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A Tiel and a Cold Place - Luna meets Luca for the first time and tavern shenanigans ensue. [Luna, Luca, Tretesta, Sesera, Gair] - 01/17/20

Knock Knock Open Up the Door It's Tiel - Lucatiel checks in on an injured Gair and have a pleasant conversation about knights, swords, and apartments. [Luca, Gair] - 01/21/20

The Longest Boys Night - Gair has lit the signal fires to muster the men for a night of debauchery. [Gair, Langston, Tretesta, Lucas] - 05/11/20

Bring Your Daughter to Work - After being absent for months, Gair and Luca finally find Luna at the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly. [Gair, Luca, Luna] - 06/29/20

Girls Day Out - Blue and Lucatiel spend the day in Hawker's Alley buying dresses and evading vagrants. [Luca, Blue] - 7/21/20

The Calm - Luca has a small family reunion at the docks with some certain passerbys taking interest. [Luna, Luca, Tretesta, A'erina, R'lamiza] - 08/14/20

The Storm - Luna receives bad news regarding a burning ship out at sea that may belong to the Wrights - Lucatiel's parents. [Luna, Luca, Gair, Vinalo] - 08/28/20

Distant Sun - Gair makes for his last mission up north and his friends come to say farewell. [Gair, Luna, Luca, A'Thasri, A'erina, Tretesta, Pipino, Vinalo, Blue] - 09/11/20

Hair Therapy - Luca helps Langston and Lami with their various hair troubles at her makeshift salon. [Luca, Langston, R'Lamiza] - 09/28/20

Cinder and Sadness - Luna, Luca, Gair, and Vinalo all come together to investigate the Wright ship and uncover what happened to Luca's parents. [Luna, Luca, Gair, Vinalo] - 11/12/20

Help Wanted - Astra recruits a few familiar faces to help her on her expedition into Golmore to search for the Scouring Orb. [Astra, Luca, A'erina, Tretesta] - 12/20/20


The Scouring Orb - A peculiar party of 5 delve into a strange temple in hopes of adventure and fortune. [Astra[GM], Tretesta, A'erina, Luca] - 01/04/21

Self Defense Against the Dark Arts - Lucatiel goes on her first field training exercise accompanied by Luna and Vinalo. [Lucatiel, Luna, Vinalo] - 02/08/21

Regaining My Pride - After disappearing from her loved ones, A'erina finally reaches out via linkpearl for help and companionship. [A'erina, F'loki, Luna, Astra, Alkaid, Lucatiel] - 02/16/21

Sunburned and Alive - Tretesta and Lucatiel go on a shopping trip in Limsa Lominsa, only to spy a very familiar face. [Haimus, Tretesta, Lucatiel] - 02/22/21

Girl Talk - Blue visits Luna and Luca's home to catch up and share a meal with them and Rina who is still recovering. [Blue, Lucatiel, Luna, A'erina] - 03/02/21


Oil and Water - A strange tale of romance and courtship- or the trials and tribulations of asking Luna out on a date. [Magni, Lucatiel, Luna] - 01/24/22

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