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Tadashi Scene List


Follow Up - A'erina asks her fellow lalafells on how to be a popato. Later, her Inner Beast kicks into full effect and it's up to her friends to cure her. [A'erina, Pipino, Leiser Tod, Gair] - 10/25/19

A Trip to Kugane - The crew receive an all expenses paid trip to Kugane via Enyo and her connections. Adventures await! [Enyo, Gair, Miyuki, Pipino, Hadrian, A'erina, Luto, Leiser Tod] - 10/25/19

The Forever Wound - A group of thugs harass a familiar-looking Moonseeker. Gair, Lutomis, and Tod quickly come to her aid. [Luna, Gair, Leiser Tod] - 11/03/19


Missing in Action - Novine calls up Tod to talk about winning the Spellstone and making ripples in the world. [Novine, Leiser Tod] - 07/20/20

Byronic Machines - Five colorful souls awaken if only to be told to die. [Novine, Eligor, Gair, A'erina, Tadashi, R'lamiza, Blue] - 09/20/20

The Crystalline Dark Syvaa Jero - Two fresh souls find themselves in new bodies in the darkness of the deep. Conflict arises. [Gair, Tadashi, Novine, Eligor, Blue] - 09/24/20

The Ceaseless Tremors - A strange gigantic wyrm thrashes and rampages throughout the Sagoli Desert and needs to be stopped. [Blue, Tretesta, Leiser Tod, Novine, Yuyuci, Tasri] - 09/22/20

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