Maybe something of a more La Noscean touch would be better, something you might see on a beach, like a sundress!” she enthuses, grinning at her.

Mother I have been held at bay for one moment longer, but I must vanquish.


Blue giggles, amused as the Carbuncle pops out from under Luca's skirt. Her heart has to stop from melting at the sheer cuteness of the aetherial creature. She tilts her head at Luca's suggestion. “That sounds more like what I'm looking for! Good idea!”

Blue squints, then spots a few other vendors in the near distance selling various clothing. She points in their general direction.

“Gonna be a bit tricky getting through this crowd up here, stay close!” She says, before making her way towards the stalls herself.

The tricky part comes in the form of a bard performance of sorts, situated in the very center of the alley. A lyre strums peacefully as a highlander woman's voice pierces through all the shouts and yells of merchants calling out to passerbys.

Blue beckons Luca to follow, navigating around the folk who surround the bard. If Luca isn't careful, she might lose track of where her Au Ri friend slipped through, stuck in the blockage that is this crowd.


Lucatiel smiles widely as Blue is pleased with her idea, idly jiggling Carbuncle's paws again as she follows. “Oh, it's just a crowd! You see them all the time here!” she says, strangely confident given her relative inexperience with them. She just wanted to be proud for being a naturally born La Noscean.

Her ear is drawn in by the performance, causing her to look towards it. “Oooh, that music is so pretty! And the singing too, right Blue?” she asks, turning around with an excited smile to just catch sight of the wriggly girl swoocing on by the crowd. “H-hey! Wait for me Blue!” she calls out a bit worried before taking off in pursuit.

Lucatiel catches up with the girl and stops behind her as the Au Ra watches the performance happily. She pants for a bit before smiling. “Hey, don't take off without me Blue!”

The girl turns around to reveal themselves as a rather tall Au Ra man who was certainly confused by Lucatiel's prescence.

“What? Who are you?”

Lucatiel, meanwhile, stares blankly at the man for a moment. “Hey! You're not Blue! You're a guy!”


As the pair briefly get separated by the crowd of listeners, the remaining rogue who had been watching begins to make his way towards Luca as she perplexes the tall Au Ri man who goes back to listening to the performance. The rogue, meanwhile, whispers into his linkpearl and soon it is apparent that he is not alone, for other rowdy-looking thugs make towards not just the La Noscean woman and her Carbuncle, but Blue, who, after discovering she'd lost Luca, wriggled back into the crowd trying to find her.

“Luca!, Oh Luca, where are you?” Blue'd shout, the noise very much drowned out by the bard's music and the loud conversations of those around her.

The rogue doesn't brandish a knife like his partner had- even in a distracted crowd, the glint would be noticeable. Rather he plans to rely on brute force alone, striding up behind Luca and placing his hand on her shoulder, leaning over to whisper in her ear, “Oy, yer comin' wit' use, lass. Th' cap'n needs another wench fer his crew, keep 'im happy, ye know?”

Just as he's making an attempt to pull Luca away from the safety of the crowd, Blue comes in like the mighty little lizard she is and just downright bites down on the wrist holding her friend. She muffles something out at Luca, something like “Go to the Bard!”. It's probably the safest place to be at this moment in time, with plenty of onlookers- less chance to be randomly snatched away.


As the man she had mistaken for a woman *somehow* goes back to watching the performance, Lucatiel shrugs and begins to look around for Blue, unable to hear her calls at the moment. As the hand presses down on her shoulder, she turns around to the man, utterly unknowing. “Huh? No, I'm looking for my friend, have you seen her?” she manages to ask before the very hungry lizard appears.

A smile forms on Luca's face as Blue chomps down on the unsuspecting rogue. “There you are Blue! Oh, you wanna watch the Bard too? Okay, hurry up!” she says before vanishing into the crowd. She makes her way up to the bard mid-song, standing a bit close to the man with a face of awe. In her movements away from the rogue, her Carbuncle had slipped out of her hands and was now with Blue, staring at the rogue blankly yet vaguely angrily. Aether was gathering around the little creature very slowly, as if readying *something*.


The Rogue didn't know what bit him, blinking for a moment at the Au Ra who'd just assaulted him, granting Luca plenty of time to make it closer to the concert without fear.

“Oy lass, that be thee biggest mistake ye coulda' made, eh?”

Blue is grabbed by the collar rather easily before she can get out of the way, pummeling her fists against the midlander angrily. “Let me go!” He seems to have a rather firm grip on the lizard though, and Blue mouths “Help me!” to the carbuncle nearby. The rogue sets forth and attempts to drag her away from the distracted crowd.

Who, as it turns out, are even more distracted upon the appearance of Luca. She is so close to the bard that he grows nervous and misses more than a fair share of notes before he recovers. The singer looks upon the woman with amusement and waves her hand out to the crowd. “It seems we have a volunteer who also wishes to entertain you lot!” She takes Luca's wrist and raises it up with hers to the somewhat confused cheers of the crowd. A miquo'te woman suddenly joins the pair to lead them off with a festive La Noscean Step dance. “Hands on hips!” She shouts to the roar of the onlookers. “Legs up high and move them feet!” The singer follows 'said instructions, beaming at Luca. “Come lass, dance with us!” She kicks up her heels and sends the crowd into a ferver, clapping and cheering as the bard begins a more upbeat and merry melody.


The Carbuncle hardly needed any reason to act. It could tell that Lucatiel would want to save Blue. As the aether absorbed into it's form, it assumed sort of battle stance against the rogue. A moment later, it hopped into the air and landed again, the aether inside it coming together in front of it in the form of a light blue blue which immediately shot forward towards the rogue. The burst was practically bristling with the kinds of aether that only a novice arcanist could produce! But it was more than potent enough, given it's source.

Meanwhile, Lucatiel was being whisked into an impromptu performance. As her hand is limply brought high by the quick-to-act singer, she smiles vacantly out at the crowd, gears in her head turning. While still figuring out what was going on, she acts to match the step dance, her hands moving to her hips as if practiced (which she most definitely had as a young girl!). She joins the dance with the pair, excited and smiling ear-to-ear.


The rogue didn't stand a chance against the Carbuncle's attack, especially when he took the full brunt of it. “Ack!” The midlander staggers backwards and into a collective of tourists, relinguishing his hold on Blue. She hops out of the way and goes to the aetherial creature, kneeling down and petting it. “You beat him up Carby!” She remarks, impressed.

That is, before noticing that the midlander has gotten up again, grumbling and shouting into his linkpearl. “Close in boys!”

Like a flood, the group of scumbags weave through the crowd. They might not be able to reach Luca anymore, but there's still a chance at getting a new wench for their captain.

Gotta get to Luca, Blue thinks, just as the festive, upbeat music begins to play. Soon she has to navigate around locals and tourists alike as they dance and make merry, proving to be more like moving obstacles than helpful. She starts to spy flashes of black and brown and menacing grins closing in and fast.

Blue just about makes it to the opening where the performers and Luca are dancing when she feels a hand grab her roughly by the wrist. Blue's heart sinks before she notices that it is a Viera dancer adorned in the most sultry of Thavnarian dress. She recognizes her as a dancer the pair of enthusiastic shoppers had passed by, but now Blue is all but twirled into the smiling Luca, all but barreling into her.

With a laugh and the flourishing of deadly chakrams, the Viera looks to the Singer, who smirks in response and stops her dance. She begins to clap, silencing her bard companion and slowly but surely garnering the attention of the crowd. “Listen my friends to my tale so sweet, of scoundrels getting their just reward.”

In the ensuing silence of others listening to her words, grunts and shouts of pain can be heard. Some scum seem to be getting their asses beat.


There is a vague sense that the Carbuncle is pleased with it's work.

Mother, I have rediscovered the taste.

Soon it begins to move with Blue, acting as impromptu protector. As they close in on the safety of numbers, it sees the hand grab Blue and begins gathering aether once more. However, it senses the lack of hostility and understanding of the Viera. It squeezes uncaringly through the crowd to follow, gracing the stage shortly after Blue and taking it's place next to Lucatiel.

Luca was smiling as she felt Blue crash into her, turning to her as she regains her footing and hugging. “There you are! You were right, it was fun to come see the bard! I got pulled into a big dance! And now you're here too!” she enthuses, letting go after some moments. She kneels down and picks up the Carbuncle, holding it tight and playing with it's paws as ever once the dance ends and all but the singer is quiet. She too listens, hearing the sounds of street justice doled out heavily, but definitely does not understand fully what has happened.


Blue hugs Luca dearly- and probably tighter than expected given their sudden brush with would-be kidnappers. She manages an exhausted looking smile at the gal and nods happily. “I saw! You were your own star of the show!” The Au Ri thinks to herself, Luna will so not be amused when she hears about all this- but it seems Luca is none the wiser. Probably for the best.

From within the center of the crowd, its easier to take note when alluva sudden, the unconscious bodies of the rowdy rough guys are slung over the shoulders of quite a fair number of women, carried out of the crowd completely. The Singer, pleased, points to the bard, who begins to play a cheeryful tune. In the far distance one could just make out the sounds of things - or maybe people, yeah probably people - being dumped from the open ledge just past the alley and straight into the water.

Before Blue has the chance to thank her fellow females for the help she finds herself and Luca both being given many headpats by the much taller Viera.* “Now now girls, feel free to continue your shopping trip without fear. The Sanguine Sirens will be watching from afar.” She winks.

“Thank you very much.” Blue bows gratefully to the women and pats Luca on the shoulder. “Let's let them continue their concert- we still have so many places to check out!”


Lucatiel smiles back at Blue. “I don't know about thaaaaat, but it was a lot of fun! You shoulda come up here sooner! OH! Sounds like somebody's fishing off the docks!” She's completely oblivious. She's surprised to suddenly find herself being patted on the head, but she doesn't mind. She looks up at the Viera in awe, though not entirely certain what she meant. “Ummm…. Thank you! That sounds really cool!” She turns back to Blue as she's being patted on the shoulder now. “Yeah, we still have to find you a nice dress! And now we can shop without fear! Though… I didn't really have any fear so… ” She gasps loudly as she begins walking, a thought striking. “OH! THE SANGUINE SIRENS MUST BE REALLY GOOD THEN!” she exclaims, as if it were a startling revelation.


Blue stifles her giggles, enjoying Luca's reactions to everything that's happened. In a way it reminds the Au Ri of when she was younger and the world and everything in it was fascinating. Her shoulders sink a bit- reminded of times that won't ever return, but shakes her head and manages up another grin for her companion.*

“It's really good of them to watch out for us!” Blue agrees and slips through the crowd to get out the other side. This time she waits for Luca to come out of the group before making towards the other stalls. On the way there, she looks to the younger woman thoughtfully. “Hey Luca, how are you doing these days? We don't talk too much and I know you were quite upset when Luna went away for a while there. Everything well and good again?”

In front of them lie a couple stalls with modest merchants fanning themselves. Seems they'd wasted most of their energy on earlier tourists and were happy to let the two women browse without too much nudging. At one stall was a plethora of Lominsan clothing, from swim suits to sailor's uniforms.

Blue spots a dark blue, almost purple, ruffled dress to which she very vocally squeals. ”!!!!! The ruffles!“ The Au Ra holds it out in admiration. Could this be the one?

The other stall contains several wooden figurines- mostly small toys for younger children. Toy soldiers, chocobos, and fantastically realistic dragons and golems were lovingly crafted by the merchant before it. He was a grizzled old sort with big eyeglasses. Nearby was a carving knife and a block of wood- likely taking a break from making more creations.


The girl turns to Blue as they walk, thinking. “Huh? Oh, well… It really made me worry when she disappeared. But umm, I got over it. She talked to me one night and it still hurt that she did it, but I guess… I guess I get it? She's really mad at herself for what she did, so I can't be too mad at her myself. Besides, she's been really nice to me since then cause she's trying to make it up to me! Lots of stories and walks and she even set up a pool outside for when we don't want to go all the way to the beach!” She says happily.

She smiles to Blue as she rushes to the ruffled dress, clapping for her as she shows it off. “It's really pretty! You should get it, it seems like your style! I think!” she enthuses, happy to egg her on.


Blue nods at Luca's words. “I'm glad everything is alright now. You two are a really sweet pair, you know that?” She squeezes the dress to herself, cuddling it as if it were a plush. “Yes, I think I'll most definitely get this one! Gimme a moment Luca!” she goes to the merchant to settle the transaction, leaving her companion for a bit.

In the meantime, the older merchant at the stall nearby calls to Luca. “Couldn't help but hear- seems you have quite the special relationship with this woman,” *referring to Luna,* “Would you wish to give her a gift? Perhaps to let her be a little less mad at herself.” He seems a jolly enough sort, stretching out his old limbs before taking the block of wood in one hand.


Lucatiel smiles. “You think so!? My mom likes her too, and I joked that she's like my home away from home! Plus I think Miss Luna likes having me around! Not that she'll admit it to me! Okay, I'll be right he– Huh?” she turns around to the merchant. “Oh, yea! It's kinda weird but I like it! Ummm…. I would love to give her a gift! What did you have?” she asks, looking at all the wooden figures curiously.


The merchant waves a hand. “Tell me what you know about her! What does she do? What does she like? I've many a figurine here- I'm sure I've got at least one figurine just for her.” He winks and allows Luca to think about it just as Blue returns with her purchase neatly folded in the bag she carries at her side.

“The woman also had leggings!” Blue nearly swoons. “I think I've got my outfit for the fancy party place! And look what they threw in!” She pulls from the bag a smaller version of the ruffled dress in a bright pink, with an adjusted strap at the back. It's soon quite apparent that it's meant for smaller animals to wear, like cats..dogs..and maybe carbuncles.


“Ohh! Well, hmm…” she puts a hand to her chin to think as Blue runs over. “Oh! That sounds great! OH MY GOSH THAT'S ADORABLE BLUE!” she exclaims at the Carbuncle dress.

Mother you can not do this. That would be beneath me.

As ever oblivious to the extra-dimensional cries of her Carbuncle, she looks back at the merchant. “Well… She's a knight! In Ishgard! And she's really nice, and umm well she can be kinda strict sometimes but I know she is just cautious! Hmm… I'm not sure what she likes, she doesn't talk about it much. I guess she likes reading, and… oh! Long baths! And she likes to cook and bake! And make tea! Oh and going on walks!” Lucatiel gushes, a bit spastic.


The old merchant rubs his chin for a moment. “A knight of Ishgard? Don't see too many of them around Limsa, save for the occasional tourist. They like their ice and snow, aye. Still, I think I've got something your knight might enjoy.” He peers down at his toys before plucking up a small wooden figurine of a lady knight. Imposing, and serious of face, the figurine stood atop a small circular platform. Two small hands were wrapped around an elaborately-carved sword, resting the hilt against her waist, pointed tip directed downwards. At her back was an equally elaborate shield. Unfortunately everything was attached- no detachable and reattachable attachments! “What do you think?”

Blue hands the carbuncle dress over to Luca while peering at the figurine curiously. She giggles, “It does seem to look a bit like her, especially the stern look!”


Lucatiel watches with bated breath as the man makes his selection. As the wooden knightess is picked, she begins to ooh and aah. “Oh! It's so good! it's just like her! I think it's great!” She smiles as Blue adds her thoughts, “Yeah! It looks like someone you wouldn't want to mess with, someone who's protecting someone important! I love it! And I think she'll like it too! How much?” she asks as she turns back to the merchant, eyes lit up.


The old merchant grins and begins to wrap the figurine in some parchment paper. “That will be 75 Gil!” He nestles the figurine into a bag and upon receiving payment, would pass it over to Luca. “Good to do business with you young lady! I hope she likes your gift!”

Blue looks up at the sky, blinking at where the sun has moved since they first arrived at Hawker's Alley. “Goodness, we've been at it longer than I figured and there's still other stalls!” She wiggles her bag happily. “I'm glad I found what I wanted though! What say we grab a bite to eat somewhere and start heading back? I'm sure Miss Luna would love to know about our adventures.”


The girl withdraws a Carbuncle-shaped coinpurse and fumbles with it for a moment before producing the payment and passing it over. “Thank yooou! She'll love it!” she says happily as she takes the wrapped figurine. She too looks up as Blue mentions the time. “Oh my gosh, it really has! Umm, okay! I've been to The Bismarck before, but it's kinda pricey so we can find somewhere else if you want!” She points off towards the stairs to indicate the cafe while nodding.


Blue stares at the carbuncle coinpurse, “How cute!” She remarks before letting the transaction takes place. She looks to where the woman points off to, pondering before reaching into her dress pocket to loosely jangle the coins and make sure she still had plenty to work with.

“We can check out the Bismark! I've got the coin for it as long as you bring the appetite!” She winks before racing off for the stairs, paper bag rattling at her side.


Lucatiel smiles at the compliment given for the coinpurse. “Oh! Okay! I definitely do, they have lemonade aaaaand some really good fish and chips! Hey! Wait!” she calls after the speedy lizard, taking off after her with her Carbuncle in tow.

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