Mood Killer - 10/12/20


The moon rose high over Vrylbrand, and the Mists were generally quiet for a Darksday evening. Footsteps in the sand lead out to a pair taking their time getting home, Blue and Tret seemed to be enjoying the cool breeze off the sea. A relatively normal evening had turned awkward rather suddenly for them, with no real segue into the question.
“You're not really a Xaela, are you?”
The two had been speaking quietly since they had left the Hearth and watched others filing out after them.

“…I'm pretty sure it was… Japanese that he was speaking? Or something close to it. Harlan and some of those Au ra from the Den speak it too, but I'm not familiar at all. But… he doesn't seem to want to ask too many questions. A good soldier, I suppose. Why does *he* know it though? Never mentioned being that far east before…”


Blue had been awfully quiet, letting Tret lead the discussion and answering with quiet nods and gentle murmurs. Still, it was more of a means to avoid the actual discussion, one which the shapeshifter was uncertain about broaching.

Her ears gave a flick as he spoke of Gair. “..Doesn't really matter where or how he learned it. We failed the test. I could see it in his eyes.” Blue's shoulders drooped as if in defeat, eyes cast downward as she stopped and made to lean against a stone wall near their path.

“Now he's not going to trust us either and it's all my fault.”


“Trust us with what, dear? The man hasn't asked us to do anything, short of having his back when hunting dragons, and occasionally ensuring Gustavo is fighting fit.” Tret stopped, taking Blues arm and pulling her close to him, away from the wall. “What you are. We are. It's not troubling. Not hurting anyone. We are the farmers that have some secrets. Everyone has something they don't want known. But of all people, Gair is certainly one of the last that could turn any of it against us. Hell, I'll tell him myself. He'll either not believe me, or laugh about it.”

Turning the both of them to the sea, Tret walked her slowly out and down the beach. “We have been honest in our actions. We have gained trust where it matters. You have been absolutely genuine in everything you have done since we arrived. So maybe we told some stories about who we once were. We're hardly evil given form, and not the first to want to keep some details private. He might wonder what the real story is, but I feel like he's the type to not let that color his judgement”


Blue lets Tret guide her off to the beach, but her mood isn't lifted by the swelling of the ocean at their side or the salty sea air that normally would have delighted the Shroud-not-native.

“You might be right, we haven't given any reason to be seen as bad people, and we've helped more than we've hurt. But I think you are avoiding the fact that there are consequences to people trying to find out what I least, for me.”

She continues, thinking of that lalafellin woman, Yuyuci was it? The monster hunter and the maternal one. “..How are they going to treat me? What are they going to do when they realize that maybe, that wyvern or that dragon or that behemoth or something out there in the wild where it shouldn't be, might actually be *me*?”

“How are they going to handle knowing that I can go wild like that at any time? That I'm no longer safe to be around? How can you view that as a friend at that point? I'm just a dangerous thing.”

“Not to mention, I don't even know what Rina has done with my blood at this point. That was a mistake, a really big one. I shouldn't have done it. I thought it could help her. I really didn't think she'd call me out on it being different, honest!”

The poor gal began wiping at her eyes, trying not to let her tears start showing.


“You say that like you haven't been hunted before. But you have preserved.” At the edge of the tideline, Tret stopped finally and looks down at Blue. “Honestly? I have no idea what the others will say. I know you have mauled someone who came back around and continued treating you like an old friend. We will certainly have to continue working on your control of the dragon. That's the key word. “We”. Like your herald, I will be there to watch. And I certainly won't be late to the party like I was this last time ”

As she began to weep, Tret turned and embraced her, resting her face into his shirt and stroking her hair. “Dear, lovely, Blue, sweetie… We'll just have to kill her!” He laughed and kissed the top of her head, continuing before she could criticize the plan. “No, no, I joke. I don't know what's going on with Rina. I sat near her last night at the grindstone… She seems to be having some trouble. Confusion. Concern.”

He stopped muffling Blue against him and smiled down at her. “There were few there when it happened. One person already knows, one person has accepted the explanation, as far as we know, and the last isn't going to care. We can talk with Rina, ask her what the hell, and maybe just see what, if anything, she found. Maybe she'll just… Tell us.”


Blue lets her hyur embrace her, though it does little go help stop the litter stutter of whimpers escaping or the way she shook in his arms. She smacks him half-heartedly at his plan before shaking her head.

“I-It was lucky,” She admits at last, “T-that the crowd dwindled to just them. I'm thankful Vinalo was there, I-I know they couldn't say anything. It's really just Gair and Rina..a-and they don't know..that much.”

She pats Tret gently, though she quickly returns back to wiping her eyes, frustrated that the tears kept flowing. “It's in her voice. Disgust. She probably really does think I'm a monster.”


“Monster… She said that word a lot last night.” A gentle thumb brushed away a tear flowing down her cheek, and Tret leaned down again to kiss her forehead. “Perhaps she's frustrated with a few things. Overloaded, over stressed, something. I've got to make a trip to find some things for her. One or the other of us can try talking to her when I'm ready to deliver. She may not be so eager to chat though.”

Taking Blue's hand again, Tret led them both along the sand and surf again, taking his time in getting back to the Pier. “Yeah… Best we can do is talk to her, you or me. She does need…something. And so what if she knows? What's she going to do? Tell on us? Seems easy enough to just say she's crazy. Drinking her own potions, if you will… We could always hop a ship back to Thavnair. was a lovely little place.”


Blue found herself giggling uneasily at the thought of approaching A'erina right now. “..I think I m-might actually scream at her,” she confessed, bringing Tret's hand up away from her face a bit to kiss at his knuckles. “Maybe you can approach her, you have a reason to head there. I just..need to think.”

Blue brings her other hand up and strokes his cheek, sniffles and little hiccups escaping with every ragged breath. “…I'm…just afraid. Leaving now would just..prove that..I can't be accepted here. And that's wrong. I've only told two people about what I am but they don't see me different. I just…I just need time to tell others. Not be outed like that.”


“I think a few people need some time. Lets give Rina some time to think about it too. She may have gotten a load of shit after all that, and I don't think piling it on further will help anything.” Tret sighed softly, and then shrugged his shoulders. “On the bright side? The most danger I can see us being in, with this group at least, is Luna crying heretic and trying to burn us at the stake. But I believe we have earned enough good will to keep us safe there. Might not be allowed behind the counter again, but I doubt that was going to happen anyway.” *He couldn't help but smile again, and he'd lead Blue on down the beach again* “Lets take a few days. Gather ourselves. I'll see about talking with Gair and find out if he believes we're FAR far east. then maybe talk with Rina when i bring her some marimos, alright?”


Blue sighed as well, still clearly not in a happy state, but at least calmed down enough by the hyur to let her arms fall back down helplessly to her sides. “..Okay. I need some time too…she seems to be having a hard time…so I'll just give her some space. I really just wanted to help her. She tells me she's dying slowly. I heal really fast. You know that. Even with all that madness out in the desert, I healed up way before you got over your own injuries. Alchemists mix a bunch of stuff together right? Surely it could be of use.”

Realizing that she'd begun to rant, Blue shakes her head firmly. “Well..what's done is done. On the plus side, there isn't any research out there on my kind that would be found from a little bit of blood anyway. You're right. She's crazy.” The shapeshifter manages a weak little smile before reaching up and kissing Tret on the cheek. “We're fine, everything is fine. Just gotta keep it together.”


Tret chuckles softly and leans down so that she could reach him for the kiss. Straightening up again and swinging their held hands happily, he'd reply “Fine as we're going to be. We've certainly dealt with worse issues. Definitely crazier cats… But lets keep our heads down for now, neh? No reason to invite more drama…”

Humming a soft tune, Tret would guide the two of them onto the ferry back to the Lower Docks so that they could load up on an airship and be off to home. He wouldn't say much more on the subject that evening, but his mind turned over several scenarios, each one ending with… Nothing. There was no bargain. No blackmail. No tangible threat. Just troubled thoughts and what-ifs that didn't seem plausible. This should be a comforting line of thinking. The nagging feeling that something was missed kept comfort at bay, though, and likely would until he confronted the gruff potion slinger.

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