Talk with Veldi in Kugane

Blue hummed softly to herself, skipping down the steps that lead away from the hostelry that she and Lami were currently sharing a room at. Her newest (and only) mentor had wandered off to speak to some underground folks, leaving the Xaela to her own devices for the time being. She hadn't explored all of the city yet, and there were plenty of places for investigate and explore, but the girl found herself drawn to the small little pier overlooking her miquo'te friend's ship. Less bustle, more quiet, and with a nice view of the horizon. The Xaela dropped back on her knees, with a little huff and gave a little sigh. “..I wonder what everybody is up to.”

Veldi drops down from above.

“This is far from any chocobo stables.”

Blue blinks and near-jumps from her position. “………”


Blue runs up to the woman and very unabashedly tackles her without a hint of mercy.

Veldi falls over pretty easily. She seems tired.

“…..These robes are annoying to clean.”

Blue repositions herself and flops down beside her, positively beaming.

“I can clean em for you if you wants!”

Veldi: “Why are you here?”

Blue: “I'm learning to be stronger.”

Veldi: “By running around a trading town that explicitly bans violence?”

Blue: “Well…..”

Veldi sighs. “Aint like you gotta tell me if you dont want to.”

Veldi sits up slowly.

Blue stares up at the tall buildings and puffs her chest out proudly. “I'm growing my stamina and endurance here with a lotta leaping and climbing here first! I didn't know violence was banned though….Lami didn't tell me that…Maybe we'll go outside the city then..”

Veldi: “Banned under threat of immediate death actually, so yes.”

Blue hmms.

“That seems kinda violent.”

Veldi: “Its a fairly corrupted system out here. Think of it as an Eastern Ul'Dah, only slightly less greedy and somehow more potentially deadly to the unaware.”

Veldi sighs again.

Veldi: “You said Lami.”

Blue tilts her head and nods. “Lami also said they dun like outsiders. Call em…iiiigins?”



Veldi: “Depends on how you define liking someone.”

Blue: “I told her it's weird they'd not like tourists cause money and stuff, but I guess if you keep your head low it dun matter much.”

Blue pauses and straightens, as if remembering. “Oh yeah, Lami's teaching me the things!”

Veldi : “Dont see how that rag can teach you how to do anything but catch fleas, but long as you're not stealing sake or something stupid I guess its not my business.”

Blue playfully prods Veldi. “Have you been East all this time, since last we talked?”

Veldi: “Just doin some work. Happens to be closer out this way, so its easier to just stay here inbetween operations.”

Blue: “I missed you.”

Veldi: “Enough to somehow run into the footstool. Who is awake.”

“Didnt think you'd go from pissing him off to coming out here.”

Blue lowers her head guiltily, earfins flattening. “I…”

“I didn't mean to…”

“Did I get you into trouble?”

Veldi gives a noncommital shrug. “Whats it matter?”

Blue balls her fists in her lap. “It matters a lot! A whole ton! More than you think it should!”

“…It's true you're his apprentice?”

Veldi: “Nothing that can be done whatever answer I give.”

“Or do you not want to be around me anymore because of him?”

Blue shakes her head firmly. “If anything it makes me wanna be around you more.”

Veldi: “Doesnt sound good for keeping your secrets really.”

“He's certainly interested now. Actively, I mean.”

Blue leans forward and plucks Veldi's hat from her head, bringing it to her chest to hug.

“My secret is on a timer. I've known that since I began working at the manor.”

“I work there. I ask all these questions. Part of the reason I'm out here, is cause I want to be here for you. No matter what.”

Veldi looks like she hasnt slept for days.

Veldi has deep bags even with the facepaint on.


Blue observes the tired woman with the concerned tilt of her head. “You don't look so good. Not able to sleep lately?” At her question the girl merely perks up proudly. “You're my sister. No matter what Eligor says. I'll stick with you.”

Veldi: “Should sisters cause the other so much danger?”

“Sounds one sided for me.”

Veldi runs a hand through her hair. “Just work, I havent been able to rest much inbetween all the things. Lots to do even when I'm not directly in an operation.”

Blue: “Sometimes danger can't be helped. Sometimes it just happens. Everything that's happening or will happen is a result of what I chose to do. We woulda been sisters whether I had some big secret or not, nothing would have changed.”

Veldi: “Yes but…hm.”

“Forget it.”

“I'm just tired of gaining more corpses.”

Blue: “I'd growl at him again right here right now! He..touched on something tender. And if that's drawn his attention, I'm fine with that.”

Veldi: “You're fine with it because you dont know him.”

“Fuck it. I've already kinda dealt with it for now.”

Blue shakes her head firmly. “No I don't. And I still don't. Everyone's so cryptic..and I've never really seen nothing. But I've faced my face share of dangers before this one and he likely won't be the last.”

Veldi: “See thats just it. Thats what it always is.”

“Danger is not the damn problem.”

Blue gives Veldi a quizzical look.

Veldi: “Dangerous when referring to him is not the idea that he might tear you and yours apart. Not unless he has a reason to want to.”

“I cant even tell you.”

“Havent you noticed? Seems like everyone hates him so openly, so why? Why is he something everyone wants to avoid?”

“Everyone will give you a different version, but there is always something no one can put into words.”

Veldi runs a hand through her hair again. “Fuck him. I didnt come out here to talk about assholes.”

Blue wants to respond, but briefly thinks on how her own questioning attempts have been going. She taps her cheek gingerly before hopping up onto her feet. “Regardless, my choice is still the same. I have no regrets.”

Veldi: “You have no regrets yet.”

“Last person who said she didnt regret getting tangled with me ended up in a box.”

“The truth is probably that I'm just like him.”

“I'll ruin everything I touch too.”

Blue: “I don't think you'll ever be like him.”

“You always seem to wanna push everyone away, even on the day we first met.”

Veldi: “….People suck. I should be getting back to work, and you should get back to learning how to get fleas or something yeah?”

“Dont got time to be dirtying my robes.”

Blue hugs Veldi, though thankfully not as aggressively before drawing back and placing her hands on her hips. “I'm not going away. Come find me if you're bored doing really important things. I'll be here for a couple moons.”

Blue ohs and gives Veldi back her hat as well.

Veldi: “Probably wont. Gotta find a lost kid and people are….well, they are dying. Not really much time to be bored.”

“Longer I take the worse it gets.”

Blue: “I can always come and help!”

Veldi: “Its a warzone. Not a great idea.”

Blue shrugs her shoulders and smiles. “That wouldn't stop me eithers.”

Veldi: “Maybe decide something like that after you talk to your fleabag teacher.”

“If she has sense she'll talk you out of it.”

Blue waves her hand. “I'll ask her about it when she comes back. Buuuut, like I said. I'm here if you need help. I'll figure out a way to do so.”

Veldi reaches for a cigar but remembers she is wearing a robe and just shakes her head before stomping off.

“Dont steal!”

Blue giggles and waves as she heads off, tail wagging happily.

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