Hearth Garlean Old Potions Family Heroes - 06/20/21

R'lamiza: Evenin' Welcome ta the Hearth.

Blue smiled brightly as she came in with the lil'qote in tow behind her. “Ah, Lami! You look like a ho-stess!” She clapped her hands together with delight before before she looked behind herself with a smile. “Go on, lil one. Don't get into too much trouble!” The kit peered warily at each living person before dashing up the stairs where it was safe.

R'lamiza quickly quickly tried to slap Blue across the face. Lightly. But still. With intent.

Random! You roll a 930.

Random! R'lamiza rolls a 175.

Luna: “Would you care for a menu?”

Raven Wolfsong: “hello there lads and lasses, i would like your strongest drink, i need to feel alive!”

Luna: “A strong drink? I shall defer to Sir Tretesta here, then.”

Blue sidesteps away from the slap with a giggle and a laugh, twirling around and putting her hands on her hips. “It was a compliment!”

R'lamiza: Bullshite it was.

Raven Wolfsong: “sounds good! please do”

Blue: “You know I was much more innocent before we went East. I think you rubbed me off!”

R'lamiza: . . .

Tretesta blinks, then brightens up. “Well then! We don't normally do hard drinks… But I think i can find something that will set a fire in you….” He heads to the back icebox and rummages about for a bit.

Raven Wolfsong: “it seems a bit lively here”

R'lamiza just stared at Blue.“No. First off..No…Just…no…I…I…No. Ya don't have one of those and even if ya did. Yer taken.”

Tretesta looks back over his shoulder with a jar in hand “I'm sorry she WHAT now, lovely? I thought you said nothing happened on that trip…”

Luna: “Were I but a few years younger, I believe I would carry umbrage with your proclivity to stash drinks in my bar.”

“Indeed it is. These staff will keep me young, whether I like it or not.”

Raven Wolfsong: “haha! cant argue with that!”

R'lamiza: Nuthin' Happened. Fuckin' shite Blue.

Blue blinked and stared between Lami and Tret. “No, nothing happened. But something rubbed…hum. I don't know.”

Luna scratches the side of her head with a sigh. “I swear upon the fury…”

R'lamiza: Do ya mean rubbed off, ON ya. Like me fuckin' mouth?

Blue: “Oh, THAT sounds right!”

R'lamiza: No rubbin' ya off. Er rubbin' at all actually. Keep that nonsense outta 'ere.

Luna: “Miss R'lamiza, please!”

R'lamiza: Sorry! But I can't have 'er sayin' I da that kinda shite! Tret let alone Lhei hear's 'er talkin' that talk!

Luna groans.

“I do apologize, Sir. It is not usually such… banal dialogue slung around here.”

Tretesta closes the icebox with a bump of his hip and returns to the counter with a jar of red liquid and a glass. he'd unscrew the jartop and pour a measure of cherry colored liquid into the cup. It made a small splash when something plopped in with the liquid. Tret passed the colorful drink to the Fuzzy Man with a nod “Here we are. Millioncorn liquor, made by myself in the deep Shroud. Keeping rolanberries in this jar. Believe its about…Three quarters-ish pure?”

Raven Wolfsong: “much thanks, mr tretesta”

Blue giggled and winked playfully at Lami. “Okay, I'll not bring up the rubbings! May Lhei give you lots!”

Raven Wolfsong: “OH! that's the stuff! hits the spot!”

Tretesta bows

Luna glances from the liquor to Tret with a lifted brow. “Dare I even perchance an ask?”

R'lamiza sighed rubbing her forehead.“S-Sure. ANYWAYS….Ummm…Right.” She said turning a shade of pink.“ I THINK I SPOT SUM DUST.”

Tretesta: “….Sure! ask away!”

Luna: “Where.”

R'lamiza: Oh. Welcome, A'erina.

Tretesta: “…..Right here, next to you.”

R'lamiza: And welcome ta ya as well, Lad. Please take a seat, And I'll be right with ya!

Luna: “No, from where.”

Raven Wolfsong: “youngsters have it rough”

Clow'li Isonash nods at R'lamiza.

Blue: “Hiya Rina!”

A'erina: “ Evenin'.”

Tretesta: “From where? Well, I was out in the Lavender beds earlier today… stopped by Costa for a while…. Yadda yadda… here.”

Luna: “No, do not try to escape judgment with a 'yadda'.”

Raven Wolfsong: “evening lass”

Blue tilts her head curiously at Rina. “Did you cut the hair? It looks nice!”

Tretesta: “Then you must be much more specific about what you wish to know, Boss.”

Luna: “Where did you acquire such a potent brew.”

A'erina: “ Somethin' like that.”

R'lamiza: Looks…Different.

“Suppose it suits ya.”

Tretesta: “….I made it? i thought I said that already.”

Raven Wolfsong: “Mr tretesta! hit me with another drink!”

Luna rubs her temple. “Did you? I do apologize, my memory has been hazy since I came back from Paglth'an.”

A'erina: “ Got scolded by my mum, told me that the white in my hair needed to go. Don't know the first thing about cutting it, so just asked a friend to sort it. ”

Tretesta swipes the glass and gives a refill, complete with two half rolanberries in the serving this time. Then right back over to Mr. Fuzzums!

Blue: “Awwh, It's super cute! And the braid too!”

“And the hair color matches the fuzzy ears!”

Tretesta: “…Luna, I *literally* just told our lovely customer here that I made it in the Shroud. Do you need a lay down?”

A'erina: “It'll grow back, an I'll just put the white back when she's done nagging.”

R'lamiza returned with a menu in hand.“Welcome again. Names R'lamiza, And I'll be takin' care of ya this evenin'.” She'd extend a menu with a polite smile. https://hearthhome.carrd.co/ “PLease take yer time lookin' it over.”

Luna sighs. “No it is quite alright. I suppose my wartime injuries run deeper than anticipated.”

A'erina: “…This is my natural colour, why would it be a different colour? ”

Tretesta shakes his head pityingly to Raven “We do our best to support our war wounded. its a great back to work program we have.”

Raven Wolfsong: *looks around the place* “I like this place, reminds me of the harsh winters of ishgard”

Clow'li Isonash stares at R'lamiza, taking the sliver of paper she hands to him. “R'lamiza. From ishgard?” he asks a little stiffly.

Raven Wolfsong: “hunting there was a treat…”

R'lamiza: No. I'm from Limsa. The lady that runs the place is from Ishgard.

Blue: “Oh? …Yeah, you're right. I hope your whites grow back in though!”

Clow'li Isonash nods to R'lamiza.

A'erina: “I've got a plethora of shit to use if it doesn't. ”

Luna: “What? This is my establishment, do not discount me for some wound-addled veteran.”

Tretesta: “Funny you should say that! It's Exactly the feeling we were after here! Decor, cuisine, the tall pale temple night here next to me. All of it authentically Ishgardian! In fact, i stole that stool you're sitting on out of the forgotten Knight!”

A'erina: “Gotta keep the old lady happy for a bit.”

Luna: “Full glad am I to hear it reminds you of Ishgard. That is much and more what I intend.”

Blue calls over, “You still have an eye patch, you are not addled?”

Clow'li Isonash: “I see. “He looks over the menu, landing on the meatiest thing pictured. “This,” he points to the steak. “Very much.”

Raven Wolfsong bursts out laughing.

Luna: “I would refer to one suffering from more mental afflictions as addled.”

Blue: “Welcome to the Hearth from Home!”

R'lamiza nodded.”I see…And anythin' ta drink?” Writing down the Loaghtan Steak.

Fafachu Fachu looks the Xaela up and down, a grin forming.

“Ain't you a… blue one.”

Raven Wolfsong: “i should get back there and hunts once more for goold old times sakes”

Luna glares at Tret. “If I find that you genuinely stole a seat from the Forgotten Knight, I will throw you into Witchdrop myself.”

Blue smiles brightly at the lalafell and offers a pleasant wave before looking down at herself curiously. “Yes! I am pretty Blue! Feel free to take a seat anywhere you like and I'll bring a menu!”

Tretesta laughs along with raven “ahhhhhahahaa! Ahhh yes yes…. I mean… No… I would *never* steal from the wonderful people of Ishgard….Ahem… yes, and please don't look under the seat…”

Clow'li Isonash glances back down at the menu, promptly returning it to R'lamiza. “Water, please.”

Luna glares.

Raven Wolfsong: *smirks* “hehe”

Fafachu Fachu: “I'll go and do just that, Miss Blue Waitress!”

Luna: “Good evening, Miss A'erina. Welcome back. I see you have had a hair cut, it is quite fetching for you.”

R'lamiza nodded. “I will be right back with yer order then.”

Clow'li Isonash nods to R'lamiza.

A'erina: “ I didn't steal any chairs either.”

Luna: “Pardon? I did not accuse you of thievery.”

Luna lifts a brow /again/.

A'erina: “ Just clearing that up.”

Tretesta slips over a bit closer to Raver, eyeing Luna suspiciously and lowering his voice “…There's a pretty good reason there aren't any chairs down at the Knight. Look yourself, next time you're that way….”

A'erina: “ I may have found some things in Ishgard but chairs were not on the list.”

A'erina: “…And yes, a quick trim, nothin' more. ”

Blue waited until Fafachu had taking a seat before skipping on over and handing him a menu with a bright grin. (https://hearthhome.carrd.co/) “Here you are! Please take your time choosing, we've got a lot of tasty things to eat and drink!”

Fafachu Fachu: “Thank ya!”

R'lamiza went downstairs to fetch the steak. Whislting to herself she'd finish up and return upstairs.

Raven Wolfsong: “you know they would come for you if they know that right?” *wishpering*

Fafachu Fachu flips through the menu, whistling a little tune.

Luna: “Well it is a welcome change. It gives you a prettier appearance, perhaps drawing attention away from your ever-present scowl.”

R'lamiza raised a brow.“Lad, Where would ya like me ta set this down?”

A'erina: “I'll take your word for it. ”

Blue gives them a little bit of time to decide, deciding to pull a Lami and begin sweeping up in the center of the room.

Tretesta: “They would? Hell, I wasn't kidding about the temple knight thing. She's fresh off the frontlines out at that mess in the desert. She'll have my head and several other bits if she thought I was doing things like that.”

Luna: “Would you care for a drink, perhaps some food? Need I fetch Sir Tretesta for his liquors?”

Fafachu Fachu: “Feel like I could eat an aldgoat…”

A'erina: “ Ah, you know me too well. ”

Clow'li Isonash has been picking apart the room with his eyes for the while that R'lamiza had gone to prepare his order. He turns to her upon her return, not seeming to understand the question. “Me,” he points, looking expectantly at the dish. “I will hold it.”

R'lamiza raised a brow.“Alright…“She handed him the plate.”And the glass fer water? Ya want ta 'old that as well?”

Luna: “Sir Tretesta, when you have a moment and are not looking over your shoulder for the Inquisition, Miss A'erina could use some of your expertise.”

A'erina: “ But no, I'll just have something norm-”

“ Oh.”

Fafachu Fachu: “Oi! Blue… lady! I picked something!”

Raven Wolfsong: “lets hope i dont get a bounty with your name on it, mr tretesta” *bursting in laughter*

Raven Wolfsong bursts out laughing.

Luna: “Oh, did you actually wish for a softer drink?”

Clow'li Isonash eyes the glass, and gives a confident nod. “Yes,” eagerly taking the place into a hand.

Blue 's earfins flick at her patron's words, and she calls out merrily enough. “Oh, okay!” She twirls around and makes her way over to them again. “Ah, what would you like? Also, you can call me Blue!”

Tretesta clears his throat and stands up straight “Ah! Bounties… No no, can't have that! but duty calls! Enjoy that!”

Clow'li Isonash: That made me crack up a little too hard )

Tretesta: “Evening Rina! What are we having? Something special of mine, or are we still drying out?”

R'lamiza just shrugged and did as he asked.“Well, Let me know if ya need…anythin' else….

R'lamiza: xD))

A'erina: ” Yeah, something like that will do fine.“

Fafachu Fachu pokes the menu firmly enough to nearly knock it out of her own hands. “The steak! Just barely cooked, if ya trust your cook.”

Luna: “Very well, perhaps a tea for now.”

Clow'li Isonash nodded in earnest to the other mi'qote, turning promptly to look at the picture. “See?” he nods to the frame. “My home.”

Fafachu Fachu: “Descriptive name, huh.”

Raven Wolfsong: “miss luna, is it alright for me to explore this bar?”

A'erina: ” Drying out? Is that what we're callin' it? “

Raven Wolfsong: “im really interested”

R'lamiza looked up at it.”Aye…And sumthin' brought ya down 'ere I asume?“

Raven Wolfsong stretches.

Tretesta shrugs and watches Luna wander off, then turns back “Some might. Nothing wrong with it either.” He looks back to raven and waves “Feel free to look about on this floor. upstairs is off limits, downstairs is the kitchen, Friend!”

Clow'li Isonash nodded. “To help family. ” He looks her over for a moment. “You from Limsa. Family there?”

Raven Wolfsong: “fine arts…”

Luna: “By all means, but as Sir Tretesta says upstairs is quite off-limits. I will be rather cross if I hear my young ward screaming in shock.”

R'lamiza: Not exactly…Sorta ended up 'ere a lon' time ago. Families mostly spread out all over Vylbrand.

Blue giggled and nodded, clapping her hands together with delight. “The steak is our special, I'll make sure it's still almost alive!” She took the menu from Fafachu and nodded, tail wagging happily behind her. “And yes! It's quite easy to remember. I wonder why…” She teased playfully with a wink. “And did you want anything to drink?”

A'erina: ” It's just me tryin' to be a bit more presonsible, that's all. “

Raven Wolfsong: “i gotcha miss”

Luna sets down the cup of tea in front of A'erina gently. “Here we are, fresh tea.”

Clow'li Isonash: It was obvious by the furrow of his brow he'd had no understanding of this “vylbrand”, but he hoped handing her a small pouch of gil would suffice. “For the food.”

Raven Wolfsong's eyes grow wide with awe.

R'lamiza nodded.”Thank ya.“ She slipped it into a pouch on her hip.”But yes. I spent most of me formative years in Limsa. So safe ta say I'm from there.“

A'erina grabs the pot of sugar and pours way too much of it into the cup, stirring it. ”

Tretesta: “That's wonderful, Rina. I can't fault you for that at all. Good to be in control of ones self. Keep at it, I'd certainly support it however i can.”

Luna: “I would wager you are not from Ishgard?”

Raven Wolfsong: “no miss, i only had work there”

Luna: “I see. Where do you hail from, then?”

Fafachu Fachu: “Somethin' to drink?”

Raven Wolfsong: “garlemald”

Fafachu Fachu: “The icewine, if ya have any.”

Clow'li Isonash: “Yes.” he nods, perching his glass of water somewhere on his plate. He seemed to work around it, using one hand to hold the steak and the other to cut into it skillfully with a fork. “Your accent, much differnt from mine.”

Luna furrows her brow. “Is that so… You hail from… Garlemald.”

Raven Wolfsong: “however im no longer welcomed there”

Luna: “Why is that?”

A'erina would continue stirring it. “'Bout a moon ago, F'loki asked me if I wanted a family, Didn't really think about an answer and I just said yes. But then I promised if that were the case, I'd stop drinking, stop fighting and pretty much anything else that would make me look like a bad parent. So that's kinda why I'm doing it, because I don't want to be like that.”

R'lamiza nodded.“Yup. Sumthin' of the tolken Limsan Accent. Since ya know. City of Pirates as it's want ta be called.”

Blue nodded and gave them a happy curtsy. “I'll see what I can do!” She twirled around and called over to Tret, “One tasty half-dead steak and some icewine!”

Clow'li Isonash stuffs a bit of the steak in his mouth, not taking his eyes off the waitress. “And, are you pirate as well?”

Raven Wolfsong: “a long story that rather bring bad thoughts but im wanted criminal there now. I used to be a solider there”

Tretesta: “Really now? That's quite wonderful to hear, Rina. Hold that thought though?”

Luna: “You used to be an imperial soldier then? Am I hearing that correctly?”

R'lamiza shook her head.“Nah. I da 'ave a few ships…I werk 'ere as a sorta break from me real job. But I da tradewerk. Far more proftiable and less likely ta get a target on me back then outright Piracy. Though I will raid Garlean ships if I happen 'cross em at the right time.”

Raven Wolfsong: *looked with serious face* “that is correct”

Luna grits her teeth for a moment. “I see. But you are not one currently, may I ask why that is?”

Blue: “Hey Rina, how has your potion sauce been doing?”

A'erina pulls out yet another testing jar, putting it on the counter. “ Wanna try it? I think I've almost got it, Tret tested it for me last time and it seems to be going well, it has flavour now.”

Clow'li Isonash chewed in contemplative silence, struggling internally to keep up with this woman's accent. He nodded, out of courtesy at least, and took a drink of water. “Raid? Quite brave of you.”

Lhei waves to you.


Blue waved back happily. “Hiya and Welcome Lhei!”

Tretesta emerges from the downstairs kitchen with a loaded tray of deliciousness! A bottle of wine and empty glass to one side, and a well seared steak with some roasted greens to the other. He set the tray down and then laid out a place for the Lalafel, pouring a glass of the icewine afterwards “Here we are! Walked the beast by the stove just to scare it, take a look and make sure its almost not cooked to your liking?”

Raven Wolfsong: *sensing a bit of danger raven started to be on alert* “i was a leader of sqaud 56 we were leading an assult on rebels near the the empire”

Lhei: “Thanks! Blue that dress of yours is just… beyond pretty, I have to say.

Blue: “And Rina, flavor? What's it supposed to taste like? I'll give it a try, sure!”

R'lamiza shook her head.”Nah. Me ships fairly well equiped. Least ta deal with their sorta tech.“

Lhei plops herself down onto a stool with a huff, brushing a bit of sweat off her forehead. “How've things been?”

Luna: “Ah, yes, 'rebels'. That does not answer my question however. Do you still side with Garlemald?”

R'lamiza: Though I also invested a heafty sum inta 'er offesnive and defensive capabilities.

A'erina: ” This one is supposed to taste like La Noscean Orange.“

Lhei: “How is the child? Tell me -all- of the things.”

Raven Wolfsong: “however we were betrayed by the higher ups, they left us to die in the enemy lines”

Luna is starting to raise her voice by now.

Blue beamed brightly at the compliment, repressing the urge to do a little happily skip hop. “Thank you! Tret wants to dress all ishgard-like, so I thought maybe I should dress fancy too.”

Lhei flashes a look of concern Luna's way, frowning some. “Huhm…”

Luna: “Corruption dans toute la colonne vertébrale… ”

Raven Wolfsong: “my men, my friends, i lost all of them”

Clow'li Isonash: “And, do you have clan? For your ship.”

Luna rambles in Ishgardian.

R'lamiza: Aye. I have a crew.

Lhei: “Well, it's a lovely dress! May I ask, uh. What made Tret have the itch to dress in such a way?”

Clow'li Isonash he blinks. “Crew? Explain this. Clan is crew?”

Blue: “Hmm…I like oranges….”

Luna: “That is… a tragedy certainly. One worth expressing regret over.”

R'lamiza: Yes. Crew werks the ship. So it's sorta like a clan but not at the same time. They can come and leave as they go. Always takin' on new blood and the like.

Luna does not sound entirely like she agrees with her own words.

Lhei glances at A'erina then. Smiling faintly, she offers her a small wave. “Apologies for uh, interrupting anything by the way. Also, hello Rina.”

Blue does a little scoot closer to the jar and takes a sniff.

A'erina: ” All good. I'm just enjoying this cup of sugar… Tea rather and seein' if my mix is any better. It's been goin' well enough. “

Blue takes the jar after a moment, opening it up with decidedly more care than calling Lami a Ho-stess, and dips her finger in to have a taste.

Clow'li Isonash: ”… H'oh, I see.“ The mi'qote said this slowly, having gotten a little more than half way through his steak. “That is impressive.”

Lhei: “Oh, what sort've tea do you have, hmmmm?”

Random! You roll a 43.

Lhei leans up and out of her stool a little to try and see what was in Rina's tea cup.

A'erina: ” I put too much sugar in. “

R'lamiza: I mean…I da what I can. But thank ya. I da enjoy it. Livin' out on the open sea's is it own reward.

Tretesta emerges from the downstairs kitchen with a loaded tray of deliciousness! A bottle of wine and empty glass to one side, and a well seared steak with some roasted greens to the other. He set the tray down and then laid out a place for the Lalafel, pouring a glass of the icewine afterwards “Here we are! Walked the beast by the stove just to scare it, take a look and make sure its almost not cooked to your liking?”

Lhei stares blankly at Rina as she plops herself back down on her stool. “I. I know that. I'm asking what SORT of teaaa you have.” Her right ear flicking once.

Fafachu Fachu gazes down at the pile of barely-cooked meat in front of her.

Blue felt her tastebuds begin to burn not long after taking a taste of the test potion. The Xaela sputtered, shook her head madly and ran off for the upstairs washroom without another word.

A'erina: ” Fuck knows, It's non-alcoholic so it's lost on me. “

Fafachu Fachu: “Hah! Looks just right, sir!”

A'erina: ” Oh for fuck's sake.“ — Tretesta: “Excellent! Please do enjoy. Someone will be back around a bit later to check on you.”

Clow'li Isonash: By the time R'lamiza finishes her sentence, he's just finished off the remainder of his dish. What remained was simply the untensils, a napkin and the empty glass of water he'd kept on the side. He looked quizzically at the plate, then about the room as if unsure what to do next. “To wash this? Where?”

Fafachu Fachu gives a little two-fingered wave.

A'erina picks up the jar and looks at it. ” Oh whoops, that was an older one.“

Raven Wolfsong: (you saying how tragic it is)

Tretesta wanders over towards the counter and places a heavy hand on Raven's shoulder, looking between him and Luna ”…How about we ease off the war stories… We're all here, being peaceful, not causing problems. Having drinks and enjoying *neutral grounds*, neh? All is friendly tonight…“

R'lamiza extended her hand.”I'll take care of that…Seems ya used ta this sorta style of eatin'.“

Lhei blank look twisted into one of confusion as she watched Blue scurry off suddenly. Peering down at what was tasted, she can't help but grimace. “Huhm. Are you uh, making Blue sample so teas you make? Potions? That sort've thing, then?”

Blue: “I'm sorry Luca, I swear! I'll clean! It's okay!”

Raven Wolfsong: *slowly close his eyes* “betrayed by my country and branded as criminal and an outcast” * raven open his eyes with a visible anger* “how ironic….”

Luna is about to speak as a shriek comes from upstairs as Lucatiel is disturbed by a sudden BLue invasion. “OH GOSH BLUE WHAT OH GOSH ARE YOU OKAY!?”

Fafachu Fachu carefully slices into the rare steak, gleefully taking a bite.

A'erina: ” Just somethin' I've been dabblin' with the past moon or so. Trying to make a potion that you can /kinda/ eat, so it's supposed to have flavour, and like, use it like a marinade.“

” Request from my boyfriend, and I'm stupid enough to keep tryin' “

Fafachu Fachu leans back in her chair and takes a long sip of her wine. She looks over at the bar.

Luna glares at Tret. “I… shall check on what has occured upstairs…”

Clow'li Isonash steps closer to hand her the plate. “Yes. To use this,” He points to the kitchenware, “Strange. And cluttered. But, we must respect others traditions.”

A'erina watches Luna go upstairs. ” Oh no…“

Lhei 's brows furrow a little as the idea left her scratching her cheek in thought. “An… edible potion? So do you just, eat the contents of the potion. Do you eat the whole potion, bottle and all?”

Raven Wolfsong: “mr tret…. a drink..a strong one..”

Blue: “Uhm, sorry Luna! It was icky…”

R'lamiza raised a brow.”I see…That does explain…'lot…Ya from a proper clan?“

Luna: “Miss Blue is… Oh. Are you…” The woman is cut off by the sounds of a cheerful girl. “LUNA WHAT IS HAPPENEING BLUE IS SICK AND IT'S REALLY GROSS!”

Lhei: “I'm just a little unsure on what the purpose of this is, not to uhm, BE RUDE. I'm not an alchemist so I don't know too much about elixers and such.”

R'lamiza took the plate and cup with a small nod. Though she didn't depart.

A'erina: ” No not the bottle. just the contents. The potion part, I can handle, Best bloody alchemist you've ever seen. But food? Not my specialty so this is way out of my league. “

Luna: “Ah… Perhaps… Miss Blue, are you quite alright now?”

R'lamiza looked upstairs and just…sighed

Blue stares at Luca before couching weakly. “I just needed water…I'm fine, promise!” She kicks a well-used mop behind her.

Clow'li Isonash blinks, and follows her gaze to eye above them as well. “Are you fine?”

Lhei nod-nods, crossing her arms and pressing them against her stomach. “Hmmm, okay. Are you trying to get, say… a particular flavor for this potion, or?…”

R'lamiza nodded.”Aye…Just…Always sumthin' new 'round 'ere is all.“

Tretesta: “Doesn't get much stronger in this building than what you've been drinking. A wise word… Maybe don't open with certain past alliances. Only caught some pieces of what you were saying, but its a pretty sore subject across most of this area…”

Luna: “I see… If you would be so kind as to vacate the bathroom, Lucatiel is… clearly uncomfortable.” The young girl's voice rings out again. “BLUE GET OUT LUNA GET OUT IM TRYING TO TAKE A BATH!”

Tretesta crouches behind the bare to fetch his jar again and pours a third helping for the troubled man, pushing the glass forward “Recommend bending the truth a little…”

Fafachu Fachu looks up at the stairs.

Lhei 's right ear flicks as she can't help but cast a concerned look up and over to the stairs to her right. Sighing, she shakes her head a little, turning her attention back to A'erina then.

Raven Wolfsong: “its okay…if they want my head they will come for me anyway…”

A'erina: “Not really, just throwing certain things into it to see what sticks. Mint, Orange, that kinda thing.”

Blue nodded somewhat-less-happily, rubbing at her head as she waved to the bathing Luca and went out of the bathroom, soon sluggishly skipping down the stairs.

Lhei: “Ah, alrighty! Is it as simple as, say, throw the thing you want the potion to taste like into the mix and that's that?”

Luna: “Lucatiel, are you alright?”

A'erina: “Nah, there's a whole process involved. ”

Lhei: “I'd imagine it's a tat more complex than that, but. T - That's what I figured.”

Luna pauses for a moment as the girl responds. “ILL BE OKAY PLEASE GET OUT.”

Tretesta: “Believe it's less about *they* wanting your head… and more about closer danger. Can think of a few in grabbing distance that wouldn't care much former or current. Sins do carry weight, friend.”

Fafachu Fachu continues to chow down on their steak.

Clow'li Isonash reaches an understanding, as he'd been aware of the commotion nearby for quite some time. “Is interesting place. But you stay. Even if it's strange.” he nods sagely, as if impressed by his own observation.

A'erina: “Which is why I've been having a bit of a rough time with it.”

Luna sighs.

Fafachu Fachu: “Hey! This steak is great!”

Blue: “Rina…….it's…..not good…”

A'erina: ” Although this one was an older make, the one I had Tret try for me the other week was pretty good.“

Fafachu Fachu: “So's the wine!”

Blue seemed pained to even say it.

Raven Wolfsong: “tch….i hate how true it is…”

A'erina nods. ” Yeah, this wasn't far off the one I gave you before.“

R'lamiza chuckled abit.”But, It is why I werk 'ere. It's…far more relaxin' then me normal werk environment. I'm not the boss 'ere. So I get ta just…werk. And enjoy meself most the time.“

Tretesta raises his voice and throws a hand up towards Fafachu “Excellent! Glad to hear its right where you want it!”

A'erina: ” I keep forgetting to get rid of them. “

Lhei: “Oh? Which one did Tret try? I may have to give that one a try if you're having people sample these potions of yours.”

Clow'li Isonash nods to R'lamiza.

A'erina: “Tret! What did it taste like when you said it was pretty good? ”

Blue almost felt like retching again, but replaced her retching face with a struggling happy face and a shrug of her shoulders. “Ah, it's okay! I'm gonna go check on my customer.”

Luna groans. “I am going to clean the kitchen.”

Tretesta: “Ahhhh… Believe that was a mint night.”

A'erina snaps her fingers. ” Mint. That was it. “

Blue: “How are you doing? Is the steak goods?”

Fafachu Fachu: “Hey there!”

“It sure is!”

Lhei eyes light up at the mentioning of mint. “Ooooh! I am a big mint fan!”

Fafachu Fachu leans back, swirling the glass of wine. “Good stuff, good chef.”

A'erina: ” I'd say if you put it on Karakul meat? Would probably go well together.“

Fafachu Fachu: “Need me energy, ya see.”

Raven Wolfsong shrugs at Tretesta.

Clow'li Isonash: “Then, this is good.” He doesn't quite know how to properly express his support for the other mi'qote's happiness, so instead, he gives her a series of nods. “For now, I 'away' from here.” He moves to bow to show his thanks.

A'erina: “Plus, it's essentially a potion so you'd also get the healing from it.”

Raven Wolfsong: “so it seems”

Tretesta back around to Raven again, voice lowered “True indeed. I've got nothing to say about what you did or didn't do, good or bad. But you won't have to worry about your old bosses as much as you will the locals, if you talk much about what you've done and who you were part of… Keep it low profile.”

Lhei: “I'll have to buy a bottle from you, then. I like to experiment when I have the time to actually cook something, so.”

Blue: “I'm glad! We haven't had any complaints of the steak yet!” She grinned at their following words and nodded. “Ah the chef for your steak was Tret, my mate, he's pretty good at cooking!”

“And energy is important!”

A'erina: ” So, healing meat?“

“Gods, that sounds stupid. ”

Lhei: “Would maybe also help me withhhh… all the burns I constantly have on my arms.”

Clow'li Isonash bows courteously to R'lamiza.

Lhei: “Yeah? Well, I -did- say I like to experiment, stupid or not.”

R'lamiza nodded.”Aye. Well then, Take care of yerself, Ya? And please come back sumtime. If it suits ya.“

Fafachu Fachu: “Aye? He in the kitchen, or is that dashing man behind the bar?”

Fafachu Fachu laughs, taking another drink of wine.

Clow'li Isonash nodded. “Yes. Take care, R'lamiza of 'the crew'”

R'lamiza: Aye.

A'erina: “That's the bonus of knowin' an Alchemist like me. This thing, I've been testing it internally and externally. Cures most simple things.”

Raven Wolfsong: *smile at tret* “appreciate the advice Mr tret” *put the glasss on* “now lets drink until im wasted!”

Raven Wolfsong smiles at Tretesta.

Blue looked over her shoulder and waves at Tret with a grin. “Yep, that's him!”

Lhei: “Well, I would be more than willing to nab a potion or two from you. If you're selling, of course?”

R'lamiza takes the dishes downstairs. Washing them up. And turning to head back upstairs.

Tretesta: “good lad. Easy on that stuff though. Like i said… Its legit.”

Raven Wolfsong stretches.

Fafachu Fachu snickers, not quietly at all. “Quite a catch, Miss Blue!”

Fafachu Fachu: “I ain't got time for any of that, ya know? Way, way too busy training.”

R'lamiza saw Lhei, And grinned mischeviously. Sneaking up behind her she'd try to sneak up behind her and give her a bear hug around the shoulders.”Well, Look who snuck in 'ere?“

A'erina: ” Always am, I don't own any store or stall, I only sell stuff on request.“

Raven Wolfsong stretches.

Blue is all smiles and tail wags as she nodded. “We've been together for 8- oh, is it 9 years now? Do you have a catch?”

Lhei 's ears twitch as she gets the feeling someone was standing behind her. Without looking, she reaches behind her, making a clumsy attempt at booping Lami on the nose; but she was faster! Grinning a toothy grin, she looks up at Lami. “Sneak? Tbffft, I just waltzed right innn.”

Blue: “Oooh, Training? For what?”

R'lamiza released her from her bearhug with a giggle.”Sure. Least I was occupied. So I'll let ya get away with it.“

Lhei glances briefly at Rina, nodding. “I'll buy some for sure. Uhm, let me know the price and I'll send you the gil.”

Fafachu Fachu placed the glass back on the table, and looked to Blue as if she'd asked the ten million gil question.

Lhei: “Ahhh, you -let- me get away with it, huh?”

A'erina drinks her cup of sugar and nods at Lhei.

Tretesta: “Rina? Doing alright with your tea? Get you some more? something else?”

Lhei looks back and up at Lami, squinting at her and pursing her lips. “Hmmmmm…”

A'erina: “What meat we got?”

R'lamiza: Oh of course. I da sneakin' 'bout…er used ta fer a livin'.”

Fafachu Fachu pointed a thumb at her chest, face all grins. “I, Miss Blue, am gonna be a great hero someday!”

Tretesta: “Meat? Well, We've still got a few nice cuts of the steak. Believe thats the only bit available that's not personal food things.”

Raven Wolfsong stretches.

Lhei 's right ear lifts, as if she were struggling to hear what Lami was saying. “What's that? I… I didn't catch that.” She replies earnestly. Totally not lying, nope.

A'erina: “ That'll do. ”

Tretesta: “Sure sure, how would you like it cooked?”

A'erina: “Something your dumb brother wants me to make. ”

R'lamiza: Ah.

“Then I am…not gonna ask. Cause he does make stupid requests I'm sure.”

Fafachu Fachu did a swift punching motion with her fists. Awkwardly, as she was still seated.

“Like this!”

Lhei snorts, smiling warmly up at Lami and shaking her head some.

Raven Wolfsong: “alright miss luna, thanks for the drinks i got a job to take care of”

Luna: “Is aught amiss, Sir Garlean?”

“Very well. Thank you for your patronage. Do take care.”

A'erina: “He has some reasonable requests too.”

Raven Wolfsong: “like wise”

Raven Wolfsong bids farewell to Luna.

R'lamiza snatched at Lhei abit. Her ear wiggling abit at Luna's adressing of the Hrothgar. But she said nothing as he was leaving.

“Was that a fuckin' Garlean?”

Luna mock-spits at the door. “Abomination dégoûtante de l'humanité.”

Blue tapped her cheek thoughtfully before smiling brightly at the fearsome display and clapping her hands with delight. “I see! Have you tried going to the Grindstone sometime? That's where I test my skills sometimes against a buncha opponents!”

Luna nods at Lami, fury in her eyes.

Lhei glances curiously at the door, and then to Luna. “Judging by that response, I would wager yes…”

A'erina: “You really need to stop them kinda people comin' in. Bunch of shit-stains. ”

R'lamiza: Is there a reason we didn't take em out?

“Cause I'll go take care of it.”

Luna: “I would not cause unnessecary chaos inside mine home, lest Lucatiel become injured.”

Fafachu Fachu remained grinning heroically, but began to falter. “…Nope!”

R'lamiza: . . .

Tretesta returns to the counter wwith a loaded tray. For the blacksmith, he places a hot steaming cup of chocolate with a handful of marshmallows floating on top. For the master alchemist, a well seared stead with a side of roasted greens. “Here we are ladies. Chocolate and a cut of meat that i threatened to cook. Please do enjoy”

A'erina: “ So you're sayin' me an' Lami could have taken it outside?”

Luna: “immonde bête, ces Garleans.”

Fafachu Fachu: “You a fightin' waitress?”

R'lamiza scowled at Luna resonce but just nodded.“Well that's…a way ta sour a mood…” She thumbed at A'erina.“Lon' as he's off the property it's fair game, Right?

Lhei: “Could have at least denied them service, surely…”

Luna: “No, I will not abide combat in or around mine home.”

A'erina: ” Just sayin' theres a considerable amount of steps outside, a bit dangerous if you ask me, someone could fall. “

” Sword wounds? He fell on his weapon. “

Lhei sighs, shaking her head. She looks up to Tret, nodding her thanks to the Hyur. “You have my thanks. I also uhm, do have questions regarding those materials I requested by the by, Tret.”

R'lamiza grumbled under her breath.

Blue: “Ah, you should try it! They have healers that heal you after every match so nobody dies or anything!” She stared at Fafachu for a moment before giggling madly. “Yes! Sorta! I'm a fighting, chocobo-raising waitress I guess!”

Lhei: “Mainly along the lines of whether or not you've acquired them yet?”

A'erina: “Well, once they get off the steps, surely it's fair to tail them and kill them while they're takin' a piss? ”

Tretesta: “I may possibly have answers to questions. I'm doing a little reading about your rocks still… working on where I want to look. I've got other things ready though. Maybe… Later this week? I'll find some rocks then stop by your office on the way home.”

Luna: “I will have no knowledge of such an event, do not speak of it.”

Lhei snatches one of Lami's hands, giving it a gentle squeeze. Her other reaching for her cup of hot chocolate, which she blew on for a few moments, chancing a tiny sip after. Setting it down after, she nods at Tret again. “Fair enough.”

Fafachu Fachu: “Hah! Ya one of those… whatever you call 'em. Multi-talented folk!”

A'erina: ” Now you're talkin' my language.“

Lhei: “Did you… have those other materials processed, yet?”

R'lamiza returned the hand squeeze.”Well, Sorry ya 'ad ta deal with that garbage.

Fafachu Fachu stabs a piece of remaining steak, gesturing with it.

Blue: “I don't know about all that. I just do stuff! Sometimes heroic stuff too! It's part of living.”

Lhei flashes a somber look at Lami, shrugging her shoulders lightly. “Ignorance is bliss, one might say.”

Fafachu Fachu: “I can punch things real good, and sorta dance a bit, but no raisin' chocobos or anything.”

R'lamiza: Aye. Bliss fer em…Feel like I need a bath now.

Tretesta: “The leather? Yeah, being dealt with now. Will have it for you when I visit. No trouble. Come now, you aks all this like I'm not going to come through! I told you before…You ask for it, I'm *going* to be able to get it.”

Blue: “Have you tried? They're real sweet birds. Feed them bird steak, and they will love you.” She paused in consideration. “Not really steak though…more greens. Greens are chocobo steak!”

Lhei snorts, giving Lami's nose a sneaky boop with her tail. “I can't blame you, not one bit,” she pauses, looking back to Tret with a brow raised slightly. “I'm simply asking for updates, that's all.”

“The sooner I get those materials, the sooner I can get to work. That's why I'm asking!”

Fafachu Fachu looks at her own piece of steak.

Lhei: “It's not needless hassling, I assure you.”

Fafachu Fachu: “Hah!”

R'lamiza snorted as her nose was assulted by the tail. She shook her head abit.“Anyways…what other requests has me idiot brother asked of ya?” Looking back to A'erina.

Tretesta grins back at the skeptical kitty “Of course! Of course. I'm a little slow getting around is all. Don't do the teleporting stuff, so have to walk or ride where I want to be. Think I've gotta take a little extra trip to find your rocks… But I'll be by, no trouble.”

Fafachu Fachu chomps the steak, clearly enjoying its rare-ness.

A'erina: “He uh, said he wants a family, with me.”

“Asked me out of nowhere.”

R'lamiza: I see…That sounds like em.

“I think ya mentioned it sum other time.”

Fafachu Fachu: “I think I'll leave the breeding and raising to folk like you.”

Lhei nods, cupping her mug in both her hands and taking a sip. “Just, don't feel as though I'm needlessly pressuring you, alright? I'm not one to partake in teleporting around either, so. I know where you're coming from.”

A'erina: “I just told him that I'll wait for him to be free of all that shit he's involved in.”

“Although I won't wait forever.”

R'lamiza: Fair enough…

Lhei: “And like I said, if that ore proves a bit too dangerous to acquire. Do consider asking for help!”

Blue gives Fafachu a quizzical look before grinning as they began eating their steak again. “Sure! I'm just a normal caretaker these days. Lots of work tending to children and still training, so it's always busy! Waitressing is a nice break for a bit!”

Lhei: “I don't want to throw you into harm's way unnecessarily after all.”

Blue: “So what made you decide you want to be a hero?”

A'erina: “ Suppose one day we'll have to have a ceremony or somethin' too.”

“ Then you can be my sister for real, wouldn't that be nice? ”

Tretesta: “All's good then, Lhei. We'll get together soon enough, no trouble. You're not throwing me into anything. I throw myself into things voluntarily! and at things….”

Lhei frowns, lowering her mug a little, a look of doubt creeping its way onto her face. “Mrm, if… you say so. I still just, would prefer you take the safest avenue available.”

R'lamiza: Oh? That aughta be interestin'…Can't imagine em in a tux….Er anythin' nice in fact…“ She pursed her lips abit.”That would be..nice. In sum ways. It wouldn't be awful ta 'ave more family I suppose.“

Fafachu Fachu: “Hearin' all about that Warrior of Light bloke, swooping in and saving the day all the time. I said to myself, 'Fachu, you can do that, too!' And maybe I can't, but I'm gonna try!”

Tretesta: “nothing worth doing has ever been good for ones health! or something like that.”

Lhei: “But yes, we'll reconvene soon enough.”

“Hmmmm, rightttttt. Right.”

A'erina: “Yeah… It won't happen. Not publicly anyway. It'll just be in secret or somethin'”

Lhei: “Anyways, that's ALL. Naught MORE, naught less.”

R'lamiza: Honestly, If I where ta da sumthin' like that. I'd want it ta be the same way.

Fafachu Fachu: “Fachu's my name, by the by. Fafachu Fachu!”

R'lamiza: I 'ave me…reservation's 'bout the whole ceremony bit.

A'erina: “I have too many sisters, I don't need them around me for something like that. ”

R'lamiza: I think I remember readin' 'bout em in that journal of yers once.

Fafachu Fachu downed the rest of her wine and turned back to Blue with a grin. “Better remember it!”

A'erina: “I forgot I had that. ”

Lhei sets her mug back down on the table. Smiling faintly at Tret, she shakes any thoughts of potential dangers away as she turns her attention to Rin and Lami. Curious as to what the two were discussing.

Tretesta: “Maybe more. I like you, Lhei. You're doing a nice thing for me. Certainly I could bring more stuff for the time and effort. Perhaps extra supplies for the next project, save you the money there.

Blue leaned back and crossed her arms. “Ah, yeah the Warrior of Light. I have heared some stories…And nice to meetcha' Fafachu Fachu, future hero! You just better be careful. Dangerous things out there.”

A'erina: ” Oh right, so you probably don't know, but Lami's brother, is my boyfriend. But now you know.”

Lhei: “Well, that… I'd appreciate that, truly.”

“I -am- actually working on something for a particular -someone-.”

“I may have to give you a small list, if uhm, that's quite alright with you?”

R'lamiza: Aye….Though it's been awhile since I read it. So I'm sure ya'd added ta it since then.

Fafachu Fachu swung out her arm for a handshake. “Nice to meet 'cha, Miss Blue!”

Lhei: “I hate to keep sending you on errands, but. You're offering…”

Tretesta: “Pass it on now while you've got my attention.”

A'erina: “I haven't really used it. I put it down somewhere a while ago and It's probably gathering dust now.”

A'erina: “ Didn't even take it with me when I got ten colours of shit kicked out of me when I went to Dravania.”

Blue held her hand out warmly for the shake. “Nice to meet you too! So what are your big plans after eating steak?”

Lhei nod-nods. Casting a curious look up at Lami, seeing if she was looking her way at all, before digging a crumply piece of notepad paper out of her pocket. Handing it off to Tret then. “That's uhm, should be all.”

Fafachu Fachu: “After this? Let's see…”

R'lamiza scratched at her cheek abit. “I see.” Looking over at Lhei for a moment before looking back at A'erina.

Fafachu Fachu: “Gonna do some laps of the district here. The stairs are great for training!”

Tretesta takes the paper and opens it to scan the contents “….Yep, this is a list of things….” He carefully folds it up and tucks it into his pocket “I'll give it a very careful study.”

A'erina: “No need to carry it with me, I'm not exactly stupid when it comes to alchemy anymore. Plus most of its just a bad reminder of my life before. ”

R'lamiza: That's fair…Might be why I never kept one meself. Most of me life I'd rather ferget.

Lhei nod-nods. Still looking a bit discouraged by the idea of sending Tret off on ANOTHER gathering run. “Let me know if there's anything else you might need, yes?”

Blue: “Oh that sounds like a great idea! That's really good training! Oooh, I've got one! Try climbing up onto the rooftops of homes. It's super fun and no one sees you!”

Tretesta: “You're providing a fine crafted weapon that I can cause some amount of harm with. I believe that's going to be a wonderful bit of trade for the work.”

Fafachu Fachu: “The roofs? Do I look like some sort of opo-opo?”

Lhei gingerly takes ahold of Lami's hand again. Her attention still on Tret, she can't help but voice her worries. “Are you uhm, certain of this?”

Blue: “…Sort of.”

Fafachu Fachu: “Might be easier for you folk with the long arms and legs, but-?”

Fafachu Fachu looks down at herself.

Fafachu Fachu: “I don't even got a tail.”

Blue hummed thoughtfully. “Oooh, that does make sense. Hmm…..what about lifting up heavy stuff while you do laps?”

Fafachu Fachu: “Oh, I can do that!”

Fafachu Fachu downs the last bite of their steak and hops down.

Fafachu Fachu: “Check these out!”

A'erina: “Was never my intention in the first place. But when I got it I just waited for somethin' to happen that never did and it was one of the only things keepin' me goin'”

Blue observes with interest.

Fafachu Fachu pulls a glove off and pulls her sleeve up, exposing her bicep.

Fafachu Fachu: “See? I do plenty of lifting!”

Luna: “I… am going to confer with Lucatiel and have a lie down. I trust you can clean up, Sir Tretesta?”

Blue: “Oooh impressive! Them's bulgey!”

Tretesta leans forward on the counter and raises a brow at Lhei “…. Remember the part where I said I was a little light on free cash? Are you saying you've worked me enough to pay for your work? If so, you are really really underselling yourself.”

Fafachu Fachu: “Maybe I'll try the Grindstone sometime, see if I can't punch my way to victory!”

Lhei shakes her head briskly. “No-no-no. That's… nevermind.”

Blue: “Yes, give it a shot sometime! You might find some other friendly heroes there as well!”

Blue looked around a little bit as Luna went upstairs and she blinked a bit. “Ah, it looks like it's closing time. It's been nice to meet you!”

Fafachu Fachu: “What, already?”

Lhei: “Look, I simply worry only because I have a fairly good idea on -what- will be waiting for you out where that ore is.”

R'lamiza squeezed Lhei's hand in return.“Sounds fair….” Not really sure what else to say to her.

Fafachu Fachu laughs loudly.

Fafachu Fachu: “Food and drink were great!”

“How much I owe ya?”

Lhei: “I know full well what my work's worth. I just worry. That's -all- there is to it.”

Blue: “Uhm, I think it will be 600 gil!”

A'erina: “Don't worry, I wouldn't write anything about you or your brother in it anyway.”

Lhei ears perk up at the mentioning of gil prices. “Ah, right! Uhm, how much will the hot chocolate be again?”

R'lamiza: Well…I wasn't worried 'bout that. Don't really care what ya'd write anyways.“

Fafachu Fachu shoves a hand into a coinpurse on her belt, pulling out some amount that probably is something like 600 gil.

Blue beams happily as she takes the coinpurse from her and nods, not even bothering to count. “Thank you for your patronage! I hope you have fun training!”

Tretesta: “300 or so. And stop worrying. When i start panicing, you can start worrying. Remember, I'm bringing you some fine made dragon leather and scales. You think I just tripped over all that?”

Fafachu Fachu: “Hah! I always do!”

“See ya 'round, Miss Blue!”

Blue: “Bye Fafucha!”

Fafachu Fachu strikes a fighting pose. “Maybe even at the Grindstone, huh?”

Blue: “Yeah!”

Blue walks over and headbutts Tret, before placing the coinpurse on the counter.

A'erina: ” Oh but surely you'd want to read about how big your brother is, right?“

R'lamiza: . . .


“I really…never wanna know.”

Lhei reaches down to her belt, plucking a little baggy of gil off, she plops it on the counter. “What's present where that ore is located, surely presents a bigger threat than those dragons.” She mumbles dryly.

A'erina laughs. ” Like I'd write somethin' like that.“

Lhei: “In any case, -fair enough-.”

R'lamiza: I really HOPE not….

Tretesta looks down as he's bopped, then wraps an arm around his wife ans queezes her “Hello lovely! what's up?”

Blue cuddles on Tret. “Am tiiiired.”

A'erina: ” We ain't done nothin' like that. At least not yet. “

Tretesta: “Me too, dear. Me too. Lemme wrap up some shop talk here with Lhei. Seems I'm taking a trip out west soon…”

R'lamiza raised a brow.”I see. Though I suppose he's probably rather busy…With all his werk. I hardly ever see em meself. Though I suppose yer higher on his ta see list then I am these days.“

Blue: “Only be mean to the mean dragons.”

Tretesta: ”…You do remember what a dragon is, right? What on EARTH is a bigger trouble than dragons that you're concerned about?“

Lhei sighs quietly, grumbling something under her breath as she moves to sip more from her mug of hot chocolate. Pausing only to shake her head at Tret. “There's plenty more dangers than dragons, Tret. Even you should know that.” More sipping of hot chocolate continues. Slurrrrp.

A'erina: “Probably, All you have to do is go see him though, or y'know, linkpearl.”

Tretesta: ”….Sure… Not many bigger than one though.“

R'lamiza: Aye…I should da that more often…I'm not exactly good at that.

Lhei shrugs, draining what was left of her mug and setting it down on the counter. “Well, there's those trees in the Shroud for starters. The rather aggressive ones?”

Tretesta: ”…yes. I know them. Less trouble than dragons, and smaller.“

A'erina: ” Don't worry, when he asks about you I tell him you're fine. Although he doesn't make much of an effort either.“

Lhei: “Those are plenty bigger than a lot of dragons.”

Blue flicked her earfins at Lhei's words before offering, “SMACK THEM WITH A HATCHET.”

A'erina: ” Plus, I'm trying to get him to live at my place so might make it easier one day. “

Lhei: “There's also sandworms… potentially - uhm.”

A'erina 's ears twitch “Fucking Sandworms!”

Tretesta: ”….I believe we are hunting different dragons, my dear blacksmith. No worry. You will have the finest quality materials I can set my hands on. and only come back lightly charred and possibly chewed upon.“

R'lamiza raised a brow.”Good luck with that. I tried ta tell em he could stay on me ship. So he had a roof over 'is head. But the freak said 'e preffered ta sleep outside…

Lhei stares at Blue for a few moments, processing her suggestion for a few quiet moments, and sighs. “Y'know, that IS a solution.”

Lhei: “To the uhm, aggressive trees, anyways.”

Blue waved her hand a bit. “He's used to being on fire AND chomped on. What's a little more?”

A'erina: “Ah, y'see, I asked him to spend mroe time with me and he told me he's been sleeping indoors more so that he can spend more time with me.”

R'lamiza: . . .

“Seems ya werkin' sumthin' fierce on the lad.”

A'erina: “You're his sister, I'm his girlfriend, he doesn't need to impress you.”

Lhei flicked an ear at Blue, not feeling entirely convinced. “Just heed my word of warning, that's all I'm saying, Tret. Shite doesn't have to be -big- to be a threat.”

R'lamiza: That's fair. Though he could at least avoid embarassin' me.

A'erina: “ That's one of his hobbies. ”

R'lamiza: . . .

“That straight from his mug?”

Tretesta: “Of course not. It certainly helps with the threaty-ness if it is! But no worries. Lightly charred and perhaps a little chewed upon. Worst that it'll be.”

Blue: “I've done worse to Tret unfortunately.”

A'erina: “He's arguably one of the most idiotic and uncharismatic people I've ever met. But he has a certain charm that I can't ignore.”

Lhei frowns, looking at Blue silently for a few quiet moments. “… Huh?”

A'erina: “But he does care about his family, which puts you ahead of me, really.”

Lhei: “I have… questions.”

Blue makes some semblance of a cute rawring sound and claws at the air with a proud smile.

Tretesta: “once again, I maybe have answers.”

R'lamiza: That he is…But I suppose that is his charm…“ *She just smiled.*”Aye…He has always been like that. So I can't ever get ta mad at em…“

Lhei: “Uhm… perhaps another time?”

Tretesta: “Sure! Believe its time for us to catch the ferry back to the docks and an airship home.”

A'erina: ” Should probably talk to Lhei, you have been talkin' to me too much. I'm headin' out. “

Lhei gives Blue another -look- for a few moments. Wondering just how she could mess Tret up more than a dragon might.

”… Huhm.“

R'lamiza chuckled.”She's talkin' business. And I don't need ta get in the way of that. But alright, Take care of yerself.“

Blue crawls up and over the counter rather than go around like a proper ishgardian lady, peering under tables and chairs till she finds where the little one has gone, cradling her in her arms as she returns.

Lhei: “Er, bye, Rina!”

R'lamiza placed her hand on Lhei's back.”Ya still talkin' business?“

Lhei: “Uhm… did you want to go for a walk again, Lami?”

Lhei shakes her head briskly. “No, our business is concluded at this point, I'd say.”

Lhei looks to Tret, raising a brow slightly.

R'lamiza nodded.”Sure. A short walk wouldn't hurt.“

Blue: “Is it a short, romantic walk on the beach?”

R'lamiza: Maybe!

Lhei: “If you'd like to do that, weeee cannnn.”

Lhei smiles teasingly up at Lami, reaching up a little to boop her on the nose.

Blue waved goodbye to the pair and heads off into the night.

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