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Flight from the Gilded Cage - With Langston's support, Pipino finally breaks ties with her family. [Langston, Pipino] - 01/31/20

The Longest Boys Night - Gair has lit the signal fires to muster the men for a night of debauchery. [Gair, Langston, Tretesta, Lucas] - 05/11/20

Earn Your Ink - Pipino and Vinalo engage in a meeting with Langston's brother regarding the possible publishing of Propitious Plants: A Traveler's Guide to the Black Shroud. [Pipino, Vinalo, Langston] - 08/23/20

Hair Therapy - Luca helps Langston and Lami with their various hair troubles at her makeshift salon. [Luca, Langston, R'Lamiza] - 09/28/20

A Year Slipped By - Langston and Pipino celebrate their one year anniversary in their own special way. [Langston, Pipino] - 10/22/20

When the Carbs Fell - Langston goes on a mission to discover how to grow an elusive popoto. His task is helped and hampered by bestie Tretesta. [Langston, Tretesta] - 12/29/20


I Love Life - Langston meets with Luna, hoisting a crate of tomatoes and dreams of compost. [Langston, Luna] - 02/15/21

Silence Thy Old Mentality - Pipino walks home with a friendly old man, if only to discover that he is Langston's grandfather. [Pipino, Heheyito, Langston] - 02/18/21


Rolling Girl - Synechiae knocks upon the door of the Clevers home bearing an apology alongside a hot, spicy dish. Small talk starts then stops abruptly. [Synechiae, Langston] - 02/07/23

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