Kugane Night Out - 02/23/21


Lami stepped of the cry with a long stretch. Waiting for Blue, she wore a knee length skirt and a figure hugging top, and a pair of calf hugging boots. She appeared ready to just have fun. The kind that involved spending money of stuff she probably didn’t need. But this period of having wealth was still young and her street rat desires ran wild when in Kugane. After seeing Blue she’d wave. “Tanights the last night of our little adventure! Tamorrow ya can do yer fancy new trick and I’ll be setting sail.” Placing a hand in either hip. “Time ta celebrate properly!” She’d wiggle her ears and crack her tail like a whip. She was extremely excited at the moment, since Lami had cut out the booze almost entirely for some unknown reason, she seemed almost happier more chatty then when they first started their expedition out east


Blue had also dressed up for the occasion, baring her purple ruffled dress with utter glee. There just hadn't been time for the Xaela to just dress up and look cute for once, and if this was the last day of their long adventure, Blue was going to take full advantage of it!

She ran up to Lami, giddy as could be as she hopped up and down and her fist pumped the air. “Yeah! Let's have some fun! I gotta buy a buncha stuff to bring back to our friends…and maybe some more dresses!”

She leaned towards the Seeker, “What're you gonna get? Ooh, can we eat someplace fancy for dinner?? AHHH. Lami, you're gonna be on the ship for how long getting back? Ima need to get you a present!” Blue's thoughts were, as ever, a whirlwind.


Lami grinned.

“Of course! But don’t ferget.”

She snapped her fingers, and a poor male seeker Blue had seen around the ship came out rolling a four wheeled kart that was usually used for brining on cargo. Painted black, matching the seekers clothes being in black slacks and a nice vest with a red tie. Blue would remember hearing whispers about a game played in the crews chambers on who the sorry sod that was to be their cart engine.

Lami walked up and hooked one of his arms with a gleeful grin. “Don’t look so excited.” pinching his cheek with the other hand he’d protest but say nothing else: “Aye aye captain.” Is all he’d say.

Shrugging she’d release him and walk up to Blue. “Don’t worry ‘bout me. I come here often enough ta get most thin’s. Let’s worry ‘bout ya!” Pointing towards the city lights and the trade district “Lets be off!”


Blue blinked at the appearance of the Seeker and the cart he pushed, recalling the game that had been mentioned before, a pitying gaze given in his direction. Maybe she could get the poor cat something too, but that would have to wait!

At Lami's pointing and declaration, the Xaela made towards the bright lights and sounds of the district. Her head darted from vendor to tourist to resident. She had to make sure. Were there any cloudy eyes? Not spying anything off, the girl breathed a sigh and made towards one of the vendors selling extravagant eastern dresses. She toured the racks, admiring each one and plucking a couple different styles to show to Lami with an excited little chirp.

“Which one should I get?” She asked her companion with a smile.

One dress was a Far Eastern Togi, simple yet elegant laced in ornamental gems and metal.

The other was an Ao Dai with intricate flowers painted along smooth silk.


Lami looked over which one and nodded.

“Togi. Ya can still pound sumones face in and look good while doin' it…Silks also a huge pain in the arse ta clean…”

She looked over the clothing herself sighing. She'd grab a similar Togi.

“Seems I can't find anything else I don't already got. Biggest problem. I buy alot of clothes while I am here…and never wear em…”

She giggled abit.

“Oh well. I'm just out ta have fun me last night here fer awhile. Got lots of werk pilin' up back home I'm sure…”


Blue shook her head in disbelief. “How do you have enough room for a buncha clothes? I have..” The Xaela taps her chin thoughtfully, “My usual outfit, this dress, some sneaky clothing…and that's pretty much it! We don't have too much space at home. Now, with the garb I got over here and the armor and another dress, I already gots a lot more to choose from!” She giggled happily and went to pay for the Togi- though she took another second to look at the Ao Dai, deciding Luca might like something nice and silky, and bought that as well.

“Doesn't seem like the worst problem to have though, just getting to buy whatever you want, even if you don't end up wearing it! Can always donate it to someone who might like it or gift it or something nice like that.”

“Too bad you gots a lot of work to get back to though…I'm thankful enough that working the stables over at the Merciful Crowns is really just something I want to do. We don't have a lot of money, but we're comfortable enough to get by.” She leaned in. “Though mostly that's thanks to Tret and his work.”


Lami chuckled “Well… I have a pretty big closet. And I ruin clothes often enough ta need ta replace em.” She looked down at the Togi “I just don’t have very many excuses ta do meself up. Cause ya know. No ones gonna take a doll’d up lass seriously as a capt’n of a ship like the Cry…”

Paying for her own clothing she’d lay it in the cart patting the male seeker on the shoulder with a wink. She already knew she was going to buy him something for his troubles she just hadn’t decided on what. Till she saw a weapons shop across the way.

“Next stop!” She’d grab Blue by the wrist and practically drag her into the new store. With a fine display of all the weapons a girl could want in styles from various regions across the world. Even a few magitech weapons.


Blue had also set her purchases in the cart if only to find herself dragged to the weapons shop along the way. Something about this left the girl giggling even as she scanned the impressive weapon displays.

“Why am I not surprised?”

Though she knew her own preferences in terms of weapons, Blue took a moment to appreciate the collection. The ornate polearms, the magitek-looking guns…a golden astroglobe caught her eye with a set of delicate cards placed beside it to which the Xaela resisted the urge to touch and possibly make a mess of things.

She'd find Lami again, looking to what weapons she was focusing her attention on curiously. “Is there something you're looking for?”


Lami had her eyes locked on a dark gold bow with orange rune looking language dancing on it. She shook her head abit.

“Oh. This bow caught me attention…. been ages since I’ve picked one up.” Reaching out she’d grab the bow and pluck the string lightly to test its tension. “I used ta be quite the shot ya know. Back when I was till a little girl growin’ up in Gyr Abania.”

She looked the bow over as she spoke. Not really realizing she was sort of spilling her guts abit. “Dad used ta make me and me sisters out huntin’ with him and Ziake.” Giggling abit. “I used ta hate it. I never liked killin’ thin’s. Always looked like it really hurt. I’d cry a lot and he’d get mad. Though usually I’d make the shot and he’d finish the job while he pointed off at sumthin’ goin’ on in the distance so I didn’t have ta see it die, daddy always coddled me abit more then the others.”

Running her fingers down the string. She’d sigh. “Sumtimes ferget those times happened at all…”


Blue looked to the bow with interest, particularly upon the runic designs engraved upon it, though her attention soon drifted from the weapon to the story. Her mismatched eyes watched the Seeker briefly, but looked away just as quickly out of politeness.

“My memory is pretty fuzzy that far back. Didn't have as much time as I thought I'd have with my sister and mother, else I would have tried to cherish it more I guess..remember every little thing I could..”

A frown flitted briefly on Blue's face before she shook it off with a smile.

“I wasn't supposed to learn to hunt. My mother took care of all the little ones in our tribe so she was teaching me how to do that. Course, every so often my sister and I would sneak off to play in the snow and we would have a lot of fun little adventures! Just nothing really involving killing anything..”


Lami ran her thumb over the Bows engraving. Grabbing the matching quiver, she'd walk up and pay for it.“Ya know…It's a Miqo'te thin' ta teach yer young ta hunt. Sort of the way of life me ancestors had…Though I suppose I'm abit of an odd case…considerin' me pops was a keeper…Filthy Half-breed of a sort I suppose…”

Walking back up to Blue. “It's good ya have sum…Better then none at all.” She gave the Xaela a pat on the shoudler.“After all, Until very recently…I thought I was the last.”

She gently set the Bow and Quiver into the cart looking at her crewmen.“Go pick yerself sumthin' out. I'll buy.” He quickly squired off into the shop to do just that.

“See anywhere else that catches yer eye? We can do that abit more. Then find sumthin' ta stuff our faces with, Ya?” Grinning abit at the thought of a meal she didn't have to cook.


Blue smiled and nodded. “It's nice to remember sometimes…but feels like another lifetime ago. Like that was another me back then- and I guess it was. Everything's always gotta change..”

She blinked a bit and straightened up at the question, immediately looking over to the metal claws with a look of longing on her face and drawing closer.

“I don't know…the claws I use don't make using mudras easy at all. And while I like them, they aren't really claws. Can't flex them or grab things with them. They're just for stabbys and slashys and sometimes throwing at people.”

Clearly the Xaela had been thinking plenty on it, though she still touched the wicked points of one such weapon with obvious glee.


Lami quickly snatched them, Her crewmate looking over various Axes on a nearby wall. “These too! And whatever he buys.”

Not allowing Blue to protest. “There. Me present ta ya. Fer passin' that exam. Now ya got sumthin' ta remember me by.” Smiling abit she'd finish paying for a rather nice axe. The Seeker smiled proudly at his new toy.

“Alright. If ya done. I know this great place fer sushi down the lane aways…”

Looking to her crewman.“Alright. Ya can take this stuff back ta the ship. Throw it in me quarters…and that's all. Don't be doin' no lingerin' in there. Got it?” Giving him a stern look before he would make to rush off with his payload.


Blue nearly jumped in surprise as the claws on display were snatched by greedy Seeker hands, though waving protesting arms gave way to merry tail wagging at the idea of being given a gift. She seemed a bit taken aback at the gesture though, smiling shyly. “Oh…well thank you, I'll treasure them…but not like I'm gonna just forget you like that!” She teased, watching the crewman run off with their stash of goods before Blue nodded and licked her lips.



Lami nodded. “Aye! Since I know the “Great Hunter” would've like sum fish while we where in Yanxia.” giggling abit to herself she stalked off towards a sushi place she frequented when she was in port. Feeling like she owned the strip, Even if she really was only a blimp in most peoples memories.


Blue gave a bubbly little laugh at the title she was given, shaking her head playfully. “They're too easily scared, I wasn't gonna eat em…I just like how round they are…like a Squeaky ball…” She frowned. “But then they started hiding in the pots and its really hard to pull em out…” Clearly terrorizing the Namazu was a good highlight for Blue. She walked after Lami, taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of everything.


Lami laughed. “They dubbed ya the great hunter and wouldn’t make deals if they knew ya was ‘round. So I always had ta go when ya was sleepin’ er practicin’. Made fer a good laugh.”

After walking for awhile Blue and Lami’d find themselves outside a restaurant that specialized in sushi. Walking right in Lami’d get the pair a table looking out over the bay. They’d be able to see the Cry from their view.

“Ah… makes it werth the trip everytime… ta see me own ship from afar like this…”


Blue was a little bit wary upon going inside the restaurant. She wasn't used to other dining establishments aside from the Hearth and paid special mind to walk all ladylike to their table- less skipping, boo.

She seemed comfortable again once she sat herself down proper though, propping her elbows on the table as she took in the scenic view of Lami's ship and the swirling water around it. It was indeed a sight.

Still the playful Xaela poked Lami on the shoulder and shook her head. “Seeing it from afar is nice but actually getting on it, knowing every lil bit you walk on is all yours, must be nice too!”


Lami leaned over, resting her chin in her hand. “It does…But this sorta view…Makes me feel nostalgic.” She paused as their server came upon them asking for what they'd like to drink. Lami'd say. “Tea please.”

Looking to Blue.“And whatever she wants. I'm payin' fer the evenin'.” The server nodded, Waited for Blue's order and then promptly left. Lami looked Blue over and then back out at the sight. She seemed to have decided to let that particular train of thought die if Blue allowed it.


“Tea too!” The Xaela chirped, her tail coiling around one of the chair legs as she soon continued to Lami, “Nostalgia how?” Blue actually didn't know that much about her Seeker friend, so to her, the more she could learn, the better! And she was quite the good listener.


Lami looked out over the bay. “When I was a wee lass… after all the shite happened and I was alone, orphaned and starvin’ in the gutters of Limsa. Have this spot I used ta climb up ta… and watch the ships at night. Just… thinkin’ what that sorta life must be like.”

She shook her head abit. “But that’s not really all that interestin’ more depressin’ really. No one likes a story that starts off with sumthin’ like that.”


The little Xaela nudged her friend affectionately before staring off at the ship and further past it.

“..But it's the depressing stuff that fills you with desire too. To aim for something better than what you had. And that's always a good story when you've reached it.”

“Are you in a better place than you were those many years ago? Because if you are, that's worth celebrating! It's a promise to yourself that you are strong enough for anything. Long as you don't give up.”

Blue smiled gently and rested her head in her hands, fidgeting slightly in her seat.


Lami tapped her cheek at the cheek abit. As she thought their server ten turned with their tea and handed them both menus. Lami looked over it and quickly ordered something rather generic but tried and true for her.

Blue’d open the menu to finding just about any kind of sushi or fish meal she could want.

After ordering, and Blue doing the same she’d just smile,“Perhaps.” She said simply to Blues question. Not really sure how or if she could answer the question properly.


Blue looked at the menu, felt the miniature shutdown that came with trying to process eorzean..or er..uh. whatever this language was, and looked instead to the colorful pictures with delight, pointing at the most colorful-looking sushi because that meant it would be the most tasty. “I'd like this please!”, the tip of her tail tapping against the chair in excitement.

Thankfully the question Blue posed wasn't something she really expected an answer to. Instead the Xaela picked up her tea to bring it closer to her face so she could sniff at the steam happily and enjoy the warmth on her cheeks.


Lami took a sip of her tea. Raising a smile. “So, what’s the first thin’ ya plan ta do when ya get back?”

Asking a mostly innocent question. She wasn’t really sure what else there was to talk about having been around the Xaela for the good part of two moons.


Blue frowned a little bit when Lami posed that question, and she set her cup down to look over at the Seeker.

“Well, I told Veldi when she asked the same thing that I'd wanna catch up with all my friends first, and of course Tret too.”

“..But what if things don't feel the same?. I've done a lot n'been through a lot. What if it just doesn't feel like home no more, or what if I changed too much and it's hard to get back to the things I used to like doing?”


Lami sipped her tea. And looked at Blue she didn’t take long to answer. “I doubt it. And even if it does. It won’t last lon’. Sure. Ya’ve been through shite. And sumthin’s have changed. But the people ya surround yerself with, are still the same. Fer the most part.”

She’d take a sip of tea. “Yet again. I can’t talk much. Me home kinda floats so it comes with me most places.”


Blue unraveled her tail from the chair leg and coiled it in front of herself. The Xaela pounced in place and hugged it.

“I guess…I dunno. I guess I just feel more 'awake' now if that makes sense. Like everything is so much more complicated than I thought.”

She gives her tail another tight hug before placing her hands in her lap, eyes staring down at the unsipped cup of tea. Her voice softened.

“I thought maybe if I got stronger out East I'd be able to help Veldi. Not with the war or the drugs. I didn't know 'bout any of that.”

“Just to, I don't know, find a way to pull that book out of her! Or, or beat up Eligor and make him say sorry! Cause he keeps doing things that upset her and others.”

She stares pointedly at Lami at her latter comment, before glancing away.

“But that's silly…and I still just don't understand anything.”


Lami sat and listened. Seeming to hesitate to touch on a few particular topics. “Well… I don’t think anyone but Veldi can do anything’ ‘bout the grimoire…”

Their server then arrived with their meals and Lami nodded her thanks before waiting to take a bite. Continuing abit more.“Take it from me. Her… book is the parent of me own toys. And I promise ya they arnt comin’ out.” She said munching again.

“Oh and… I’d advise against trying to outright fight Eli…but I won’t tell ya what ta do.”

Pausing again she’d sigh. “No one understands everythin’ there’s… a lot more goin’ on but I’ve already said I can’t talk ‘bout those thin’s… so focus on what ya know perhaps?” Groaning and rubbing her forehead. “Sorry I’ll just… shut up. I’m shite at giving life advice.”

She munched down again abit on her food. Now focusing on the meal more then the conversation not really sure what she could say to make Blue feel at ease.


Blue flattened her ears as she listened, though she looked up in time to give their server a gracious smile as the sushi plate was placed in front of her. The Xaela plucked up one, admiring it briefly before giving a nibble and then a hearty chomp. It was a good distraction.

“'N there's that too. You both like your weapons and what they give you. So are they bad then? And if they're used for good, then does that make them good too?”

Blue shook her head a bit, a little flustered, one set of fingers drumming against the table while the other took a sip of her now cooled tea.

“And Eligor is a friend too. So it's not like I wanna fight him really either. Veldi would be upset if I did anyways.”

She watched Lami eat a bit, silencing her worries and woes to enjoy her own meal as well. It was only when they were both beginning to finish up that the girl looked over at Lami again.

“You're perfectly fine with giving advice. Anyways..till I understand more ima just keep trying to get stronger and helping Veldi n' you with things I can actually maybe be useful for.”


Lami had quickly finished her meal. “Depends on what ya consider “Good” and “Bad”… I don’t think they are either. They are simply apart of me, and Veldi as well. Though I can’t speak fer her relationship with her own respect book.”

Waving their server over she’d ask for another cup of tea for both her and a blue and then the tab.

“It’s all so complicated yet so simple…” chewing on her lower lip abit. “No I don’t think I am. But that’s a conversation fer another time. Just me own head isn’t the most healthy of places most days.


Blue sipped on this new, hotter tea, lapping at the drink when she could get away with it.

“I dun think any of our heads are really all that healthy. Too much thinking about everything! But I getcha.”

“It doesn't feel simple at all. But it's okay…not like complicated things make me go away. Just makes me even more stubborn!”

She giggled and shifted around in her seat a little before scooting back her chair and rising.

“Did we have more fun stuff planned?”


Lami left the payment on the table. She shrugged.”Unless ya wanted ya go umbrella shoppin’? Perhaps even proper dress shoppin’? I don’t have many fancy cloths…“

Looking down at herself. “Bout as fancy as I get…” walking out of the restaurant she’d stretch out with a loud sigh.”Oh! Idea! This way.“ She quickly made a B line for what was the nearest dock.


Blue perked up when Lami came up with an idea, tilting her head a bit as she ran to catch up to her.

Her eyes flickered towards where they were heading curiously, taking in the sounds of water lapping up onto the dock.

“What's here?”


Lami looked out as the moon reflected off the water.”Just a nice quiet place… no ones ‘round… “ she looked over her shoulder with a wicked grin.

“A good place for us… and our uninvited guests ta play. No?” As she said this a pair of shadows wiggled behind Blue. And a pair of what looked like discount shinobi appeared staring them both down.

Lami strolled up to Blue patting her in the shoulder and put herself between Blue and the pair. “So, did ya enjoy playing third and fourth wheel this evenin’? I don’t think we’ve broken any rules since leavin’ Doma.”

One of them grunted. “Return them.” Lami clicked her tongue. “Oh. Yer with that one… princess… whatever her name was. She didn’t like the spear? It was made of the highest quality.”


Of all the things Blue had expected during their night in the town, seeing these loser Raens again had been at the bottom of her list. In fact, as Lami placed herself between Blue and her stalkers, there was a look of genuine confusion on her face.

“Huh? Princess? Return wha?” Listen, it had been a long few months.

Still, she twisted around and laughed after a moment.

“Actually, it dun matter, can we beat em up Lami? Please please please?” Normally gentle and oft times timid, Blue nevertheless wasn't one to say no to a good old fashioned rumble, especially when threatened.


Lami sighed. “While beatin' em up is one option…We'd have ta do it quick. Alright? The Sekiseigumi won't take kindly and I don't wanna get kicked outta trade here. Got it? We run if they get even a little close…”

Balling her hands into fists, Her knuckles turned black and a makeshift pair of Brass Knuckles seemed to make their debut.”After all, I don't get ta test me versatility often as it is.“

As this went on the pair both made familiar hand signals and now there where four of them. Lami barked at Blue.”Go left, I got right. Race ta see who wins!“


Blue giggled. She didn't need much prompting, already dashing towards the the scaly mook(s) on the left. While the Xaela was not able to summon makeshift weapons quite like Lami, she had spent an extensive period of time playing with water.

One mudra, then another, and Blue blew a series of bubbles from her mouth out towards her opponent. More a means to obscure her position , the girl leapt in and made to employ a bit of ol' Grindstone justice with a swift uppercut to the lame shinobi's jaw.


Blues target was not ready for the attack. The original flying up and landing with a loud oof. It's clone made a kick at Blue'd legs to trip her off the Dock if it could.

Lami whoever was quick, doing a spining heel kick at the clone following quickly with a few quick punches at the Right hand target, She made quick work of his face hearing the nose crack under the weight of her fist she'd smile. “More then just pretty faces, Ya?”


Blue was still not terribly used to facing two adversaries at the same time, and it showed as she was tripped and seemed to fall right off the dock.

..Only to be pushed back up onto the pier by a pillar of water rising up from the depths. Blue wasted little time in making a handsign and flinging shurikens, all the water shurikens for her target's not so pretty face.


The small brawl had already drawn attention. They needed to work quickly!

Luckily, Blue was quick as what was required. And her foe was quickly dropped. The clone disappearing into smoke. Lami's own target went down without much of a challenge. She'd grab Blue by the wrist “QUICKLY!” They'd start running to the Cry.


Blue did a little victory jiggle up until she was grabbed by Lami, squeaking before she followed after the Seeker and straight towards her ship. The Xaela was radiant, skipping happily. “That was fun! Too bad it's illegal!”


Lami focused on just guiding her through back allies and streets before finding themselves at the Docks. They seemed to have made it without being caught. Lami let out a sigh of relief. “Yes. Let's…just not make a habit of it…here.” She dusted off her skirt. “Anyways! Figured ya can stay one last night on the Cry. And I can walk ya back ta the Atheryte in the morn, send ya on yer merry way and I can head out ta sea shortly after. Er would ya prefer ta go now?”


Blue grinned and shook her head. “I wouldn't mind another night on the ship listening to you snoring! I'll miss it!” She stuck out her tongue and playfully grabbed Lami's wrist and dragging her up to the ship.

“And maybe, in the morning, wanna..uhm, help me with my hair before I head out? And we can talk bout fun things, like girl stuff? Make up and dresses and things like that!” The Xaela smiled fondly at the Seeker, clearly wanting to take advantage of the remaining time she had left, since she wouldn't see the miqo'te again until she docked in Eorzea again.


Lami nodded. “Sure. I can do that much at least….” she paused as she was halfway up the gangway.

“Is… me snorin’ really that bad still?” Blushing abit in embarrassment. “Not sure how good I can do… girl talk… but I can try I suppose.”

Scratching the back of her head at the idea.”But I’ll give it me best shot. Since it will be yer last time on the cry… least fer awhile. Doubt ya gonna want ta go so far anytime soon….“


Blue giggled, choosing wisely not to answer the snoring question. “Don't worry bout trying so hard! Not like I'm that much better at it. We can play pretend if it gets too weird!”

“And yeah…I need just a lil bit of time to be home for awhile before I go on some more adventures to far away lands. But I'm glad I've got a ship and a ship's captain on my side to help me explore more of the world should I want to again! Maybe we could explore Thavnair next time!”


“Havn’t been there yet… would be an interestin’ trip ta be sure….” she’d head inside her cabin. Preparing to head to sleep for the evening.

The next day as promised Lami woke up with Blue. Helped her with her hair and attempted to make conversation about girl like things but ultimately fell sort of flat running out of things to chat about before finishing up the project that was Blue’s hair. Packing up her things that she’d be able to take with her and promising to have the rest ready when she got back to Eorzea. Lami walked Blue to the plaza. Exchanging final goodbyes and a hug or three. She’d see Blue fade into the aether. And she was alone. Walking back to the ship she’d start her usual routine of barking orders to set sail. They were going home.

The Eastern Training Arc has reached its conclusion. Blue is home and Lami is soon to arrive afterwards. While facing many trials, and more too come. As a particular Shinobi Princess seethes furiously on her throne. She will have her day. TO BE CONTINUED.

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