Orchard Tension with Lami - 07/11/21

Blue blinked as she noticed the very familiar, very Lami-esque swagger of her miqo'te teacher come striding on in. “Lami! Whatcha doin' here?!?”

R'lamiza wondered into the bar. Rubbing her forehead abit. Stopping at the bar she'd tap on the counter.“Oi. Ya got me shipment?” The worker behind the bar just…grunted and wondered behind a door. Lami took a seat. Not having really paid her surroundings much mind until- Peering over her shoulder.“What the…Blue?”

“Seven hells ya doin' here?”

Blue grinned and waved at Lami. From behind her seat, the wary red eyes of Sura peeked out at Lami as well. “We dropped by for some Oranges but then Tret said there's this wine place nearby and I like wine!”

Tretesta pushes through the recently barged in doors with a basket of said citrus, setting it on the floor near the table and raising a brow “Thought my ears were burning. Ello, Lam Lam. Enjoying the day?”

R'lamiza opened her mouth, and as she did so, the man in question appeared.“Ah. There's yer other half. Evenin' Tret…” Looking back to Blue and spotting the young seeker behind her she sorta side stepped abit to gather abit of distance…even if that was unneccsary.“ Looking back ot Tret.”Finds me well enough. Here ta get a shipment of wine and the like.“ Giving Blue a curious look.”Really? Ya never mentioned ya had a fondness fer wine before…There where a few good places in Kugane fer such thin's.“

Blue laughed and shook her head. “We shoulda met earlier! One time at the Hearth I got so drunk from wine I think I just flopped on the floor…but it's so tasty! The sweet stuff anyway..”

“I try n' be careful about it now, but that n' cider with apples, that's tasty!”

Tretesta: “Kugane? Wine? it'd be rice wine out there, yeah? Little different. Maybe not though. Yeah, We've always been rather fond of wines. An old vice of mine.”

R'lamiza: Suppose that might be why I never knew. Wine hangover's are…hell…I just got a tongue fer liqour. And it got me in sum trouble.” Looking over at Tret with a smirk.“Know yer stuff. Not sure how sweet ya like em, Blue. But Rice wines like the ones out east arn't half bad.” looking sympathetic.“I…can relate ta that. Vices and all that I got fer meseld.”

Tretesta: “There's a nice little sake house in the goblet somewhere. went once with that bunch of shady folk we were running around with for a bit. If that's your taste, I'm sure i can find the address again.”

R'lamiza: That group me and Blue went fightin' in their basement cage?

Blue looked from Lami to Tret with a tilt of her head. “Oh yeah..I did try rice wine once. It was interesting…but yeah, Tret, Lami's doing good trying not to drink anymore. You're still doing good Lami, right?”

“Yes! That's them!”

R'lamiza: Y-Yes…Why wouldn't I be?

Tretesta: “….A reasonable answer to a simple question… See, a simple “Sure am” would have been great. But now there is doubt.”

Blue leaned forward and rested her face in her hands. “Are you being good, Lami?” She asked in a playful sing song voice.

Lhei climbs the stairs up, stopping at the top to lean back to stretch with a yawn. “Hughhhh, alright. Maybe next time, I should go train in Dravania, instead of trying to look for a ship that was blown to bits…” Giving her whole body a shake, she steps into the building, only to be greeted by familiar faces!

R'lamiza just ignored Tret. But took his advice all the same.“Sure am.” With a small thumbs up. Casting Tret a sideways glance.

Lhei: “Eh?!”

Blue: “LHEI! Oooh, and you're all armory!”

Lhei: “Uhm, well this is a surprise? Er, yes, a surprise.”

“Mmhm! Was out training!… And looking for something.”

Tretesta: “Oh hello there, Stranger! Came hunting me all the way out here to make a delivery? Excellent service all around. We were just interrogating Lami here about how good she was being.”

R'lamiza wiped her brow. A distraction had arrived!“Oh, Well look at ya…Out trainin' and ya didn't even think ta give ma rin'?” A teasing grin on her face.

Lhei cocks a brow up at Tret. “I'll have you know, your sword is DONE! Just, testing it some.” Looking to Lami now, she shrugs.

“I… well, had a felt a sudden drive to get out and do some longsword training.”

Tretesta: “… *Really* now? I was just kidding, but wonderful. I suppose I can swing by before long to pick it up?”

Lhei nod-nods at Tret. “At some point, yes. I'm still… fiddling around with it some, seeing what it's capable of.”

R'lamiza: Oh? Didn't know ya knew how ta use a longsword. But doesn't shock me I suppose.“ Grinning at her but letting her talk business now.

Blue grins, clearly pleased at seeing so many familiar faces herself. She suddenly popped out of her seat much to the alarm of Sura, who shrank at all the extra people coming in. Blue went to Tret and took one of the oranges he'd brought in before crouching down and handing it to the girl, giving her a gentle hug. “It's okay, these are all nice people. And Lami is being good, so she's nice too!”

Lhei: “I only sort've know how to use one. I'm… not very good, honestly. My stance is all sorts of clumsy, bad. But, I'm just getting the feel for it while also… wearing some armor as well!”

R'lamiza just twitched at the mention of being good. But nodded at Lhei. Taking a few more steps away from Blue and the small Seeker.

Lhei: “But yes, Tret. Give me a bit more time. I will be sure to get ahold of you in due time. I… still want to wrap it and such, make it look fancy!”

Tretesta turns his head as the door opens, then suddenly becomes quite interested in a nearby shelf

Lhei glances at Lami now, smiling warmly. She approaches the Keeper, snatching her hand up, before pecking her quickly on the lips. “Hope you've been doing well, Lami?”

Scorching Orchard chats with the merchant & mender.

Blue blinked as Tret suddenly became rather invested in a shelf full of head-sized fruit. Curious. She turned around to Lami and Lhei. “Lhei…you're so tall!”

Scorching Orchard chats with the merchant & mender.

Blue blinked as Tret suddenly became rather invested in a shelf full of head-sized fruit. Curious. She turned around to Lami and Lhei. “Lhei…you're so tall!”

R'lamiza: Been fine. Ya know. Makin' trades. All that good shite.” Smiling softly at Lhei.“Ya did wonder awful far fer trainin' But suppose if ya wanted ta get out…best ta train against…non-Draconic thin's…”

Scorching Orchard speaks emphatically to the merchant & mender.

Blue: “…Wait…Lami. You're so short!”

R'lamiza: . . .

Scorching Orchard questions the merchant & mender.

R'lamiza: Don't play stupid with me. I've always been short. Ya've known me lon' enough ta know that.

Lhei shrugs, smirking a little as she gave Lami's hand a squeeze. “Welll, I'm beginning to grow familiar with the area, as I'm sure you're aware.” Peering down at Blue now, she squints some. “Are you saying this just to messss with Lami, Blue?”

Scorching Orchard: “No, ah needed that shipment ah wine yesterday! Soldiers don' march on empty stomach, an they winge if ye make'em march on sober minds!”

Blue beamed at Lhei and Lami both before clapping her hands together with a merry giggle. “Of course!”

Tretesta: “Excuse me ahhhh…. Cap….tain? is it? Sorry. Not as familiar with the ranks and such… Couldn't help but overhear…Have we met?”

Lhei raises her right hand up, index finger extended. She slowly reaches forward, until she eventually ends up poking Blue on the forehead. “Hrmmmmmm.” Still squinting.

Scorching Orchard: “Eh? Hmm…”

R'lamiza grumbled under her breath.“Fuckin'…” Befoe the worker behind the bar came strolling out and coughed in Lami's general Direction. Nodding Lami held up a hand.“I'll be back. Business ta take care off.”

Scorching Orchard looks Tretesta up and down.

Lhei: “Sure!”

Scorching Orchard: “Yer that lad what grows popotoes fer Langston innit ye?”

R'lamiza went over a business deal. Nodding she walked outside and led the worker to her cart. Loading up supplies and the like.

Blue makes the strangest, shrillest chirping noise at the sudden poke. She watched Lami go to the bar before leaning towards Lhei. “Hey Lhei, thank you for making Tret a nice new weapon! I'm sure he'll love it.”

Lhei glances curiously over at Tret, then to the Lalafell he was speaking with. “Uh, didn't realize Tret spoke with anyone officially with the Maelstrom,” she murmurs, turning her attention back to Blue. “Of course!”

R'lamiza came in and sat down. Folding her arms over her chest. She came also had a glass served to her of a red liquid. It couldn't have been something she wasn't supposed to drink…was it?“

Lhei: “I… really take great pleasure in making things for those I care for. It's uh, the -main- way I show people that I uhm, cherish them. Er, yes.”

Tretesta stares back, racking his mind for an- he suddenly snaps his fingers “Orchard! Yeah, yeah, I see the eyes now! What are you doing all th- Well… Stupid question. Is it captain then? or am I way off?”

Blue flicked her earfins absently at the conversation going on behind her. “Hum..that voice does sound familiar…he tries to make friends with most folks though.” She looked back to Lhei and grinned. “I need ta show you my claws n' see if you can make them better sometime! But..I haven't been fighting much lately either. Gotta take care of Sura.”

Scorching Orchard: “Naw yer righ'. Captain it is. Ain't but seen ye the one time. Yer a bit of ah ways from the Shroud.”

R'lamiza looked over at Blue. Seeing she was distracted. She down'd the glass in one go. Setting it back down really inconspicuously.

Blue: “Lami that better have been tomato juice.”

R'lamiza: Of course it was. Only the finest.

Lhei nod-nods her head at Blue, giving her another sudden poke, before beginning to hover over Lami. “Wellll, you see Blue. I MAY already be working on something.” Resting a hand gingerly on Lami's back, she leans down before murmuring. “Everything alright?”

R'lamiza shrugged at Lhei.”Aye. Right as rain I am.“

Tretesta: “Ah, you know, I get around. Today is a bit of a special trip, oranges. Blue figured may as well make a day of it and come out to get some and hang around. I do tend to show my face around a number of places though. I deal in birds, neh?”

Blue squints suspiciously at Lami, but does not seem to take action, tilting her head instead at Lhei curiously. “Working on whaat?”

Scorching Orchard: “Aye? Come fer a bit ah wine are ye? Must enjoy the stuff if yer willin' tae make the walk all the way up 'ere.”

Lhei raises her brows up at Lami, rubbing her back some. “Fair enough, hun. Just checkingggg.” Leaning back up, eyes fixed on Blue for a spell, before they launched straight up to the ceiling in thought. “Ohhhhhh, nothing. Most certainlyyyy not something for you, no.”

Scorching Orchard: “Which one is yer lass then? Guessin' it's the blue'un?”

R'lamiza pursed her lips abit. But said nothing. Afterall. Even she had no idea what Lhei worked on in her spare time. Having only been up to her shop once to date.

Tretesta: “Ah, the wine is a nice bonus. No, we're out here mainly for fruits and enjoying the weather with the little one.” He hooked a thumb back towards the group of three women and a little girl behind him* “Good call. Yeah, Blue is blue, but only looking at her.”

“See, that's why Tret is here! Running a smokescreen.”

Lhei: “I still need to finish Tret and Lami's weapon, before I get to what I'm hammering out for you. Well, er, I STILL have a great deal of planning in order.”

“Before I can even really begin. -But-, I will get there at some point.” — Scorching Orchard: ”'Er parents sure spent a lotta time thinkin' up that name huh?“

“Cannae say much, me Da found me in ah orchard.”

Blue laughed and wriggled excitedly in place at Lhei's VERY EXCITEING SOUNDING words, but she would ask no more, distracted by the child tugging at her dress. She picked the miqo' child up and wandered over to a vacant seat, sitting Sura in her lap. “I look forward to seeing more stuff from you Lhei! You can create things…n' that's a wonderful power to have.”

R'lamiza winced away as the child drew too close for comfort. But she dusted of her vest, Playing off her knee jerk reaction as if she was just, Dusting herself off.”Aye. Her shops sumthin' fer sure.“

Tretesta taps his chin, looks over his shoulder, then turns back and shakes his head “Ahhhh… That's a … story on its own. Did he now? Well, fitting as anything! But I suppose if you or her didn't like it, not all that hard to change it. I've gone by a few names when needed.”

Scorching Orchard: “Aye? Man o' many faces are ye?”

Lhei smiles warmly at Blue, glancing away for a spell to scratch awkwardly at one of her cheeks. “It's… been a real treat to use my anvil and forge for pieces meant for those I hold close to my heart. Versus, say. A random client looking for… coat hangers. Or a new crossguard for their sword.”

Scorching Orchard: “Wot, ye gotta lose the longcoats now an' then?”

Scorching Orchard cackles.

Blue: ”…Are…people really asking you to make coat hangers?“

R'lamiza 's ear twitched at the conversation Tret was having with the Malestrom Captain. She's had better tavern visits.

Lhei frowns at Sura for a moment, then Lami. Answering Blue's question whole she gave the Seeker's back some more gentle rubbing. “Sometimes, yes. Which is fine. Coin is coin, yes?”

“I can't necessarily be picky when I have a shop to maintain. Need to keep my shelves stocked after all!…”

Tretesta raises a brow “Long…coats?” he would pause, trying to parse that term. Error, no reference to data found. Improvise routine engage. Tret smiled and shrugged “Sometimes it just helps if certain people don't have your real name on their lips. Keeps things nice and not personal, neh?”

Blue shrugged her shoulders gingerly and motioned back over to Tret. “He's the working husband. I make some money tending to the chocobos at the Mercy estate. We make just enough to get by though. Asking for more..well, I'm happy with what we have.”

Scorching Orchard tilts her head to the side. “Personally ah hafta agree wit ye, officially… well, jus' don't go usin' that defense if ye ever get put in the gaol.”

Lhei leans down to press her lips into the back of Lami's head, looking up to meet Blue's gaze with a nod. “I certainly wish that was, uhm. A mindset I could adopt. Though, I will say that I always did wonder what it was you did, Blue. But, that solves that mystery!”

“The… Mercy estate, though?”

R'lamiza: An… Employeer of hers…and mine.

Tretesta: “Officially? Ah, right. Sure. No no no, I'm sure I could come up with something much more convincing if, heaven forbid, I be wrongly accused of breaking some law. Thankfully I know enough people that might speak for my character. It pays to be a good working citizen.”

R'lamiza 's ears went abit flat as Lhei kissed the top of her head but she didn't respond otherwise. Seeming to be spacing out abit.

Lhei: “Oh. OH, 'right then. I feel like I work for the same people. Well, one person specifically. But, I haven't seen or heard from the person that's employed me for quite some time.”

Scorching Orchard: “Aye ah don' figure gardenin' popotoes will become a crime anytime soon so ah wouldnae lose no sleep over it.”

“So whose the rest ah yer lot over there? Dolled up fer a fight they is.”

Lhei: “Well. -That- person.”

Blue nods at Lami's answer. “Both me n' Tret take care of chocobos and I was mostly volunteering at Bentbranch for a long time, but then I found Sis and she told me about the job, n' that's how I met Lami and some others.”

Tretesta “Oh, that. no no, that's a side project between your husband and I. Helped him with that, and making some rather nice tomato sauce a while back…” He looked back over his shoulder to size up the others, then turned a grin back “Ah, the one suited up. She's actually a ways from home too. She's a smith from Ishgard, out working with some recent crafts or so she says.”

R'lamiza: Aye…Wasn't it…a random encounter on the beach sum where in Costa…and me brother hit on that A'erina?”

Blue: “Mmm, Before that I met F'Loki and he introduced me to you n' Novine by the beach. And then not long after we had that beach party at Costa.”

Lhei: “Ahhh, right-right. Hokay. Did you, do the same thing when you were volunteering out at Bentbranch, then?”

Scorching Orchard: “Don' see many starry dancers hailin' from Ishgard, 'pose there has to be one now and then. What 'bout the sunny? She looks familiar, ye come 'round the house wit 'er before?”

Blue wriggled with a bit of pride as she nodded happily. “Yep! Just feeding and training…though at Bentbranch I got to play with the chocobo chicks more. At the estate it feels like I'm cleaning blood off armor mores.”

R'lamiza: As such is the way of thin's 'round that lot..

Lhei: “That's… that certainly sounds wonderful.” She replies dryly, a brow lifting slightly.

Tretesta was, once again, sent to the tank to try and figure out exactly what Orchard was talking about. This one clicked “…Ah! Lami. Ahhhh… Hm. I think i've been to your home slash restaraunt… once? That time we spoke. If you're not in the middle of work, could bring you over! They're all big fans of the maelstrom.”

Lhei: “Well, at least you get to spend time with the Chocobos when you're not… dealing with -that-.”

R'lamiza 's ear twitch'd at Tret's conversation. Rubbing her forhead abit. She ground her teeth and shook her head a few times more.“Aye…Damn'd Devil Birds…Though Edel is fine. She's done me real…good with all me kartin' needs.”

Lhei 's ears lifted up some as Tret suddenly mentioned Lami's name to the Maelstrom captain he was speaking with. Frowning, she looks over to the pair, wondering just exactly what it was they were discussing.

Blue: “Chocobos for battle are still animals that need plenty of love in the end. I don't mind really. But it's a lot busier over there now..used to be nice n' peaceful..” The Xaela sighed and hugged Sura gently before grinning at Lami. “And Lami got Edel from Bentbranch! Tret says I didn't do it legally or whatever but it's fine, no one noticed.”

Scorching Orchard: “Beside grindin' my teeth tryin' tae get shipments tae the harbor before my ship leave, naw ah ain't busy. 'Pose ah could take a spot an' meet'em.”

Lhei 's tail twitched briskly behind her as she looked away from Tret and Orchard now, her ears still perked up some. Staring down at Blue quietly, her brain slowly processed what she just said, alarm striking her features then. “Uhm… right-right. Of course.”

Tretesta winks at Orchard, then turns and spreads his arms, making a grand show “Ladies! I've run into a dear friend! *Captain* Orchard of the Maelstrom! Our mostly mutual friend Langston is her other half. Orchard? This is Blue, as you spotted, R'lamiza, and Lhei. And this little one is A'sura!”

Lhei: “… Oh wait, Langston's tied to another?” she says, clearly sounding surprised. “Well, it's nice to meet you, Captain. Are you uhm, stopping by for a drink as well, then?” She asks, giving Lami's back a few more gentle rubs.

Scorching Orchard: “Ye brought yer lil one all the way out 'ere? Quite ah trip ah suppose.”

R'lamiza pursed her lips. Cursing Tret in her minds eye. leaning back, Doing her best to smile.“Evenin', Cap'n. Don't see many of yer rankin' out here…But suppose Wineport does have sum of the finest wines this side of Vylbrand.”

Scorching Orchard: “Aye believe it 'er not Lan's ah married man. Got the ring tae prove it… but I ain't here fer a drink. Jus' tryin' ta get the supply train sorted out fer me men.”

R'lamiza: Ah. Suppose that does answer that then.

Blue - Sura seemed to shrink at yet another person coming to the table, scrambling over Blue's shoulder and launching herself for Tret, clinging to him. Blue shook her head a bit but smiled at Orchard and gave a little wave. “Oooh, Orchard, we met briefly at the grindstone a while back I think. But not in all that armor!”

Scorching Orchard: “Ah mentioned tae Tret 'ere ye looked familiar lass. Ah see ye somewhere a'fore?”

Scorching Orchard gestures to R'lamiza

Lhei scratches her chin briskly with her free gloved mitt. Gaze raising to the ceiling again as she took that piece of info in. “That's… alright, that's interesting. WELL, I'll have to remember that.”

Scorching Orchard: “Oh aye ah think ah remember, ye were fightin' one ah the rounds weren't ye.”

R'lamiza: Possibly? I've been over at yer place once fer sum sorta cookin' venture with Langston. Perhaps ya saw me in passin' then? I da run trade outta Limsa as well. Mighta seen me face on a document er sumthin'?“

Scorching Orchard gazes upon R'lamiza in deep reflection.

Tretesta catches Sura Easily and gives her a reassuring squeeze before setting her up on his shoulders where she could keep good watch over all that came and went around them.

Blue nodded. “Haven't been fighting there much lately since we took Sura in. She's very shy still, but we wanted her to try some of these oranges people are always talking about.”

Scorching Orchard seems lost in thought.

Blue: “It was a long trip, but she always has lots of energy it feels like..”

Lhei: “Oh, I just realized, Blue. You and Tret gave her a name finally!”

Lhei gestures to Sura, smiling warmly at the child. “When did you two come up with it?”

Scorching Orchard: “Mayhaps, ah remember yer face pretty sharpley fer it tae jus' be in passin'…”

“Ye say yer a trader? Don' do no mercenary work do ye?”

R'lamiza shrugged heavily.”Well…Unfortunatly I can't say I know yers from anywhere. I'd remember a Malestrom Capt'n if I came across one in such a way…“

Tretesta: “Ah, orchard, She's a suncatcher or whatever that bunch is. They all look about the same to me. They keep trying to tell me theres a difference between them and the moon ones, but I still don't believe them.”

R'lamiza: If I'm bored I may. But I usually stick ta tradin'.

Scorching Orchard: “Ye never looked on in the eyes lad?”

Blue brightened and nodded. “Not too long ago…had to get some ideas from friends but it feels like it fits. Meant 'New Life' in my tribe, and that's what we're giving her.”

Lhei stares at Tret quietly for a spell, a flabbergasted look slowly dawning over her face. ”… What?“

Scorching Orchard: “Ain' hard ta split a starry an' a sunny.”

R'lamiza: There…is a difference…Look em in the eyes…

Blue: ”…Tret, of course they aren't the same…“

Lhei flicks her right ear in Tret's direction, sighing quietly as she turns her attention back to Blue. “Well, that's a really beautiful name you gave her. Does she like it, her name?”

Tretesta “I've heard about the eyes, yes. and generally I'm not getting that close to people.” he throw up his hands carefully and shakes his head “I know I KNOW! We've done this plenty. The eyes, the tail, one likes to play with fire, yadda yadda…”

R'lamiza: Well…I'm a half-breed so…Me tail's like a Keepers….

“But me eyes arn't. Plus Markin's on the face. Cultural differences. One's run by males the other females.”

“Shite like that.”

Scorching Orchard continues to ponder for a moment, putting pieces together. “Say, R'lamiza. Ye do mercenary work when yer bored… ye ever deal with a man named Eligor?”

Blue squinted at Tret before looking back to Lhei again. “I think so…she still doesn't speak but she doesn't seem to hate it either.”

Lhei: “Still no words from… from her?”

R'lamiza: In the past I've done a job er ta fer the man. Yes. But nuthin' in recent memory.

Blue: “Little sounds sometimes, but mostly no voice.” — Lhei froze a little as Orchard spoke Eligor's name out loud. Side-eyeing the Captain as she replies to Blue. “Is she… just shy?”

Blue also blinked when Eligor's name was mentioned…and at Lami's response. She bit her lip and fidgeted in her seat before answering Lhei. “She…well, she came from Bozja, if you know what's happening there. Been through a lot.”

Tretesta looks between the captain and the… well.. captain. Hmmm… There seems to be a shit storm rolling in.

Scorching Orchard: “Ah so ye wouldnae no nothin' bout his more recent activities then?”

Lhei: “I'm familiar with the attrocities happening on that front, yes. So, no doubt she's still a little shocked from the warfront there…”

R'lamiza: Depends. I've been in contact with em. But that's more cause he's a patron of me tradin' services. Less so hirin' me fer me blades these days.”

Lhei: “Perhaps in uhm, in due time, she'll wish to speak to both you and Tret.”

R'lamiza: It's a lon' complicated history.

Scorching Orchard: “Aye, things are always a bit complicated wit' that sorta flotsam. He's ah wanted man, has been fer a couple ah moons.”

Tretesta: “Lami's been a trade ship captain as long as I've known her. Took Blue here on a trip for goods and other things out east some time ago. I don't think I've ever known her as a mercenary…”

R'lamiza: That sumhow doesn't shock me. I'd…rather not know the reason why.

Lhei removes her hand from Lami's back, reaching down now to snatch her left hand up in her right, lacing her fingers with hers and giving it a squeeze. She was starting to worry where this was going.

Blue: “I hope so…but we aren't going to push her. I understand her..or at least hope I do.” She tilted her head over at Tret upon his explanation, but didn't chime in herself. Even the playful Xaela could feel some tension building.

Lhei: “Did you… pull her from one of the many ruined homes on that front, then? I… had no idea you even went out there in the first place, now that I think about it.”

Scorching Orchard clicks her teeth together once, they're pointed, interlocking nicely. “If ye had any dealin's with 'im the Maelstrom would like any information ye 'ave on the man.”

R'lamiza squeezed Lhei's hand back. Looking to Orchard.“Well, Unfortunatly. The most I got outta em is he's lookin' fer sum place. Sounds like he's gone mad the way he was talkin'. Sumthin' 'bout a utopia er sum shite. He just…sorta shows up then leaves as he pleases….So as far as his current wearabouts. Aint got a clue.”

Blue cast a glance in Lami's direction before lowering her eyes. “Something worse.” She answered simply. “And I'm hoping just being in a home with people who love n' care about her will help what's been broken heal.”

Scorching Orchard clears her throat softly.

“I advise against making any further deals with this man Miss R'lamzia. He's dangerous, he's attacked a Maelstrom officer and has evaded arrest. I've also seen him in combat, he's highly dangerous.”

“Very… lethal.”

Tretesta simply… Stares at Lami. with a look to say “Oh dear god why.” This look last but a few seconds, then he'd look upwards and bounce Sura a little on her perch

Lhei rolls her shoulders a little, her pauldrons creaking as she did so. “I hope that winds up being the case. Though, no doubt it's going to take a great deal of time for her to uhm, -open up- some. No doubt she'll open up to you both though, you two no doubt are taking great care of her.”

R'lamiza pursed her lips at this.“I see…That's unfortunate. I've known em fer a lon' while now. So I'm quite aware of how dangerous he is when yer on the pointy end of his intentions…I'll be sure ta, Make it a point ta cut such ties with em then. I appreciate the warnin'.”

Lhei throws a -look- Tret's way. As if saying “This is all your fault.” Looking back to Blue then with a faint smile tracing her lips.

R'lamiza simply ignored Tret.

Scorching Orchard: “See to it tha' ye do. He's surrounded by dangerous folks on top ah it all, had tae fight off a few of them meself in fact…”

Scorching Orchard feels a puzzle piece fall into place.

Scorching Orchard: “One ah them looked jus' like you…”

R'lamiza blinked abit.“Is that so…” Sighing abit scratching at her forhead in anoyance.“Well then. Seems there really is more then one of me runnin' 'round…fuckin' bastard makin' clones of me.” She grumbled abit more.“And is this other me, Still wonderin' 'bout er did ya kill it?”

Tretesta bites his tongue and wanders away with the child before he says stomething that would cause issues.

Blue nodded at Lhei's words, but found her focus drawn away from her and at whatever was going on between Orchard and Lami, earfins flicking at the clone talk.

Lhei frowns profusely at that piece of information. Lami fought this Maelstron Captain? Peering down at the Seeker bewildered, what was said right after confusing her even further. “Huhm…” Her tail twitching every so often as she tried to figure out who to believe, or what was what.

Scorching Orchard: “Miss, ye don't really expect me tae believe there is two ah ye runnin' around now do ye?”

R'lamiza: No. But that's the truth of it. Ya didn't answer me question. Did ya kill it. Er not?“

Scorching Orchard: “Nay, she managed tae git away. Ah'd be more inclined tae believe ye if she hadn't.”

R'lamiza: Of course she did. Now I get ta deal with the aftermath. So what now? I could swear on a book fer ya if ya'd like. But this is me first time seein' ya. And I havn't done no Political werk fer Eligor.

Blue watched Tret walk off some set safe distance away, hopping up to her feet and wandering closer to Lami with her back to the table. “Uhm..Orchard, there are clones. I promise, I've seen one.”

Tretesta mutters quietly under his breath “Oh dear god we're going to jail…”

R'lamiza sighed as Blue spoke up. And here we go. She thought.

Scorching Orchard: “I'm jus' gonna need ye tae come back wit me tae Maelstrom command. Ask ye a few questions, look ye over is all.”

“Assumin' yer gonna cooperate.”

Lhei visibly fidgets as she stares helplessly at Tret, Blue, and then Lami. She had no idea what was going to happen, but the tension in the air? She felt like she was about to choke on it. Giving Lami's hand a firm squeeze, to remind herself that this was reality and not… some sort've strange daydream she was having back at her shop.

R'lamiza stood up slowly and scratched at her chin.”Ya see. The Malestrom never did treat me right last time I came alon' voleentarily. So a verbal, I aint got a clue won't suffice then?“ Spinning on her heels abit ready to just take off at a moments notice.

Scorching Orchard: “Lass don' make this harder on yerself than it needs tae be.”

R'lamiza: I'd rather not get chain'd up again. So how 'bout fuck that, Ya?

Scorching Orchard: “Yer not helpin' yer case none by doin' this.”

Scorching Orchard reaches behind her for that hammer.

Lhei lets go of Lami's hand, feeling as though it would be a terrible idea to keep holding it at this point. All she could do at this point is keep staring between everyone with a flabbergasted look on her face.

Blue looks from Lami to Orchard and back again nervously. She looked to Tret with a frown, mouthing something along the lines of “Should I..?” to him.

R'lamiza: Say I da come alon'. How lon' ya gonna beat on me fer?

“Cause I da have thin's ta da.”

Scorching Orchard: “I ain't gonna beat on ye if ye jus' come along an' cooperate.”

R'lamiza: Bullshite.

Tretesta: “Hey… HEY! Easy now, everyone… Captain? Don't you have a ship to catch before long? Believe you told me you're trying to get some supplies on it. From the way I've heard it, She told you she doesn't work for him now, hasn't for a while. Surely you could check the dock records and see she's been in an out on trades, yeah?”

R'lamiza bit her lip. Looking at Lhei and the other two. Seeing she had little in the way of options, as Tret spoke up she felt herself tense up even more.

Scorching Orchard: “Aye we'll check the records once we got her in one place so we don' hafta track her down again if things don' line up.”

“She'll git 'er due process. Admiral's Word.”

R'lamiza bit her tongue. Not wanting to dig herself into a further hole.

Lhei reaches for Lami, about to rest her hand on her shoulder, only to suddenly stop herself. She remembers seeing all the scars, all the visible signs of suffering the Seeker had endured, and knew she would rather Lami had the chance to escape than not; if it came down to it anyways.

Scorching Orchard: “I ain' gonna git yer friends involved if yer worried 'bout that.”

R'lamiza: Bullshite. Yer gettin' me involved and I aint dun a damn'd thin'.

Scorching Orchard: “Les' ye can prove clones 'er real. Then ye were there. That's 'nuff tae bring ye in fer questions.”

“Now I ain' gonna ask again, ye gonne cooperate?”

Blue: ”…“

R'lamiza looked between the three. Grinding her teeth.”Fine. But, Leave them out of it. And when ya stick me with irons. Be sure ta leave em sumplace the scars won't be shown on a bikini line. I da want ta still look nice when I'm out in Costa.“

Scorching Orchard lets go of her hammer and seems to drop her guard. “I told ye lass, they won' git involved.”

Tretesta: “Captain? Did Lami here do anything other than possibly look a little like some other woman you fought? Seems a bit of a stretch to just grab a dark haired seeker you randomly ran into.”

Lhei blink-blinks at that, staring at Lami now with a look of horror. “W-wait…” she whispers softly, her tone matching her expression. “S-surely it won't come to that, right?” She asks, looking to Orchard now with confusion being thrown back into the mix.

Scorching Orchard: “She fits the description, she admitted tae workin' with Eligor, an' she admitted tae doin' mercenary work.”

R'lamiza: Sure ya could find a few in a backalley in Limsa that could tell ya the same thin'.”

Scorching Orchard: “There ain' gonna be no burnin' iron, the doc is jus' gonna look 'er over and we're gonna ask'er ah few questions is all. If things line up ye won' see nary ah set ah iron bars.”

Blue shook her head with an adamant frown before stepping in front of Lami protectively. “Eligor has many connections with lots of people! He isn't small fry! I'm connected to him too!”

R'lamiza rolled her eyes as if she didn't buy it at all. Scowling at Blue. Shut the fuck up. she thought.

Lhei: “…”

Tretesta turns a withering look at Blue, then sighs and shakes his head “I mean… Believe everyone here either knows him or has some dealings with him. Your house as well, I think, Captain.”

R'lamiza placed a hand on the Xaela's shoulder.“Oi. Ya just werk at his stables. Nuthin' more. Stop. Yer gettin' yerself involved in thin's that y don't got ta.”

Scorching Orchard: “Are all three ah ye gonna toss yerself in front ah 'ere if ah try an take 'er?”

R'lamiza: I'd rather they DIDN'T.

Tretesta: “I'm a little occupied… Probably not a great idea.”

Lhei stares at Lami silently for a few moments, until memories flooded back into her noggin from the other night. Letting out a frustrated huff, she sighs with a shake of her head. “Nay, I… I will not do so.”

Scorching Orchard pinches the bridge of her nose.

Blue looked at Lami. “You're my Teacher-Sis. And I can speak for how much you followed the law when teaching me. Like you follow the law here. But this isn't law. This is making guess on things!”

Scorching Orchard sighs, and seems to deflate a bit, she's got her own promises to keep and this road doesn't follow them. “If ye come outside wit me for a moment we can sort it out… it'll been an arseload ah paperwork on my end but it'll leave ye all happy.”

R'lamiza: That's fine.

Scorching Orchard: “The rest ah ye can come too if yer worried.”

Lhei 's ears flatten and her tail droops considerably. She had no understanding of why this was happening. All she wanted to do was relax with her friends, have a drink maybe, and discuss events.

Lhei watches the pair head outside, her head whipping towards Tret now. She frowns profusesly at the Hyur, and remains like that for the time being.

R'lamiza Gave Blue a slight pat on the shoudler as she left.“Thank ya. But I'll be fine.”

Blue huffs softly in frustration before looking to Lhei and Tret. “Let them talk alone? Or come guard?”

Lhei didn't seem to hear Blue, no, her sights were set on Tret. “What in the hell's did you say to that Captain, Tret?!”

Lhei: “What did you say?! I heard you mentioning Lami's name earlier to them. What. Did you. Say?”

Tretesta watches the women walk out, then shook his head at Blue “I think attacking Orchard is the worst thing we could do, even *if* she were making a full arrest on Lami.” He turns to Lhei and offers a shrug “You heard everything I said to her then. Asked about her, said her name was Lami. And almost in the same breath brought her over to meet you all.”

Lhei: “… Why did you bring her over in the first place?!”

“She was just lookin' to sort out some shipment or whatever it might've been, until you went and opened your mouth and started blabberin' to her.”

Tretesta: “Because as far as I knew at the time, none of us had been running around or had lookalikes kicking the shit out of storm officers. I came over, Gave names. I said not a word about what anyone does, except for you banging on swords.”

Lhei clearly was fuming at this point. Unsure on how to address how livid she was, she simply slams her foot roughly into the seat Lami had been seated in. “To HELL'S with that, Tret.”

Blue: “Not attack. Protect.” Blue said stubbornly before walking over to Tret, lifting her hands and plucking the miqo child from his shoulders to coddle in her arms. “I'm gonna go check on-” And there was Lami again. “Oh.”

R'lamiza walked right in without a word.“Wine. Whiskey. Whatever. I need a fuckin' drink.”

Blue: “Lami! You aren't locked up!”

R'lamiza: Sum fuckin' how.

Lhei juts a finger in the Hyur's direction, her face red at this point. “Why would you just -randomly- give our names off to some random Maelstrom?! Do you do that with whomever you see pass by?”

R'lamiza the man behind the bar brought Lami a glass. Staring at the man.“Bottle.” Is all she said. Throwing a pouch of coin at him. Quickly returning with a bottle. Lami took it and just stared at Blue.

Tretesta shrugs a Lhei simply, then watches as Lami walks in. Back to the smith “Not random, I know her, Blue knows her, Lami knows her husband at the least. Take a breath, Lhei.”

Blue hummed to herself and shook her head, still wincing at the sharp tones from Tret and Lhei behind her. “Well I'm glad you're not…” She wiggled a free finger for her to join the group again before Lhei started enacting righteous vengeance on her husband.

R'lamiza sat and just went at this bottle. Taking a few healthy helpings of it.

R'lamiza after this she looked at Blue.“Oi! Don't be doin' that! I appreciate that ya feel so strong'ly on me behalf. BUT DON'T DA THAT. Ya coulda gotten yerself lock'd up with me and that serves no one.”

Blue wouldn't have the mind to chastise Lami after all the built up tension in the air, giving a sigh. Well before she was yelled at. “I'm not really worried 'bout iron bars. It felt right. Gotta protect you.”

Lhei didn't seem to keen on Tret's advice. In fact, it just made her even angrier. “Take a breath. Take a breath?! How about you fuckin' take a moment to THINK before you start running your mouth off to people.” She snaps back, lifting a balled up fist which she was about ready to slam down on the backrest of the chair next to her; but Lami claimed it faster. Lowering it suddenly, she whips her head away from Tret's direction, not wanting to look at him.

“I've been cooped up in some dingy little fawkin' SHOP for most of my life. And even -I- know that guards generally mean trouble.”

R'lamiza continued to drink from the bottle before she said something to Blue.“Ya might not be. But I bet yer husband is! And the Malestrom…They da sum horrible shite ta their prisoners. TRUST ME. I'd know.”

Tretesta: “…Lovely, I don't think Lami would have been locked up terribly long besides… Orchard's family is all rather connected to the man. A word in the right ear and they'd have Pipino and Langston in for questioning as well. Seems like something Orchard would want to avoid.”

Lhei crosses her arms over her chest, grumbling a curse or two under her breath as her ears remained flattened, her tail thrashing violently behind her. She wanted to shout at the man some more, remind him how much of how grave of a mistake he had made, but decided against it. Instead, she would simmer in silence.

R'lamiza inhaled deeply then exhaled.“Fuckin' hell. That was not sumthin' I was prepared fer this evenin'….Good ta know me face is causin' a fuckin' ruckus in me own turf. Now I gotta hunt down the damn'd cunt.”

Blue just covered Sura's ears from Lhei's yelling and shook her head before looking over at her. “Lhei. If Tret had known it was going to cause issues, he wouldn't have brought her over. It just happened. And is over. Lover is back and not in jail.”

Tretesta sighs softly and shakes his head “…All at once would likely be better, Lam. if there's on, there's certainly more. we've seen at least two Veldi's already…”

Blue: “Lover- er, I mean Lami, is back n' not yelling at Tret. Maybe we should be yelling at runaway clones looking like Lami instead?”

R'lamiza: Lhei. Enough. It's fine. He wasn't tryin' ta cause no harm. I just did a shite job of talkin' me way outta it. Figured sprinklin' 'bit of honesty would help throw her off. Seems I was wron'.

“I know there is at least ta. I went ta a facility and fer sum reason. There are Ta that werk…and a horde of em that fail'd. Think I may have been the prototype fer the rest of yer lots.”

“Cause both hold sum positions of power. Seems our Capt'n friend fought their Warrior leader er whatever they called it.”

Lhei shakes her head, unwilling to meet anyone's gaze. Everyone's words going through one ear and out the other. Without saying anything, she turns and makes for the door, wanting a bit of fresh air to cool off before she might potentially snap at someone else.

R'lamiza: I'd…Best go talk ta her…

Blue hummed softly and frowned before looking to Lami. “Is probably best…we should probably leave anyway.” — R'lamiza: Might be right…no tellin' if she will honor her werd…er have the place storm'd. I'm not one ta trust those types.“

“Sorry. Seems I brought the mood down by bein' here…”

Blue: “Isn't nobodies fault. Things just happened. Go comfort Lhei. Is okie.” — Tretesta: “Of course. Given certain lines of work…best to simply shut up. No need to offer any info, truth or lies. You're being here wasn't a problem. Simply all a matter of chances.”

Lhei briskly rubs one of her cheeks, mumbling under her breath some. To distract herself, she begins to loosen, and then tighten one of her gauntlets.

R'lamiza: Aye…guess bein' in the trade business fer so lon's sorta made me ferget such thin's…well I was always kinda shite at talkin' anyways…Ya both take care.”

Tretesta: “At the hearth soon! be well!”

R'lamiza took her bottle with her.

“Oi. yer more werk'd up then I am. Why don't we take a walk, Ya?”

Lhei looks to her left, catching sight of Lami, but simply looks away. Still fiddling with her gauntlet it seemed. “He should've kept his mouth shut.” She replies simply, not agreeing or disagreeing with the idea of taking a walk.

R'lamiza grabbed her by the hand.“Come on. He couldn't help it. She was gonna see me face with er without his help.”

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