Hearth and Home SUCCOR - 02/01/21

Lucian Tayuun: “Thank you Gair.” He gives a smile as he pulls the tea closer, “How've you been?”

Luna Neaucant: “My gratitude. It would be unbecoming for us to allow you to dirty your own blade.”

Luna Neaucant hands over a menu.

Gair Brandt: “I been good,” Gair leans forward and rests against the bar. “You? Not fallen off any buildin's or cliffs of late?”

Luna Neaucant: “Good evening, Sir Tretesta. Welcome back. Would you care for a menu or shall I fetch my barrels full of rum?”

Loksia Grimheart chuckled, “I've dirtied my blade many times, I'd worry about your floor,” she shook her head with a smile before reading over the menu.

Tretesta Kerberion: “Oh, you don't have to do all that. Just a glass of it will be find. Double please. It's been…. a day.”

Luna Neaucant makes a vague gesture, sighing. “Very well. Far be it from myself to deny a man succor.”

Lucian Tayuun laughs as he shakes his head, “Not a cliff– did trip on a bar stool the other night though. Bad leg didn't appreciate it, but at least nothing more than my pride was hurt.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “I'm… Luna, I'm a married man. I appreciate the offer… But no thank you”

Gair Brandt snickers at Tretty. “Pfff.”

Luna Neaucant pauses with a hand on a bottle of rum, slowly turning her head to stare at Tret with a fury in her eyes, though silent.

Tretesta Kerberion has protection from fury, it seems.

Luna Neaucant: “Sir Tretesta, even as a cheerful jape you would no sooner be able to bed me than bring back King Thordan.”

Gair Brandt 's amusement rumbles out in an audible chuckle as he looks back to Lucian. “You know, I'd never'a thought you had a bum leg. Least you can learn from a wounded pride.”

Loksia Grimheart placed the menu down before looking at Luna, “Mind if I place an order for some ale?”

Luna Neaucant: “You absolutely may, Miss. I shall bring it post-haste.”

Loksia Grimheart smiles at Luna Neaucant.

Loksia Grimheart: “Many thanks then,” she gave a light nod.

Luna Neaucant grabs a bottle of rum before grabbing a glass and a tankard, moving over to the tap to fill the latter.

Tretesta Kerberion: “Now now, Ser Knight. I am not the one who offered to sheath another's sword, as is were. You're a lovely looking woman, don't get me wrong. But simply not my type!”

Lucian Tayuun: “It's..fairly recent. Went to the Bozjan front far more distracted then I should have been and paid the price.” He rubs the back of his neck as he continues, “Luckily someone I know is a fairly impressive healer, and managed to fix it well enough I can still jump and such.”

Loksia Grimheart set down some gil to pat for the ale, “My thanks, much appreciated.”

Luna Neaucant sets a tankard of ale in front of Loksia carefully. “Here you are. Do enjoy. If there is aught else you require, do not hesitate to call upon myself or Gair.”

Loksia Grimheart smiles at Luna Neaucant.

Gair Brandt: “That'd be me, I think.”

Luna Neaucant places the glass in front of Tret harshly but measured enough to not damage it. “Sir Tretesta.” She begins to pour him his rum, eyes locked with fury. “I would sooner fall upon mine own blade than dare be dragged onto yours or else one's.”

Luna Neaucant finishes the pour, bringing back the bottle and sealing it.

Luna Neaucant: “You are lucky I do not visit righteous justice upon you for even such an implication.”

Gair Brandt: “Fuck, the eastern front?” Gair grimaces. “I'd heard it's been a tough rub out that way, didn't they level a city a few moons back just for risin' up? Dalmasker?”

Tretesta Kerberion: “You know? I'll be honest. I've certainly tried that before. I hear that you have to remove a rib to do it…. but im sure there are flexible enough people.”

Luna Neaucant raises a brow, not sure how to respond. “I do not… What does that even…” She reels back, looking horrified. “BY YOURSELF!? ABSOLUTE DEGENERACY!”

Loksia Grimheart 's eye twitched and her ear flicked slightly at the raised voice all of a sudden but otherwise she seemed unbothered.

Luna Neaucant collects herself enough to greet the newcomer. “Good evening, welcome to the Hearth from Home!”

Mirana Northwind: My my, what have i gotten myself into by playing here

Tretesta Kerberion takes his glass and raises it in thanks “You started this whole thing. I thought we were at the point we could share things like that, since you mentioned trying things with your own sword.”

Gair Brandt: “Don't mind that one overmuch, if you've seen one bound to the temple…well, maybe you ain't seen them all,” Gair smiles patiently at Loksia.

Lucian Tayuun: “Southern– and aye it's rather rough out there. Just about every kind of magitek you can imagine along with an..interesting assortment of other things.” He turns his head to Luna with a blink, wondering what he is missing to his right.

Luna Neaucant looks at Tret as if her eyes were going to remove themselves from the sockets. “Mine own…!? Are you unaware of a woman's anatomy, Sir Tretesta!?”

Loksia Grimheart looks over at Gair, quirking a brow, “Hm?”

Gair Brandt 's gaze flits to Luna momentarily in suggestion. “Oh, nothing.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “I am very familiar. Once again, i stress, *you* said something about doing things with your own sword first. I've yet to see you undressed, so i do not assume.”

Lucian Tayuun suddenly remembers to drink his tea before it's cold.

Loksia Grimheart had been busy paying attention to her drink and the twitch and flick were pure reflex. “Ah . . yes?”

Luna Neaucant slams her palms on to the counter, glaring at Tretesta. “SIR TRETESTA!”

Gair Brandt: “My friend, perhaps douse your passions in your lady's temperence,” Gair tells Luna before he parts.

“The Fury is known for ice, not fire.”

Luna Neaucant turns to Gair, fury in her eyes. “THE THINGS THIS MAN IS SAYING! HE COVORTS WITH MINE WARD AND IS LIKE THIS!?”

Tretesta Kerberion is thoroughly unfazed, taking a sip from his glass and looking back evenly “I did no such thing with Luca. Again, not my type.”

Gair Brandt just looks at Tretesta with a look of, 'Oh brother', and moves to the end of the bar.

Loksia Grimheart looked at Luna, “Is . . what?”

Gair Brandt: “Ahem, hello goodman!”

Mirana Northwind shaking her head in utter disbelief, mirana looks ath the People behind the counter and says, “one glass of your stongest stuff plase, i'm gonna need it”

Gair Brandt: “Can I get'cha a menu, some stiff drink? We got tea, booze 'an some sweets to shovel in.”

Tretesta Kerberion shakes his head sadly at Losika “I'm hardly sure myself. She seems to be accusing me of cheating on my wife. Not terribly sure where it came from.”

Luna Neaucant slaps a hand to her face and pinches her temples, collecting herself BY FORCE before turning to Loksia. “I do apologize. Sir Tretesta here is quite knowledgable as to pressing mine buttons, as it were.”

Loksia Grimheart nodded slowly, “I . . I see.”

November Blackwood smiles at the barman that stood before him, his hands turning from fits to open palms, relaxing in his selected barstool. “Do you carry Blackbelly Whiskey?”

Loksia Grimheart: “I can . . . understand that I suppose. Sometimes it's fun to push buttons?”

The sight of Luna Neaucant springs a question to Loksia Grimheart's mind.

Tretesta Kerberion looks back, musing on this one. There was certainly a button to be pressed… But no. He shouldnt….. “I am quite good at pressing things. In another life perhaps, Luna.” Or he would.

Luna Neaucant is immediately brought back into fury at Tret. “I HAVE DONE NO SUCH THING, YOU ABSOLUTE HOMME MENTEUR DE LA FOLIE!”

Gair Brandt looks with mild concern down at Luna. “That woman.” He mutters under his breath. “Blackbelly…no whiskey I'm afraid. Most liquor we carry is rum for the eggnog.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “…Lets back up. You mentioned something about…corpulating with Luca, right? Surely we can figure this out.”

Loksia Grimheart: “Do you . . need a hug?” She offered. She didn't know how to handle angry people.

November Blackwood squinted his eyes momentarily, before nodding in acknowledgement. “What would you recommend for a tired traveller?”

“Besides sleep.”

Mirana Northwind: “A strong drink so your eyes fall shut”

Luna Neaucant: “CORUPULATING!? WHAT EVEN…” She leans in close, a quiet fury now. “Do you mean copulating!? If I find out you are doing things to that girl, then it will be worth excommunication.”

Gair Brandt smiles apologetically. “Depends, you want tea're coffee to kick you back into shape, or somethin' stiff to help you to sleep proper.”

November Blackwood shot a little smirk to the woman that had sat beside him. “How about a coffee a little less.. virgin?”

Tretesta Kerberion leans in close as well, voice deathly serious “Luna. for the third time, *you* started this. *you* said i was doing something with Luca. I tried to deny it.”

Loksia Grimheart: “I think he seems honest if it means anything,” she shrugged and took another sip of her ale.

Loksia Grimheart smiles at you.

Gair Brandt: “That,” Gair lifts a finger. “Can be arranged, drop'a spiced rum will pep it up. I'll get it ground and goin' here.”

“Just a tick, enjoy the uhh…disaster,” Gair looks down the bar.

Tretesta Kerberion: “Thank you! I am a victim in this, simply trying to clear my name and keep my marriage in tact!” Luna Neaucant: “I have started no such vile conversation! It was you who mentioned aught of being a married man and bearing such dirty implications!”

November Blackwood nods again at the bartender. “I appreciate that.” He said with a smile.

Lucian Tayuun sips his tea as he listens to the rather not-calm communications in here. Never a dull moment here.

Loksia Grimheart: “What if we talk of the weather instead, lovely, yes?”

Luna Neaucant is not ignoring Loksia so much as not wanting to speak to a customer while angry. Tret is not a normal customer.

Tretesta Kerberion: “Yet you have offered to suck on me, told me about trying to do things with, and a I quote “Your own sword”, and then said i was corpulating with your ward.”

Gair Brandt goes about the process of SMASHING coffe beans down, between his efforts of brewing the caffienated drink he can be heard laughing loudly from the depths of the kitchen.

Luna Neaucant slams her left hand to her face and her right to the counter. “SUCCOR, I SAID SUCCOR YOU CHOCOBO-BRED HALFWIT, AUGH!”


Loksia Grimheart looked at Luna curiously, “I'm sure there are other fish in the sea.”

“Succor is different from suck and I do think I heard her say 'succor' and not the other . . ”


Gair Brandt: “Se-ven-hells,” Gair utters appreciatively as he walks by with a saucer of coffee, sugar, cream and three shots of spiced rum on the side.

Loksia Grimheart was trying to think of ways to possible calm the woman down, pondering.

Tretesta Kerberion takes another sip of his drink and shrugs “Now now, No need for name calling. I heard what you said. Still not interested.”

Mirana Northwind stops playing to regain her composure

Luna Neaucant hangs her head, muttering in Ishgardian to herself, trying desperately to collect herself once more. She looks up at Tret for a moment and raises a hand for a moment, before dropping it.

Mirana Northwind after getting it down to a slight giggle, she resumes her play

Gair Brandt sets down the small plate of shots and coffee with all of it's potential additives, sure to pep you up and then knock you back down. “There ya go, lemme know if you need a top-off.”

Loksia Grimheart: “Are you . . . better?” She canted her head.

November Blackwood smiled once more at the barman as his drink was brought. “A little loud, is it always like this? he asked in an amused huff, reaching to prepare his coffee as he liked, a man of bitter taste, black, sugar and alcohol was his way. “Or am I just lucky?”

Luna Neaucant: “In what possible realm could such a thing be considered an invitation to procreate!? YOU SUFFER FROM LA DÉMENCE!”

Tretesta Kerberion: “First of all, that's not how children are made. second of all… I think there is a place not too far from here actually.”

Loksia Grimheart was just . . confused and so she took another sip, trying to /fathom/ what was going on.

Gair Brandt: “Depends if the blue one sees fit to…exist,” Gair looks back down the line, eyeing Tretesta. “You'd think Ishgardians would have some measure of…what's the word, decorum?”

Mirana Northwind: Good bartender, do you have a glass of water for me?

November Blackwood: “Some of us do.” November leans forward a little, the crunch of his jacket apparent. “This kind of thing makes me laugh, but I understand how tiring it is to be on the recieving end.”


Loksia Grimheart just decided at that to slip away to the other side of the bar, “Mind if I join you here?”

Gair Brandt: “By all means,” Gair rumbles out a chuckle.

Mirana Northwind looking at Loksia and giving her a slight smile, sure, have a seat

Loksia Grimheart smiles at Gair Brandt.

November Blackwood: “By all means.”

Tretesta Kerberion raises his glass to Gair “As i just finished saying, I don't make assumptions of people anymore. I always end up surprised!” He looks back to Luna, finishes his drink, and sets the glass on the counter. he leaned forward, staring Luna square in the eyes “You cannot get children from a blowjob, Luna.”

Loksia Grimheart moves right into the chair between November and Mirana. “Bit . . quieter here.”

Luna Neaucant practically screams now. “WHAAAAAT!?”


Loksia Grimheart had an idea of shouting something but kept it inside for now.

Gair Brandt: “I might need to get my own ale…” Gair trails over to the taps, his gaze panning back to November. “Oh, I revel in the chaos. I just need a beer to get through it.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “I feel like I'm the only one keeping up with this conversation. Yes. Blowjob. Oral sex. You said “In what world is that” That being succor, mind you, “An invitation for procreation”. Thats not how children are made.”

Mirana Northwind working on the strings of her violin answers “thats what i was hoping, but it would seem the argument keeps heating up”

Loksia Grimheart: “I like chaos when I'm fighting but . . shouting like this not so much.” She took a sip of her own ale.

Lucian Tayuun scoops up his tea and walks over to join the others quietly.

Gair Brandt drops a pile of gil at the base of the taps as he pours himself a pint of a dark stout.

Mirana Northwind: Could i see the menu good Barkeeper?


Gair Brandt: “You can.”

November Blackwood closes his eyes briefly before reaching to take a drink of his mixed coffee, letting out an amused chuckle from time to time.

Gair Brandt slides over a menu toward Mirana that he'd plucked from under the bar.

Tretesta Kerberion looks to the left, then back to Luna “Would you like to take this somewhere more fitting? I'm rather enjoying this conversation, but others are not”

Loksia Grimheart looked over to November, “So . . hello there.” She greeted, trying to start some form of conversation to distract her from the happenings on the other end.

Gair Brandt stretches and takes a step back. “Better get my back checked after tonight…”

Mirana Northwind: Oh wonderful, Masala Chai, i love this stuff, id have one of those please”

Gair Brandt: “Carryin' this whole tavern.”

November Blackwood looked over to Loksia. “Hello, sorry.” He said, apologising for not speaking sooner. “I'm November.”

Gair Brandt: “Chai comin' right up.”

Luna Neaucant pulls herself finally into something that might be called 'angry' but not quite 'apoplectic'. “This conversation is over, you will take another glass of rum and you will enjoy it, and you will speak NO MORE to me of the oral sex.”

Gair Brandt: “Woman, chai me.”

Mirana Northwind “giggeling intesifies

Gair Brandt sets a platter of spicy masala chai down in front of Mirana. “There ya go.”

Mirana Northwind: “you have my thanks good sir”

Loksia Grimheart shook her head, “You're alright. The name's Loksia, a pleasure to meet you November.” She extended her hand in greeting, hoping for a handshake or something of the sort.

Loksia Grimheart smiles at November Blackwood.

Tretesta Kerberion: “I mean, I dont think I could not enjoy another rum. Now, it that just tonight, or?”

Mirana Northwind waves to November Blackwood.

Gair Brandt: “S'cuse me just a tick.”


Tretesta Kerberion: “RIght right. Tonight….. or?”

Luna Neaucant: “AUCUNE!”

November Blackwood reached to take her hand, his fingerless gloves warm, his smile aiming to follow that same warmth, giving her hand a little shake he'd say. “Nice name, haven't heard it before.” He'd pull his hand away and take another sip. “Where are you from?”

Luna Neaucant grabs the bottle of rum, unsealing it and pouring it into Tret's glass.

Loksia Grimheart smiled lightly, “I'd hope my name was unique, and I'm from the Shroud. How about yourself?” She asked back, curious.

Tretesta Kerberion: “Right…So no more talk of… right, and then rum every night. Works for me. I just come by here when I want one, right?”

Luna Neaucant glares. “Do not show up upon mine door step in the veil of night, demanding a glass of rum.”

Gair Brandt: “Ain't that the whole business model of this place?” Gair asks down the line.

Tretesta Kerberion: “But you said you will give me a glass of rum and not to talk about….. any night.”

Luna Neaucant: “Once bi-weekly, not each night.”

Gair Brandt: “You'd sell more rum if you did.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “OH! ok, so… once every other week, no talk about… Ok. Ok. I'm tracking now. I chose…. mondays.”

Luna Neaucant: “And risk folk barging into my home at random? No thank you.”

Mirana Northwind gives Gair a bright smile and politely asks “is there anything thou wouldst recommend me to accompany mine Drink?”

Luna Neaucant just stares. “To think I had intended to perhaps ask you questions serious.”

Gair Brandt: “The Sachetorte,” Gair butchers that word. “Chocolate cake.” He affirms. “Pretty damn good, I take the leftovers home for me nieces.”

November Blackwood took yet another sip, pausing for just a second. “I'm from Ishgard, though you could say I'm more of a traveller these days.” His smile would fade just a little, a calmer more relaxed smile following. “The Shroud, good place to go if you need a breath of fresh air.” He joked, though the man wasn't exactly funny. — Loksia Grimheart nodded, “Mm, fresh air is most certainly present there,” she winked. “It's not at cold as Ishgard either, more green too.”

Mirana Northwind “Sachertorte” Mirana answers in perfect language “sounds lovely, i love chocolate”

Loksia Grimheart: “Mother's Ishgardian so I've spent plenty of time there.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “I mean… I'm pretty sure I have been quite serious this whole time. What were you curious about?”

Luna Neaucant places a hand over her face, collecting herself.

Luna Neaucant: “Tête vide…”

Gair Brandt: “I'll consult the Eikon of sweets.”

Luna Neaucant: “What occured with you and Lucatiel recently?”

Gair Brandt: “Torte me.”

Gair Brandt: “Chocolate cake.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “Occurred? We went on a trip out east with that rabbit, Astra. Has she not told you about it?”

November Blackwood let out a little laugh. “Ishgard is cold indeed, now the weather itself is freezing.” He continued with his poor attempts at humour. “I was born and raised there, not particularly wealthy family but I made my way to Ul'dah with the gil I pulled together.”

Gair Brandt: “There, got your Sack-of-tortoise,” Gair hands over the sachetorte. “Very rich, you'll like it.”

Mirana Northwind hearing the butchered pronounciation, Mirana slightly cringes, but manages to hold her smile

“I thank thee, be assured tis lovely”

Gair Brandt: “Hey, lassy,” Gair lifts his chin to Lavender as he peeks over. “Can I get'cha a menu or anythin'?”

Loksia Grimheart nodded, “Mm. Ul'dah is most certainly warmer I'll say that much.”

Luna Neaucant: “She has been scarce on details. Whenever she mentions who she travelled with and brings up your name, she looks… a bit distant, for the slightest of moments.”

Lucian Tayuun finishes his tea and carefully lays it back on the saucer. His attention turns to the fish tank in front of him– the perfect object to space out to.

November Blackwood: “Warmer, more fighting yet somehow less hostile.” He'd smirk. “Good for a sellsword to find work, that's for sure.”

Lavender Blackwood: “Yes, please,” Lavender replies, staring off in the distance.

Loksia Grimheart nodded, “Most certainly, though the contracts . . many offer there aren't particularly interesting.”

Gair Brandt slides over a menu from beneath the bar toward Lavender. “Got plenty on tap, bottle or from the kitchens.”

Tretesta Kerberion: ”…Hm… Well… We went in as….five? Came out as four. Astra brought along an extra person for muscle. Things happened, he attacked the others, so… I dealt with him.“

Gair Brandt looks sidelong at Luna and explains to Lavender. “If this one calms her britches, she might be able'ta help ya if I ain't present.”

November Blackwood nodded too, agreeing fully. “Very true, but I gained confidence in my abilities, helped me move onto better and more challenging contracts.” He retorted. “What about you, what do you do to pass the time?”

Luna Neaucant takes a moment to process. “Oh dear. She saw you… lay aught low, then. That explains much and more…”

Luna Neaucant: “I am plenty calm now.”

“Bereft of infernal torch held aloft by this…. man.”

Lavender Blackwood takes the menu, looking at it blankly. “I suppose I'd like a Malasa Chai, please.”

Gair Brandt takes a step back and spreads his arms wide for emphasis, in particular to every other customer on his side of the tavern. His look is one of distrust and disbelief.”


Mirana Northwind: oh the chai is lovely, can assure you ^^

Loksia Grimheart smiled, 'I'm a huntress for a living, though I rather like reading and writing to pass time as well. Fighting too.“

Gair Brandt: “I'm fucking magic.”

Luna Neaucant: “Yes, bully for you, look as you claim dominion over the patrons I have served.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “I don't think she saw… what actually happened to him. But yeah… She saw enough and wasn't happy. But you know how it can be when you have to act.”

Luna Neaucant: “Plus some aught more, I suppose.”

Gair Brandt: “A chai for ya?” Gair bobs his head after his moderate tauntings of Luna. “Comin' right up.”

Gair Brandt makes a brief forray into the kitchen before he emerges with a saucer of cinnamon-ey, sweet and hot Masala Chai in hand.

Luna Neaucant: “Indeed. I would not believe you to act in error, much as I may be loathe to admit. Either way, she saw your action. I… must imagine it was quite traumatic for her.”

November Blackwood: “What do you hunt?” He asked with a little grin. “I could never get into hunting, I'm more of a people person when it comes to that, animals are too slippery.”

Gair Brandt slides the saucer toward Lavender. “There ya are.”

Loksia Grimheart: “Oh I hunt a manner of things, people I do hunt too.”

Loksia Grimheart smiles at November Blackwood.

Lavender Blackwood accepts the chai, gratefully. “Thank you,” she says, smiling.

Tretesta Kerberion: “It was a stressful time all in all, really. I feel like… It was far more work than was worth the trip. I've only just recently finished resting to come out here for the night. I haven't had a chance to talk to the others about it yet.”

November Blackwood: “My sort of business then.” He'd smile back. “Do you hunt for the sport or the trade? The animals, anyhow.”

Luna Neaucant: “I.. see. Then I shall keep the rum coming. She did not suffer any sort of injury, did she? I did not notice any, but I know she is quick to conceal worry.”

Loksia Grimheart: “Trade, or just marks that need slaying. Or food even.”

Gair Brandt offers a polite nod toward Lavender, returning the expression with a small smile himself. “From around here, or just movin' through like most?”

Tretesta Kerberion leans back and closes his eyes in thought, then shakes his Head ”…No… No. Rina actually kept her well guarded. Luca was quite useful for patching up the few wounds we took.“

Lavender Blackwood: “Just passing through, I'm afraid,” Lavender replies, smiling wistfully. “To be honest, I don't like staying in one place for too long. Too much to see in the world, you know?”

Luna Neaucant: “Miss A'erina was much her guardian? Interesting. I shall have to thank her whenst next I see her. It warms my heart to hear that she was of use. Likely hers as well.”

November Blackwood would nod once more. “Understandable, more fun way of making gil I suppose, and if anything looks particularly interesting you have your dinner.” November smirked. “Dinner is only interesting when I have company.” He said as he looked over the patrons.

Tretesta Kerberion: “She followed orders well, but certainly got her fill of adventure i think from this little trip. I don't know that she'll want to go on another any time soon. Hopefully she chooses one where the person leading knows what's instore when she does…”

Luna Neaucant: “Miss Astra was unprepared then?” The woman sighs deeply. “I was afraid of such a thing. Would that I could have been there myself.”

Gair Brandt: “Wanderlust's bit me here 'an there, but Thanalan drags me home as it always does,” Gair concedes a nod toward Lavender. “Where'd your last sojourn bring you in from?”

Mirana Northwind: Well, i thanketh thee for the lovely drink and Food, tho i must go to other places now, a Bard whom does not travel is not bard at all”

Gair Brandt: “Fare ya well, missy. Warden's warmth.” Gair bids Mirana.

Mirana Northwind: I thank thee

Mirana Northwind performs an Eastern bow before Gair Brandt.

Mirana Northwind waves to Gair Brandt.

Tretesta Kerberion: “…Luca was really not much on the details then.”

Loksia Grimheart chuckled, “I agree, better with company than alone. Gives you chatter.”

Loksia Grimheart smiles at November Blackwood.

Lavender Blackwood: “Gridania,” Lavender replies. “It's a lovely place, and I stayed there a fair bit longer than most places.” She takes a sip of tea, then looks over to her left, having heard a familiar voice.

Luna Neaucant: “I have asked her for details, but she is quick to turn an explaination into some other subject lest I worry.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “…I have been writing a few things down today, so i wouldn't forget. Lets get together some time, I'll tell you what I can.”

November Blackwood: “Growing up I hated company, after being captive I've grown to enjoy possitive company.” He retorted, finishing off his black coffee with rum, clearly having had enjoyed it.

Gair Brandt: “Pretty nice place, the Twelveswood,” Gair steps back to lean against the barrel.

Luna Neaucant: “Perhaps we shall. It might be a wise idea.”

Loksia Grimheart nodded, “Mm I s-” She then heard a ring in her ear and a voice. She mumbled a few things before looking at November, “Ah, I must be off for now, though take care!”

November Blackwood: “Nice talking to you Loksia, safe travels.”

Gair Brandt looks up to Lucian as he steps to the middle of the tavern. “Oh, you gonna head off?” — November Blackwood smiles at Loksia Grimheart.

Luna Neaucant: “Off already, Sir Lucian?”

Loksia Grimheart smiles at November Blackwood.

Lavender Blackwood moves over to a recently vacated seat next to November Blackwood, and smiles at him. “Fancy seeing you again.”

Lucian Tayuun gives a wave as he heads toward the door, “I need to be off, busy morning ahead. Saved my brother a few nights ago and I've been helping my mother take care of him. Soo that means I am on hunting duty while she occupied.”

Luna Neaucant: “I see. DO take care Sir Lucian, and we shall look forward to your next visit.”

November Blackwood: “Well if it isn't my favourite fluffy tailed Miqo'te.” He'd give her shoulder a little poke.

Gair Brandt: “Fuck,” Gair utters appreciatively. “Well, I'll say a few words to the Spinner for 'im. You take care now, eh? Warden's warmth.”

Lucian Tayuun nods with a smile, “Safe travels to you all. I'll stay longer next time.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “Let me make sure my thoughts are in order. Perhaps I will come by for that middle of the week rum.”

Luna Neaucant: “If it is accompanied by such informations, then by all means.”

Gair Brandt: “Gonna go take a smoke break,” Gair moseys on out behind the bar.

“Hope you're actually enjoyin' yourself, given…”

Lavender Blackwood carefully sets her tea on the bar before she has a chance to drop it. “Hey, November,” she says, smiling cheerfully. “It's been a while since we last saw each other.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “I have quite a bit of information that could be useful, Luna. I just have to be asked. Don't think I have any reason to lie to you just yet.”

November Blackwood: “Don't remind me.” He says, pushing his empty cup aside. “I've missed you.” He adds on quietly, pretending she wasn't supposed to hear it. “I like the suit.”

Luna Neaucant: “Of all the things I pick up from you, I would not consider ill-truths to be among them. Not for anything of true importance. I do not believe Lucatiel to be fond of you otherwise.”

Lavender Blackwood pokes at November playfully. “I'm sure you did, Mr. Blackwood.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “….Wanna try that again? Eorzean is not my first language and I don't think you want me misunderstanding you again tonight.”

November Blackwood: “Don't make me do something you'll regret.” He threatened in the most lighthearted of tones. “You nearly brought me to such last time.” He'd smirk. “I bet you missed me more.”

Luna Neaucant: “I do not believe you to be a liar, not for anything important.”

Tretesta Kerberion: “There we go. Sure. And really? Even for the non-important stuff. I can't quite think of anything I've lied to you about.”

Lavender Blackwood: “I most certainly did,” she said, smiling. Lavender looks at November's empty cup. “What'd you get for yourself?” Lavender was genuinely curious, not knowing much about drinks in general.“

Luna Neaucant looks at Tret, about to answer, but disengages with a staying gestue.

“Good evening, Sir Kinsley. Welcome back. Would you care for a menu?”

November Blackwood: “We'll call it a colourful black coffee.” He retorted with the same charm as he had used on her before. “And a Miqo'te girl, she likes to pretend I haven't, and she hasn't said anything but she keeps coming back at any oppertunity.”

Kingsley Solomon: “I'd appreciate one, if you don't mind.”

Luna Neaucant hands over a menu with only a slight glare.

“Here we are.”

Kingsley Solomon only stares back with a blank expression, shaking his head slightly as he looks over the menu. ”…An ale for now will do. Not exactly craving food at the current moment.“

Lavender Blackwood lets out a soft chuckle. “You do have that sort of charm. That, or something's wrong with me.” Lavender smiles at him.

Luna Neaucant: “Very well. Pray lend me a moment.”

Luna Neaucant grabs a tankard and pours.

November Blackwood: “Well there's only one solution to this problem, believe me, I'm a certified medical professional.”

Lavender Blackwood laughs. “I'm not sure whether to question whether you really are, or ask what this solution might be.”

Luna Neaucant places a tankard of ale in front of Kingsley.

Tretesta Kerberion: “erf, Luna? I'm off. The night is late, and I'm looking forward to another in my own bed, since yours is off limits. You have a good night, and we'll get together soon enough.” he raised a hand to all in attendence and headed for the door.

Luna Neaucant: “Do take care Sir Tretesta.”

Kingsley Solomon quietly took hold of the tankard, staring at the contents for a brief moment before looking back up at Luna. “My thanks.”

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