Steel of Doma - 04/06/21


Lami sat atop a crate nearby the cry. Watching the sun rise over the ocean. She yawned as a cup of hot tea sat next to her.

Adorned in her usual short jacket and shirt with a pair of trousers and plated boots she sipped at her tea. Gunblade laying against the crate in front of her. Out of sight to anyone that came toward Lami from the peer behind.

The sound of the crew starting to stur and go about their mornings tasks giving the ship and morning some life.

The other side of the pier held her other ship. One she had recently named The Joy of Trade. Much smaller then the Cry it sat silent yet. As the crew aboard it had yet to really start doing any activities of their own. @Balmung


Kallo' had been looking for Doman metals for awhile now, struggling to find consistent vendors whom sell the precious ores he sought. He was in his black light armor and tattered hakama once more, not having fully left Limsa just yet. This was likely the only place he could hope to do trade and find materials that are scarce in the rest of Eorzea.

His go-to informant mentioned a trader who's ship is known as “The Joy of Trade”, saying that they would be very likely to at the very least heed his request for Doman metals. He had debated on the idea before finally setting out to the piers to see if he could find the ship, and hopefully the trader as well

As the sun was rising, he walked towards where the piers are, wondering where to start asking as his guard was still up a bit, concerned about what happened before, but taking some semblance of comfort knowing it would be too risky for them to try something in public if the group whom tried to traffic him were to spot him here and now @Kraxsis


Lami sneezed loudly. Rubbing her nose she’d look over at the approaching man. She spun on her Rear scooping up the tea glass she’d resettle placing it by her side as she studied him. She didn’t call out just yet.

Taking another sip of tea The Joy now started to join The Cry. Mumbling going about as they started to slowly make their way out of its hull the crew of either ship started to exchange cargo from different regions. A Male Miqo’te and Roegayden held clipboards and started to give out orders. Though they themselves where still drawing out of sleep.


Kallo' seemed a bit unsure of who to approach as everyone was suddenly busy, and had an expression of worry. He scratched at his cheek as he gave another look around and spotted a Miqo'te who was fairly idle

Kallo' opted to attempt to approach her as he gave an awkward wave

“Excuse me…are either of these ships “The Joy of Trade”?

As the sun glanced his eyes, Kallo' stopped and winced, his blue eye glistening from the sunlight, but not his golden one as he attempted to block the sun with his hand, an annoyed yet dazed expression on his face in that instant


Took a sip of Tea as he approached her. One of her ears cocked to the side as her tail coiled around her waist abit more.

“Depends on who’s askin’ “

Taking a quick note of the mans odd colored eyes but she didn’t mentioned it. She set her tea down and leaned forward abit with a brow raised. The crew continued to work as if he wasn’t there at all.


One Kallo' recovered from nature's attempt to flashbang him, he looked to the Miqo'te, calming down a bit to see she was also the cautious type. He gave a light bow in courtesy as he continued to speak

“A customer. I'm trying to find metals not from Eorzea.”

Kallo' answered simply in a much more laid back tone now, stand up straight, but with a slight slouch to his posture


Lami looked him over. She lept down from her perch silently. Taking a few strides forward she’d look him up and down.

”Alright. Got sum requirements first. One. Half now and half when it’s delivered. Since I don’t know ya yet. Can’t just fetch ya sumthin’ I don’t normally trade in then not find ya here ta buy. Ya understand, Ya?” She pulled out a cigar running her fingers over it and with a swift motion cut off the end. How she did this was questionable as it happened within the blink of an eye. Pulling out a small red stone she held it in her palm and snapped her finger a small flame atop her pointer finger lit it.

“And secondly, If yer lookin’ fer Bojzan er dalmascan steel yer outta luck.” lnhailing she’d let out a satisfied puff of smoke shortly after with her exhale.”While the Cry” Thumbing towards the towering warlike ship “Can handle herself quite well. The Joy is a plain as they come Trade Vessel and I’m not sendin’ it er me crew in it anywhere near anythin’ remotely under Garleans control. If ya can agree ta that we can talk business. If not then I wish ya luck in findin’ what yer lookin’ fer.”


Kallo' took a bit to process a lot of what the pirate was saying, and when the cigar smoke hit his nose, he made a disgusted expression as he waved the scent out of his face before clearing his throat

“I can agree to that. Sending anyone out into a warzone right now wouldn't be in my best consciousness anyway…”

Kallo' confessed as he recovered from the cigar smoke and just gave the Miqo'te a soft smile


Lami noticed his displeasure, she stepped back a few paces.”Apologies, I’m used ta me vice involvin’ a bottle not smoke.”

Put the end out quickly and returned it to wherever she drew it. Saving it for after the man had left,”Alright well then.” She offered a small bow.”R’lamiza Swiftfoot, captain of both The Cry and The Joy and founder of Cry Artis Tradin’ company.”

She bounced back up and smiled brightly,”But Lami werks just as well. Mother did like given’ me an eccentric name in comparison ta me siblin’s.” With that she pulled out a notebook and pen.


”…Pleasure to do business with you Lami. I am Kallo'. You will probably be seeing more of me if this works out well.“

Kallo' replied with a friendly smile as he pulled an ore out of a pouch attached to his tailbone area. He offered it to Lami for her to inspect so she could get a good idea of it

“I require metals, or even just ores from Doma or Kugane. Koppranickel Ore, High Steel…perhaps even Doman Iron. Whatever you can get from over there, I'm willing to pay double it's worth.”

Kallo' spoke with a bit of a giddy tone as he was excited to be talking about these types of metals, almost as if it was tied to a light-hearted passion of his. He even had a little sparkle in his eyes as he smiled genuinely


Lami took the ore and looked it over. She nodded abit.”I can do that…. glad ya already said ya would cause.” She tossed the ore back at him.”Not sumthin’ I normally deal in but I got enough ties ta places. I can get ya what ya want. How much of these ores do ya want?”

Noticing his giddiness she sort of gave an awkward smile. It was far to early for her to be smiling about anything. She scratched at her chin as her ears danced atop her head with the soft breeze that danced between the ships.


Kallo' snatched the ore out of the air and nodded to Lami, and he gently unsheathed his sword to show it was chipped and suffering from it's time in storage

“Roughly a pound of Koppranickel Sand…and 3 chunks of Doman Iron Ore. I need to restore some…older arms of mine.”


Lami nodded. She whistled to one of her nearby crewmen, The Roegayden with a clipboard strode up.”Yes. Captain?“ Lami'd tell him what he had just ordered from her. He'd write it down and return to his previous activity.”Alright…A thousand now, and a thousand on their return. And we got ourselves a deal. Ya?“ She'd say extending a hand towards Kallo.


Kallo' chuckled when Lami mentioned the price and pulled out of a hefty pouch full of Gil he had tucked away in his tattered Hakama

He offered it to the Miqo'te with a bit of a confident grin on his face

“To be honest, I was expecting to have to pay up front and didn't separate the gil into two bags. The full two thousand right here and now…might be a little extra though.”


Lami shrugged.”Won’t turn down a sack of coin.” She nodded to her crewmen and they scurried about. “Well, don’t look like yer from ‘round here. Need any tips on how ta get ‘round the city? Oh. And where can I find ya? I don’t expect ya ta wait ‘round here fer the Joy’s return.”


“I may not know Limsa that well, but I know it somewhat. I've been here for 4 years…just…getting into some old gear.”

Kallo' replied as he tapped on his Katana in it's sheathe

“I mostly spend my time in Ul'dah and Gridania, but sadly with my injuries, I can't go many places right now or do much…still coming to terms with that. …I suppose the fastest way to reach me would be by Linkshell?”

Kallo' suggested as he gestured an open hand to her, as if offering Lami the chance to make him a contact

“If that isn't your style or too personal, I can just check back daily and what-not. At the moment, I have nothing major ahead…it's weird for me.”


Lamilooked him from head to toe. Shrugging abit she’d accept.”Sure. I’ll give ya a rin’ when she’s back in port.” Sliding her journal that she had started to jot a few details down inside, back into her tunic with a smile.”Anythin’ else I can get fer ya while ya got me ear?”


“Hmm…not that I can think of. The rest is personal…”

Kallo' replied as he smiled to Lami and softly rubbed the back of his head

“Although I suppose that's something that can wait just a bit longer anyway…”


Lami nodded. “They say the journey of a thousand Malms starts with the first step.” Shrugging as she spun on her heels. Waving over her shoulder.”Good luck with whatever ya decide.”


“Yep. Thank you as well.”

Kallo' unintentionally gave an Eastern bow without realizing as he then began to walk off


Some time passed, Two moons. before Kallo received a ring on his pearl. His order had arrived from the east.

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