Pipino Roleplay Scene List


Slice of Life - A couple of quick scenarios between friends. [Luna, Enyo, Luto, A'erina, Pipino, Eupheme, Gair] - 10/09/19

Give and Take - Pipino calls for help from her closest companions when she finds herself in the grip of something terrible. [Pipino, Luna, A'erina, Gair, Enyo] - 10/23/19

Follow Up - A'erina asks her fellow lalafells on how to be a popato. Later, her Inner Beast kicks into full effect and it's up to her friends to cure her. [A'erina, Pipino, Leiser Tod, Gair] - 10/25/19

A Trip to Kugane - The crew receive an all expenses paid trip to Kugane via Enyo and her connections. Adventures await! [Enyo, Gair, Miyuki, Pipino, Hadrian, A'erina, Luto, Leiser Tod] - 10/25/19

Building Walls Between Friends - Three Friends plan out the renovation and opening of the Hearth and Home. [Luna, A'erina, Pipino] - 11/27/19

The Reading Rainbow - A party of friends delve into the Great Gubal Library to locate the blueprints for Pipino's battle armor. [Luna, Pipino, Gair, Enyo] - 12/09/19


The Hopeful Tomorrow - In an apocalyptic probability, three old friends band together to save a corrupted world. [Eligor, Pipino, Luna, Gair, A'erina] - 05-31-20

Simple Errands - Pipino encounters F'loki while shopping for supplies and they have a short but pleasant chat. [Pipino, F'loki] - 07/23/20

From Ashes - Blue, Pipino, and Vinalo go into the recovering Sylphlands to search for mushrooms and little bits of hope. [Blue, Pipino, Vinalo] - 09/08/20

Distant Sun - Gair makes for his last mission up north and his friends come to say farewell. [Gair, Luna, Luca, A'Tasri, A'erina, Tretesta, Pipino, Vinalo, Blue] - 09/11/20

A Year Slipped By - Langston and Pipino celebrate their one year anniversary in their own special way. [Langston, Pipino] - 10/22/20


Silence Thy Old Mentality - Pipino walks home with a friendly old man, if only to discover that he is Langston's grandfather. [Pipino, Heheyito, Langston] - 02/18/21

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