Homebound - 02/26/21


“Just a few more days!”. Blue had teased Tretesta incessantly with these words, not wanting to give him an exact day or time. She wanted to surprise him, leave him hanging on what day she ended up returning. Catch him unawares in the middle of working- that was the plan.

Blue whistled for Derrick but no one came. Leaning against the wooden fence leading into Bentbranch Meadows, the Xaela had wanted to ride out to her man in style, wearing the Togi she'd purchased the other day with Lami. Her hair had been done up earlier by the miqo'te for extra surprise and extra pretty, but Blue's plan wasn't turning out quite as expected.

Even more so when she nixed the 'Appear to Lover on handsome steed' and discovered that Tret wasn't even working today. Took time off, his coworkers had said.

Now Blue was more than a little confused and, still mildly upset that Derrick hadn't appeared yet, began the short trek over to the Lavender Beds and the Crowns Estate. Perhaps he was working there today.

Meanwhile in the Lavender Beds, Derrick was making quite a fuss, a mighty kweh ringing out as he stomped the ground, restless. He was hitched up to a wagon carrying a modest number of furniture items. Beady black eyes stared into Tretesta's soul.


“<Why, Derrick? We have been doing this the last few days. I am just as tired as you. Mama will be home soon, and we must make ready!>” In the middle of a moss flooded cobblestone walkway, Tret looked dead into the giant bird's eyes. He was certainly none too impressed with Derrick's tempter tantrum.

They were nearly done after all. Unload this wagon, Go back and take down the solicitor deterrents, and then board up the cabin to keep animals out. Someone else in the future might need that home as he had. But that wasn't going to happen, as he and his beast of burden were currently making a scene for the new neighbors! Tret turned to walk around to the side of the cart, getting bumped by a xaela woman rushing along the pathway with not even so much as an Excuse me. The man watched her shrink into the distace and shook his head. “<Damn neighbors… must get used to living around people again, I guess. Ugh. Alright…. HEY DERRICK, RACE YOU!” Tret then bolted, hoping to goad the bird into chasing him down the road towards the home that a company bought and allowed him to live in.


'Nothing seems to have changed too much since I've been gone…well at least this path and the view.', Blue thought to herself as she trekked towards the Beds. She probably could have borrowed another chocobo from the stables but the Xaela figured a walk would do her good. She still felt a semblance of anxiety in her stomach, and seeing the sameness of the area was comforting.

“I bet he'll be surprised when he sees you too!”

The rather large fiery-looking frog in Blue's arms croaked. Along with her new companion, the Xaela hoisted a significantly larger pack than the one she'd left with to go Eastward, carrying new armor and new dresses as well as the stuff she'd already had. Derrick would have made this walk so much the easier. Bad bird.

The lil Xaela began to see the tops of houses and cottages ahead of her. Almost there.

Meanwhile Derrick would not be one to lose to a staring contest of any sort as he was chided by the blue-haired hyur. The bird squinted as Tret began racing ahead, and indeed, it spurred the bird to action- except not quite in the way that was expected. Rather than race after the man, with a mischievous WARK, it turned a full 180 and ran off with the wagon towards the entrance to the Beds, furniture clanking and shifting and nearly spilling out on the cobblestone.


The sound of scraping, rather than immediate foot fall, casued Tret to skid to a stop and turn. His heart fell straight through his stomach, and he would immediately tear off towards the childish bird. Knowing he'd never catch Derrick in a flat race, the man veered off and began a free run through people's yards, over low roofs, and generally giving chase for the bird as if he was some bored adventurer waiting for their duty to commence. As they approached the entrance of the Beds, Tret was closing the distance, coming in like a mad blue missile en route for impact with the beastly birb. Up on a stone fence, and then he lept into the air. Slow mo camera shot pans around in front of the runaway cart. Doves fly by. Tret is spread eagle in his jump that should put him squarely on Derricks back


At around the same time, Blue had finally gotten to the entrance and was catching her breath. Her brand new dress was a fair bit dusty now, and her hair had been undone in some places. Oh well.

Meanwhile, due to Tret's experience in wrangling rowdy birds, his leap accurately landed him on top of Derrick who kwehed and…ran even faster?!?
Like a feathery freight train, the bird was making straight for a blue haired woman only a few yalms away. His hefty talons were beginning to slide and skid along the path, trying to brake his speed but being forced forward by the wagon at his back.

Blue looked up and blinked at the incoming disaster, eyes wide.

“Derrick? ….Tret?!?!?”

The frog in her arms croaked.


Once saddled up, Tret began trying to pull Derrick to the side, knowing that stopping suddenly would not work well. “<RIGHT! RIGHT! DAMN YOU BIRD, RI- FUCK! Hello!> Hello, Blue!”

Blue would not be the only one in a state of shock. A couple of Adders keeping watch had heard the banging long before they saw it, and began to panic as the runaway catastrophe closed in.

Tret went for broke, heaving his body on Derricks back to try and force him off balance. Hooked to the cart, the bird wouldn't fall over, but the hulking creature would swing the cart around, wheels skipping over the stones and nearly tipping. A low tech Ebrake turn, as it were, and Tret, Bird, and Cart would be spun to a full 180 degrees to a stop.


That very technical maneuver would very much stop the runaway bird and its wagon, the hulking mass that was Derrick blinking a bit and looking around himself as if he were amazed at his handiwork before making a loud KWEH over in Blue's direction.

Momentary shock gave way to pleasure upon seeing both Tret and Derrick and also not being flattened in the process of seeing them.

She skipped on over to the pair, all smiles and tail wags.

“I'm home!”

The Adders watched the entire scene play out, a full score of emotions from panic to fear to relief playing out in the space of a few seconds. What a way to start the shift.


Tret stared into the middle distance for several moments, panting heavily from the effort expended in getting to this point. He took a deep breath, swallowed, then flashed a grin at Blue “So you are! 'A few days,' my ass!” Carefully he slid off his seat and started to embrace his wife. Except hold on a minute. “…You have a… friend. a rather… warm looking friend.” Tret squatted down a bit to look the flamey frog square in the face and raised a brow. Then he looked up at Blue's face “…You know what? I'm sure you'll tell me in a bit.” He stood upright and pulled her into a tight hug, careful of the friend “Welcome home, Lovely. Missed you.”


The frog puffed a bit of smoke from his nostrils as Tret looked at it.

“Oh, this is Rex! He's a good friend of mine but I'll tell you more about him later.”

Blue hugged Tret back just as tightly, and Rex also seemed to enjoy being part of the affection, as what looked like a thin, slow stream of lava dripped down the corner of his mouth- before he sucked it back up again so as to not cause needless burning.

“I wanted to surprise ya! And I think I succeeded!” The Xaela hopped about in his arms victoriously before she stopped and peered at the wagon.

“Is Novine moving stuff around at the estate? Hmm, some of this stuff looks familiar…”

Before she could study the wagons contents further, Blue was interrupted by a very needy Derrick nudging his beak against her head. Blue giggled and patted him fondly.

“Missed you too, you silly bird.”


“I think we might have surprised you even more, lovely. And a lot of other people on the way down here.” He reached up and cuffed Derrick's beak, giving him a withering look before smiling back down at Blue “Yeah, we're moving some stuff. Here, throw your bags on the cart, walk with us and tell me about this trip back! Last we talked, you had just finished a brawl under the moonlight. Very cliche, very fitting end to the adventure!”


Blue flicked an earfin. “I was a little surprised.” She measures it out between thumb and forefinger playfully before lifting Rex up onto the wagon followed by the bag she carried. What a load off her shoulders.

The Xaela stretched out, fixing any kinks in her spine before nodding happily to Tret. “Yes! He thought he could fling me off a dock but noooo, not gonna happen! I'm all… water-y now! I can't wait to show ya!” Blue wriggled in place and took Tret's hand to begin walking with him, bird, and wagon in tow.


With his darling and a much more cooperative chocobo in tow, Tret would lead the party up the path again the same way Derrick has just recently terrorized. He raised a hand in greeting and smiled to the few neighbors that had come out looking for the source of noise that has just roused the sleepy district. Surely he wasn't the cause, look how calm everything about his group looked! The wagon was pulled to the side of the path momentarily to allow a collective of people wander past, earning no more than a casual glance from the chocobo trainer, before it would cross a small bridge and stop in front of a stone fenced home “Alrighty, Making our delivery here, Blue!”


Blue enjoyed wandering through the Lavender Beds, though she didnt do it often enough to really recognize anyone. Still it was one of the more enjoyable activities before working up at the Crowns estate with all the plantlife and the cozy looking houses. It even looked like there were still some leftover decorations from Valentiones.

When they stopped, Blue looked up at the house with a tilt of her head.

“Soo…we just dropping off the furniture out front?”


“That would be silly. No, the owners are not in right now. If you're feeling up to it, I could get all of this inside. if you want to get the door for me though, that would be wonderful!” Tret was already around the back of the cart, checking on the contents and pulling the tarp off so that he could load up and carry up the stoop and across the yard. There was certainly not a whole lot to this house just yet. Almost as if someone had only just picked it up and didn't have time to decorate yet.


“Course I can help!” She beamed and ran towards the front gate, though stopped before crossing the premise, as if she needed permission to do so. A single nod from Tret would be all Blue needed before she dashed for the door, glancing around at the front yard.

“The owners need to use this spot for flowers, there's so much space, I bet a buncha stuff could grow here!”

She played with the door knob a little bit until Tret drew closer with what he was carrying, eyes alighting on ever more familiar looking pieces. Huh. The owners had good taste. Blue opened the door, swinging herself to one side so she could be out of the way proper when her Hyur walked through.


Tret watched her with a small smile as he crossed the yard after her, nodding in agreement “Yes, yes. Lots of space… Thaaaaaank you!” He crossed the threshold and looked back at her, gesturing with his head “Come on in, I don't think the owners will mind you being in here. Take a look around, its a nice little place.” He set his burden in the hall, and then held the door now, allowing her to come in before he would head back out to get more things off the cart.


Blue looked uncertain at the very clear invitation to explore…but her curiosity got the better of her and she slipped inside. Something warm bumped against her leg and the Xaela scooped up Rex in her arms. “Okay okay, you can come explore with me then! Tret, you sure you don't need any-”. But he'd already closed the door behind him to fetch more furniture.

“I don't even know where to start, Rex,” The Xaela mused. “This hallway is as big as our cabin! What if I get lost?”

8)~ Rex - You'll be fine.  Sate that curiosity of yours Blue. It's quite heartening to see. ~(8

Blue shrugged her shoulders and lingered in the foyer for a few moments before she went began looking through the small interior rooms on the same floor. Each room was rather barren, with a mish mash of bags that must have been what Tretesta had been progressively bringing inside. Larger furniture items remained near the entranceway and while the walls were void of paintings or decorations, the wallpaper smelled fresh and new. Sunlight filtered through the windows and brightened up the area in a way the Xaela's little cabin never could when nestled under the tall tree canopy.

“This kinda just makes me want a house even more..” Blue muttered to the frog. “We could collect so much more stuff and have a place to decorate and invite people over for parties!”

8)~ Rex - You don't need space to hold a party. ~(8

“But it helps!”

Blue made her way downstairs, skipping every other stair with a little giggle, though she stopped in her tracks upon the large room before her completely enveloped in sunlight. Nestled against the wall to the left of her was a murky looking tub. The water would need to be cleaned. Across from that, a small partition opened up to reveal a miniature pond surrounded by broken stained glass windows. Some parts of the room were overgrown with coiling ivy that had somehow found its way inside the walls. The spotting of green, though small, instantly left the girl smiling.

“If one thing can grow here, then I bet a bunch more can too. Think of how pretty this place would look overflowing with all sorts of plantlife!”

8)~ Rex - It is a pleasant image. The water down here would help greatly. ~(8

The Xaela nodded enthusiastically before making her way up the stairs again and heading towards the second floor. Once more enveloped by bright and sunny windows, the entire upper floor radiated warmth and comfort- at least to Blue. No area was closed off- just segmented yet open. Another wooden bathtub, this one empty, rested against one wall.

“So many pools and ponds and baths and things.”

8)~ Rex - I like it. ~(8

“Me too.”

She turned the corner and noticed an ornate fireplace- though the fire was not lit.

“We don't even have a fireplace at our cabin. We just huddle in lots and lots of blankets!”

8)~ Rex - That is concerning. ~(8

“Only if you get tangled up too much.”

Blue giggled at the thought, and turned around, if only to gasp and jump back in surprise at the blue-clothed mannequin standing there….menacingly. Seeming to sense the Xaela's fright, Rex leapt into action and blew a small fireball at the center of the mannequin- but the fire went out as soon as it struck the strange cloth.

8)~ Rex - Hmm…interesting. Not many think to make their armor fireproof.. ~(8

The Xaela didn't respond, investigating the mannequin closer.

“These pieces look really…really familiar…especially all them belts..”


Downstairs, the door banged open again to a string of unfriendly sounding foreign words. This was punctuated by a solid KHWEEE! from Derrick, who seemed quite amused at Tret's misfortune. What sounded like someone dropping a boxfull of pots and pans rang out from the mid floor. It was, indeed, pots and pans. But in a sack. That had torn just as Tret was about to set them down in the middle of the kitchen. This of course elicited many more curses in his own tongue. Then a pause. Some steps. “….Blue? You alright in here? I'm about done, myself! What do you think of this place?”


Blue jumped at the sudden clatter of pots, pans, and foreign cursing ringing down below.

“You sure you should be asking if I'm alright? You sound like you're having trouble!” She called to the Hyur, though her eyes still lingered on the mannequin curiously. Rex was also curious, hopping onto the mannequin's shoulder and still puffing flames.

“But there's also a scary mannequin up here wearing your clothing! Or er, I think its your clothing! No, it's definitely your clothing. How'd you even remake this- also why are you hanging it here? That's kinda rude to the owners you know.” Blue was just full of questions.


Steps up the stairs preceded blue hair preceded Tret emerging from the midfloor, wiping hand hands off on a towel. He kept the same small smile from before as he approached the paid studying the coat “Oh, little help from the Weaver and Leatherworker guilds. It's almost identical, isnt it? Added real sleeves though… Took out those bulky shoulder pieces. Got a hood put on it it too! Artemis wouldn't stand a chance against this one…”

Tret tossed the towel onto his shoulder and placed his hands on Blue's shoulders, massaging her “I don't think the owners are going to mind, really. I know one of them actually likes this piece! What about you? Needs a little work and such, but I think this will be a nice place for someone to live eventually.”


Blue grinned at the piece. “I like it! Brings back some fond memories of our adventures before all this.” She looked over her shoulder at Tret with a wink. “Now I don't have to worry about you as much if a fireball smacks you in the face, so I'll call that a success!” Rex croaked in agreement and hopped off the mannequin in favor of hopping around and exploring the rest of the upper floor. This left Blue to lean back against all the pleasant massages she was being given with a happy sigh.

“Oh, this place is wonderful! I can already see all the things the owners could go with it! A little work here and a little work there and this'll be a nice home for anyone!”


“Yeah… Seems our past is catching up to us after all. Thought we might have a chance at something calm, but it appears that was just… boring. Ah well. Suppose we'll end up entertaining Pith afterall.” Hands came off her shoulder, and Tret spun her around. He took one of her hands and placed his other on her hip, then guided her about the floor to a slow waltz in his head.

“I didn't tell you the last part of my adventure! Seems this goddess was amused enough with me. Dropped me off at the cabin, sure. But also left a pile of goodies. Goodies that I was able to sell off some of. Goodies that are going to help us get a house maybe nicer than this one! How does that sound?”


Blue rolled her eyes and smiled. “A little excitement to spice up our lives…or er maybe a lot more than a little I suppose-oh!” Blue was taken aback at the sudden turn-around-and-waltz, which caused a bright blush to redden her blue-hued cheeks. It took her only a moment before she mimicked his steps in time.

“Goodies? Oooh, then we can have a house after all!” The Xaela was positively beaming with happiness, trying extra hard to not break the motion no matter how hard she wanted to wriggle and jump for joy.

“But, a house nicer than this one? This is already quite nice, I don't know what we'd do with one better.”


“Well, Like you said. It's going to take some work to get this one nice. All that broken glass… Clean out the water. Get some house plants. Speaking of… Its around the back of the house right now, but I did have a nice little plant to kind of start things off.” Tret broke the close dance long enough to spin her once, then pulled her in tight and leaned down to kiss her forehead “Not only can we have a house… We've got one. Welcome home, Lovely.”


Blue giggled as she was spun, mostly casually listening to the things the owners could fix up around the house, her fingers curling around his shoulders in a gentle squeeze when he dipped down to kiss her forehead.

And then..


Blue's eyes widened and she jerked back in surprise.

“I….this is..”

Blue suddenly couldn't find the words. She was filled with a happiness so full yet riddled with the anxiety that had burned in her chest at the thought of things not staying the same.

This was a BIG change. But also a dream that was now a reality.

The Xaela shuddered and began bawling, if only to hiccup and start laughing so hard she could barely breath. And back and again. She pressed up against Tret, completely and utterly a mess of emotions.


Tret's knowing smile turned to a grin as he saw her mind slowly work itself faster and faster until… she broke. He Laughed as she started breaking down, holding her face against his chest and rubbing the back of her head softly. “Dear, dear, dear, shhhhh. No need for all of that! You've been wanting this for a while now! And its all going to be taken care of, no worries.”


Rex hopped over to the fireplace and burped out a fireball to light the old wood there. He then proceeded to step inside the cozy nest of fire and give a stoic stare to the pair as Blue sobbed her heart out.

“No worries? How can you say no worries?” Blue batted at Tret's chest, though it felt as soft as wings beating against his clothing.

“What about the cabin? And the traps? And now we're around a bunch more people, what if someone looks in through a window and sees me shapeshifting? What if this burns down like the tree?”

She ended up clinging even tighter though, as if physical touch would contradict her worries, a soft, bubbly giggle breaking though between the tears.

“This house is too big for just us. It's a home for a family!”


“Going to Board it up, in case someone else needs it later on. Traps are next to be dealt with since we just finished moving in all of our things. Curtains. I'll have to kill whomever burns down our new tree.” Tret had an answer for it all, it seemed. He held her for as long as she seemed to need him to, swaying back and forth slowly as their waltz turned into a slow dance “Its big enough for whatever we want to do in it, lovely. If Veldi needs somewhere to crash… Or anyone really. Like your frog. you want him to have plenty of space, neh?”


Blue sniffled and nodded while Rex gave a hearty croak upon being acknowledged.

Loosening herself up while they danced just enough for her to wipe at her eyes, Blue's smile slowly returned.

“..You're not gonna trap up the front yard right? I want some space for those flowers I was talking about…gotta transplant the ones Vinalo helped me grow.”

“…'n maybe I can do something with the downstairs part? Bring even more plants inside, indoor ones! Lots of em!”

She took Tret's hand and brushed it over her tear-stained cheek before looking up at him. “..You're sure everything is fine? This Goddess who gave you these goodies to buy an entire house- seems a little, uhm…” It seemed a little sus.


“Naaahhhh… Seems theres Adders all over the place. No need for setting up anything in the yard. we can make it look aright instead..” The man sighed, finally letting the smile drop “Seems a little too good, neh? I thought so, too. That's why I didn't just buy this place right out. Cashed in some of it, enough to put down on a loan with that company I was doing some things for. If something were to happen? Ehhh, we can still make it just fine. She and I need to have a long talk still. Though she isn't doing a lot of talking yet. Ah well. Come on.”

Tret perked up again and led her downstairs, back out into the sunlight. He broke away long enough to unhook Derrick from the wagon, who promptly took off up the hill to the stalls where he knew there was food. Then Tret returned and took Blue around the side of the house, letting her go to jog ahead and around the corner. Calling back now “Annnnnnd Something to really make it ours. Ta-da!” He emerged with a potted plant. But not just any plant: A Shroud Cherry Sapling in a pot. It was just big enough to try and bear fruit, abloom with pink flowers


Blue nodded softly before she was led outside and into the yard, watching Derrick run up the hill. Goodness, even the chocobo was used to the area. She rubbed at her arm when Tret ran around the corner and emerged with the little cherry sapling. Blue drew closer to pet at the plant gently. “Bringing back all the old memories aren't you?” She teased gently, though her body was quaking softly at the heartfelt gift. So much to take in.

“I think I know the perfect place to put it too. Once we clean up a little bit more at least.” Blue took the pot from Tret and hugged it affectionately, gently setting it down before pouncing her Hyur and giving him a passionate kiss on the lips. She pulled away and squinted.

“Please tell me you're done with the surprises, I don't know if I can take any more today.”


Tret caught Blue easily, holding her tightly against him after the kiss and looking up into the sky in thought “I think that's about it. House… Tree… Coat… Yeah… Yeah, Dear? I think we're good. Seems we just can't stay away from trouble for too long. But if we're going back to old ways, then damn it, we're going to have some old comforts too. I'll have you covered again, no worries. Just like before. Just like later.” He looked back down at her face with a grin, then kissed her again “Let's get back inside, find something to sit on, and relax for a bit. Traps can wait another day. we've both got stories to tell.”


Blue was starting to feel a nervous stirring in her chest. He kept talking about the past and going back to old ways…and trouble. Sure, there was the issue with the Goddess but had something else happened while she was away? Why would he have to cover her? Was she in danger? Er more danger?

Blue mustered up a smile at his words and nodded slowly.

“Yeah…I guess we do.” Blue had yet to tell Tret of her trials and her new friend after all. And then the war,, the mission,, the drugs..and the stranger.. But there was a looming sense of dread that the Xaela couldn't quite shake off.

Blue nuzzled Tret's cheek and took his hand with both of her own.

“Okay. Let's relax and catch up then, Love.”


Tret collected the little sapling and his wife and escorted the two of them back inside. A little grunting, a little banging, and the two would make some semblance of a living room, at least enough to laze about.

The two stayed up into the evening, telling tales of mysterious strangers that had visited them both now, Harrowing Trials of water and fire, Causing mischief on the docks of a far away land, and new friends (or at least associates for now) that would likely play a big role in the coming days. There was worry, there was hope, there was confidence. The two had their own concerns each, but knew they had someone that would push them back up and forward. Ever pressing towards a familiar home in a more familiar land, the journey would be interesting at least.

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