The Calm - 08/14/20

[Luna and Luca]

It was a bright and sunny day in Limsa Lominsa, and the docks showed it - merchants and ship crew were bustling amongst the docks to and fro, carrying crates and ledgers among other things. Luna and Lucatiel were walking down the docks, enjoying the lively atmosphere, when the young girl practically throws her hands in the air and squeals happily. “Mom! Dad!” she excitedly cries out, breaking into a sprint towards a rough looking Roegadyn man currently unloading a merchant ship. The man places down a box and quickly turns toward the quick girl, throwing his own arms out and grabbing her in a big bear hug, lifting her fulms off the ground in the process.

“Awww little Luca!” he shouts out in a gruff yet happy voice. The look on his face is one of pure joy as he holds the girl against his chest, laughing.

“Dad! Your laughing is making me rumble!” she says, laughing herself now. She kicks her feet as if held captive for a moment before being set down. “Mom!” she cries out, running over to the short blond-haired midlander next to her father. “You're still so pretty even though you're so old!”

The woman looks offended just a bit for a moment before laughing. “Honey! You shouldn't say that! I'm not *that* old anyway!” she chides the girl though she embraces her all the same, holding her tight.

Luna finishes her normal-speed walk to the family, a visible smile on her face. “Ah, Miss Hilda, Sir Zirndoen. I do apologize for not restraining her, but I fear even had I attempted such an action she would break free or drag me along one.” she says, a small chuckle escaping her mouth.

As she closes in, Zirndoen places a large mitt of a hand on her shoulder jovially, though she does jolt as ever. “Ah Luna, you don't need to be so formal! You're taking care of this little colibri for us, after all! You might as well be part of the family!” he says, using his other hand to ruffle Lucatiel's hair a bit. In return, she sticks out her tongue at Zirndoen and fixes her hair, still held by Hilda.

Luna sighs, though it sounds much less frustrated than usual. “Well, she is a delight to have. I dare say her energy overflows into mine own and keeps me feeling young.”

Lucatiel turns around in her mother's arms, smiling at Luna. “Nuh-uh! I found you asleep on the couch earlier in the week! It wasn't even sundown yet!” she says, keen to playfully rat the woman out.

Hilda chuckles as she pats Lucatiel's arm gently. “Honey, she works as a knight up in that snowy city. She's probably exhausted - not to mention trying to take care of you! It's no wonder her hair's so white!”

Luna runs a hand through her hair and lets out a genuine laugh for a moment. “Well… let us encourage the jape of that being true. How have the two of you fared then?” she asks, putting her own hand on Lucatiel's shoulder as well, causing the girl to smile widely as if she had just seen something truly magical.

Zirndoen smiles as he speaks. “Well, we're getting by just fine. Cities need supplies, craftsmen need materials, and the Alliance needs weapons. What we carry changes every moon, but it sells all the same.” He pulls Hilda closer with one arm, bringing the captive Lucatiel along for the fulm-long ride though she doesn't seem too bothered. “And me and Hilda get many a romantic night under the stars and moon. It's a bit hard to have a Bismarck-quality meal on a ship, but well… She doesn't seem to mind it so much.”

Hilda smiles at Zirndoen as she's pulled in, taking a hand off Lucatiel to rub the man's extended arm. She laughs as he finishes talking though. “Oh by the Twelve, I wish we had what the Bismarck does! But all things considered you do alright, love.” She rubs the man's arm more, looking into his eyes for a moment.

Lucatiel practically bounces on the spot. “Oh Oh! Mom! You should have Miss Luna cook for you! She's a really good chef! She makes such good food, even if I can't pronounce some of it!” she says, excited as ever.

Hilda grips Lucatiel's right hand with her own, squeezing gently. “That does sound wonderful Luca, but I wouldn't wish to put her out so soon, and besides, you know we don't usually have much spare time.” She turns to Luna, offering an apologetic smile. “I'm sorry dear, don't let this little goobue put you in such a position.”

Luna offers a dismissive wave of the hand. “It is quite fine Miss Hilda. I would love to cook for you and Sir Zirndoen one night, but mayhap we should schedule that for your next landfall. That you might have the ability to plan ahead for it, have some more time to relax off the boat. I will make up some beds for you both next time you come ashore, if that is quite alright with you.”

Zirndoen grins widely. “Aww, now that does sound lovely! We would be delighted to, I'll be looking forward to it all the way through the Indigo!”

Lucatiel as well looks positively elated. “OH MY GOSH! It'll be like a family dinner again, except now with Miss Luna!”


Nearby, from the doors of the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss, a half familiar face emerged. Tretesta came out into the sunlight, shielding his eyes and tucking a slip of paper into a hip pouch. Dressed light for the island weather, he patted the arm of the Roegadyn standing idly by the door and stepped out onto the docks. With a stretch belying several hours of sitting indoors, the midlander groaned and then scanned the boardwalk, pausing at a pair of familiar faces and a pair… not so much. “Huh, Suppose everything is alright… She'd have a sword out otherwise. Can't hurt to say hello.”

Rolling his shoulders and putting on his cheerful disposition, Tret approached the others, in earshot as dinner plans were discussed “Miss Luca! Luna! How wonderful to see you both again! I forget that you stay not too far from here. My mind automatically goes to the Forgotten Knight when I think of you. And new friends as well!” He brings an arm across his abdomen and gives a small bow to the merchants/parents.

[Luna and Luca]

Lucatiel snakes an arm out from the cluster of family she was held in, waving at the man. “Tretty! Heeey! These are my mom and dad!” she says excitedly, eager to introduce them.

Likewise do the rest of the group turn to face the man, with Luna raising a hand of her own in greeting. “Ah, Sir Tretesta! Indeed, the Forgotten Knight is a bit far-flung to greet Miss Lucatiel's parentage I am afraid. It is good to spy you here as well.”

Zirndoen cracks a toothy smile again, chuckling. “Well well, seems our little Luca managed to make some friends after all! You are well met, Tretesta! I am Zirndoen, step-pa to this little one.” he says, once more ruffling Lucatiel's hair. “And this is my beautiful wife, Hilda.” he says, patting the woman's shoulder with his gigantic hand.

Hilda bows politely, inadvertantly causing Lucatiel to do so as well though it's clear she tries to resist it. “How do you do! It's good to see Luca having friends other than Luna here.”

Luna lets out a small laugh at Hilda's words, a genuine look of humor upon her visage. Lucatiel is quick to pipe up, “Yeah! He's married to a girl named Blue! She's really nice and funny and she likes bumping into me!” She looks up at her parents as she speaks, who offer a placative look.


Tret quirks a brow at the fathers name, repeating it to himself then quickly replying in kind “Zirndoen… An absolute pleasure, sir! Indeed you are quite the sight, madam! Absolute chance that I should know your daughter, I suppose. But she's certainly a winner in my book, and my wife adores her as well!” He winked at Luca, then crossed his arms, looking up at the ship he guessed they had been unloading “The Indigo, I believe I heard you say? Good fishing out that far? More of a south seas man, if I have the option.”

[Luna and Luca]

Hilda smiles back at Tret, squeezing Lucatiel's hand again lightly. “Awww, I'm glad that she's had an impression on you! Goodness knows we get worried about her not fitting in.”

Zirndoen nods before speaking, “Always told her she was born in the Sea of Clouds. As for fishin'… They bite about as much as anywhere else I suppose. Can't say it's any better than the South. ” He laughs a bit before stepping away from his wife and daughter, coming up closer to Tret and Luna and speaking a bit quieter so only they could hear. “Look, I know she's a handful. Luna here tells me as much, but I gotta know. She isn't causin' no trouble, is she?” he asks, looking back at Lucatiel for a moment.

Luna waves a dismissive hand once more. “I will not say that she does not test my resolve at times, but she truly is a gift to have.”

Zirndoen looks at Luna for a moment, smiling. “Yes, well, she does mention sometimes that you are like her shore mother.”

Luna looks a bit embarrassed, turning away slightly and gaining a very slight flush. “Well, it is awfully kind of her to speak thusly, I must admit. I would not wish to diminish Miss Hilda however…”


A small dinghy, looking like no more than a handful of people on it, moors close to the rather impressive ship. Not one for sea travel, A'erina takes a step off the boat onto more solid ground before flopping herself over the edge to remove what remains of her insides, as she vomits into the sea water below the dock. Shortly after composing herself and spraying herself with something to mask the smell of several bouts of aggressive vomiting, she counts out and hands over a number of coins and nods as she leaves them. Almost immediately as she sets off, she notices familiar characteristics from a nearby group.

“Just my luck…” A'erina mumbles to herself, almost regretting her decision to visit the Moonfire faire happening at Costa Del Sol, but it was the one annual event she had always enjoyed over the others.


Tretesta shrugged at the wall of a man “To tell the truth, she reminds me of an old friend… She's got quite a bit of the world to learn, but it seems she chooses her company well enough to learn it in relative comfort. I do have to ask, though. Is she-” Well, there was a lovely sound. Tret turned to see his favorite potion maker collect her self and a poor boatswain collect his payment. Raising a hand in greeting to A'Erina, he then turned it and beckoned her closer. “Well look who washed up. Come over here, fun story!”

[Luna and Luca]

Zirndoen smiles at Tret's evaluation. “Like an old friend, aye? That sounds good. Is she…?”

Lucatiel bounced a bit more in place upon seeing A'erina. “Riiiiiii– OH NO!” She frowns as A'erina is unable to contain herself over the side of the dock. Hilda and Zirndoen had also turned to watch, Hilda looking horrified and Zirndoen just looking like he felt bad for the woman. Lucatiel takes the chance to break free from her mother's grip and run over to A'erina, gently patting her on the back. “Are you okay, Rina!?” she asks, genuinely concerned. Luna, meanwhile, just rubs her temples.


A'erina wipes her mouth with her wrist, anything left was now taking residence on her forearm.

“ I was until you came along.”

A'erina looked at Tret and nodded in his general direction as a way of saying hello. She had sought out the moonfire festivities in the hope of a more friendlier atmosphere would help her snap out of her breakdown and to stop her breaking her own possessions like a madwoman.

“So which one of the twelve did I piss off to not only have severe sea sickness, but to run into you…?”

[Luca and Luna]

Hilda looks back at Luna and Tret questioningly. “Is this another one of Luca's friends?” she asks.

Luna rubs her temple for a moment. “I… am not sure, to be honest. Miss A'erina is… rather sour. If I had to wager a guess, I would say she does not enjoy the girl's company quite like we do.”

Lucatiel continues to pat A'erina's back gently. “There there, it's okay! Get it out. If you have sea sickness, I think Carby has a little potion that might help!” she says with a smile.

As if on command, there is a splash from the other side of the dock (not where the water was now slightly contaminated) and the girl's Carbuncle propels itself out of the water, spinning in the air until it lands upon the dock gracefully. It trots over to Lucatiel, adorned with the dress Blue gave it as well as a little satchel filled with medical supplies. The girl kneels down to pet it lovingly and withdraw a small bottle from the bag, offering it to A'erina. “This should help!” While it was more or less just a normal potion, it would likely help somewhat.


“Sour isn't quite the word I'd use, Luna. She certainly knows who she likes. Maybe a little conflict of personality.” Motioning for A'erina to come closer and join the conversation, Tret mused on A'erina's question “Oschon, if I had to guess. Good party, looks like?”


“ Get that creature away from me, Lucatiel. I can take care of myself.” A'erina looks a bit disgruntled, practically insulted by the fact that she is being offered a potion from gods knows where, and probably made by an amateur.

“ Good party? Sure. Only reason I ever come out here is for Moonfire. My younger sister, Tira, used to love going and I would take her, been some time since she went though and I went a few times with Elu-… you know what, it's not important. I got some souvenirs and whatnot and I was just considering an airship home, dont think I can stomach another sea trip.”


Lucatiel pouts at A'erina. “He's just trying to help! There's not a mean bone in his tiny little body!” she asserts, backing up and kneeling down to put the potion back into the Carbuncle-bound satchel. The Carbuncle itself, as always, looks completely unaffected.


Tret looks back to Zirndoen and nods sagely. “She may seem a bit prickly on the outside, but I promise, she's just as prickly inside, too. But she stays around and I don't know many with her tenacity. So, how long are we making a port call for, friend? Staying a while or just dropping off and back on the water?”


A'erina shoos the carbuncle away as she herself keeps her distance from it, meanwhile taking out a mix of her own creation and gulping some of it before putting the cork back in and stashing it back in her satchel. “ Should I be on alert for the missus, Tret? I don't think I'd want a surprise petting if it's all the same to you. ”


Zirndoen smiles widely as he takes a step back to rejoin his family. “Well, that counts for something these days aye!” he says loudly. “Ah, we stay in port for a night or two. Enough to relax just a bit, let our little Paissa here run around and see us again, and then we shove off again for a moon or two. Where-ever the winds of trade take us!” He once again rustles Lucatiel's hair lightly as she walks back over, dejected by the mean cat. She just flat out pouts this time, leaving her hair frazzled on the top.

“Daaaaad! Stoooop! It takes me so long to brush my hair!” she protests, looking up at him. Meanwhile, her Carbuncle joins her at her feet, seemingly content to just be nearby.

Hilda begins to gently run her fingers through the girl's hair, trying to return it to how it was before as Zirndoen just smiles down at the girl. “Awww, I'm sorry Luca.”


Tret waves a hand dismissively to A'erina “Blue? Ahh no. Just out here myself today. Had to pay tithes to the Sisters, neh?” He gives her a wink, then looks back around as Luca shrieks, beaming at Zirndoen “Have you two ever considered setting up your own storefront, or warehousing outfit? Seafaring is a fine living and all, but I certainly know there are risks with the lifestyle. Could allow for more… What's the word… Ahhhh home life? Something like that.”

[Luca and Luna]

The massive man looks back at Tret. “Ah, we've thought about it, aye. It would be nice to have a solid place to plant roots, but any time we've tried, we got *landsick*. As in, we're so used to the ship life, it just feels wrong to be on the land too long. It's silly, sure, but we feel most at home surrounded by the open sea.”

Hilda nods along with Zirndoen's words. “I'm surprised Luca's adjusted so well, she was practically born on the ship!”

Lucatiel looks up at her mother. “Oh, I fall over a bit and my legs feel funny sometimes! Sometimes I wish the ground swayed like the ship, but that would be… kinda scary.”

Luna meanwhile looks a bit surprised. “I suppose that is as good a reason as any for the girl's lack of balance.”


A'erina is eventually back to her completely normal self. “ Oh good, I'd hate to have to kick her arse again.” she smirks, having small victories like that pleases her quite a lot.

She stands amidst the gathering and acknowledges Luna standing there too, like a statue covered in snow, with the personality of rock too. “ Might've known you'd be here too. ” She glances over at the Rogues guild for a moment, part of her reason for returning to Limsa was to stop in briefly, but now that she has eyes on her, she felt the need to wait until she could slip away.

A'erina looks at the parents. “ Name's A'erina. I am probably the worst kind of person your kid should be hanging around. I can be dangerous, I can be volatile and I dabble in black markets and drugs, potions and poisons. Rest assured though I have little business with her, however and havent found the right reason to poison her just yet.”


“I was sure it was the hair…..” Tret scratched his nose and muttered to himself before perking back up and nodding, “Yes, that seems fair.” He stepped aside to allow unimpeded conversation between Rina and the 'rents, crossing his arms and tipping his head “Huh, all within earshot of the Yellow Jacket port authority. Tenacious yet honest.”

[Luca and Luna]

Hilda and Zirndoen both look at A'erina as she introduces herself and burst into laughter with each other, causing Lucatiel to look between the two of them and start laughing too, despite not understanding why. “Ohh, our baby really is making friends with all sorts!” Hilda says, her hand harmlessly patting the giant man's arm.

Zirndoen nods and smiles through the laughter. “Aye love! She really is seeing the world! You are well met A'erina. I appreciate your honesty. Besides, no sense for poisonings and such, because if you did,” the man's eyes flash down at A'erina for a moment, “You'd find yourself at the bottom of the Indigo with some concrete boots lassy!” he says, still laughing though perhaps just a bit less in that sentence.

Luna begins to rub her temples as Lucatiel nods along with what Zirndoen says, clearly not understanding what it actually meant. “Never fear, were anything to occur between the two of them I would be quick to remedy the situation myself.” she assures them, Zirndoen himself offering back a grinning nod.


A rather short, Black hair'd and leather clad Seeker women was shouting at a pair of Hyur males, Both given her stern looks but oddly said nothing back to her, The exchange was brief before she turned on her heals and stalked away towards the small gather.

She Readjusted her black coat with a few grumbles and checked the straps that held her gunblade firmly on her back, The pair of men shooting daggers at her back as she continued to stalk away from the docked Galleon, Taking a conservative swig of a flash she found tucked away neatly in her coat.

Taking notice of the small gathering as she drew closer she'd give a small nod of her head, Having noticed the child she took an unconscious step away, “Uuuh…Sorry if yer…youn'in' caught any of that…foulness.”She's say feeling uneasy bringing it up at all but felt the need to apologize for her rather colorful language, Making a way to continue past eyeing the women's carbuncle like a nemesis for some unapparent reason.

[Luca and Luna]

Lucatiel looks at the seeker utterly confused and Zirndoen follows the woman with his head. “What? Aww, some foul language is nothing to worry about, this one's heard me say every word under the Twelve I imagine.” he says, waving a dismissive hand.

The girl nods in agreement. “Yeah! Sooooo many bad words! And umm… words i just don't know what they mean. I bet some of them weren't even real words!” she says, half looking at the seeker and half at her own father.

Luna however takes a different approach, turning to address the newcomer. “Do you oft make it a habit to use such language in public? Surely not, I would hope.” she asks, a brow lofted.


Lami paused and the surprise on her face was apparent, she had expected a different response at the very least from the child’s parents, taking another step back as the child spoke. “R-Right. Sum folk seem ta really care what ya say ‘round their youn’in’s… sumthin’ ‘bout innocence and all that…” she gave the women in question a curt nod.”Yes. I do, though I usually don’t have children within earshot.” She said simply, her gaze bouncing from face to face as she stopped for the moment. Tugging on her coat yet again.


Tret furrows his brows together in confusion, looking around their surroundings. He was still in Limsa… “You know, I heard children call me worse on my way down here. Believe you're quite alright, Miss. All good though? You look like you've come a long ways to deliver some bad news.” 'So help me if I get roped into doing an errand right now…' Tret crossed his arms but smiled at the awkward woman, quite curious


Lami chuckled abit and scratched her cheek.”Ya… have a fair point…” grumbling something incoherent. “Sorta… me crew are…”she looked at the child sighing and looked back at tret “Makin’ me miss me old ones…” running her fingers through her hair. Tossing a quick glance to where the ship she had left was. And they hyur men where no where to be found. She snorted and returned her attention to the group in question”But by the by, I’m fine. Nuthin’ a few stiff bows and discounts on future shipments won’t fix… hopefully…”


A'erina stood there, amidst the chatter, one eye on the carbuncle just incase it came within reach of her foot so she could kick it. “ An' I thought I had a way with people, must be a cat thing, gettin' involved in shady business with shady blokes.” A'erina half-arsed a smile towards the fellow seeker but that was about all she could be bothered to do since she never got along with other Miqo'te very often

[Luca and Luna]

Luna rubs a temple, hiding a chuckle beneath a cough at the seeker's words of innocence. “That girl is neither innocent nor corrupted. I would not worry for her, even were you to say something unjust it would be as a bird flying high in the sky, out of her reach.”

Lucatiel looks between Luna and the seeker, nodding. “Yeah like birds!”


Lami looked at the other Seeker for a moment before giving a halfway genuine smile.“Must be. I'm sure ya wouldn't believe me if I told ya.” Looking to the pair with a confused looking.“Uh-huh…I'm far ta used ta the eastern people's traditions then. Me mouth gets me in trouble there…often…” Sighing at the most recently experienced bar fight that had her running from the Sekiseigumi.*


Tret was rapidly losing interest in the newest face to the party. He sliped around from Zirndoen to Hilda's side, taking up her arm in his own and facing the same way she did. as if he'd been right there the whole time. “So, if I may? What are we setting out with on next voyage? or are we picking something up from somewhere else? Can't say I know much about how these merchant ships operate!”

[Luca and Luna]

Hilda looked over at the hyur, not that surprised by the mild shenaniganry. “Well, we will be setting out for the New World and we will be carrying some materiel from the Maelstrom. They said we're trading food and ingredients, since they have some things we don't. We've done it countless times, it just takes a while sailing across the Deep.” she explains, smiling.

Lucatiel bounces in place in her mother's arm. “They have cute little Tapirs there! But the Mamool Ja are kinda scary… But tapirs!”

Luna sighs, rubbing her temples again.


Lami, Sensing a change in the flow of conversation, Saw her chance to make a clean break.“Anyways! Sorry fer botherin' ya lot. Hope ya find whatever it is yer lookin' fer down here, Take care and all that!” Giving a small curt wave and almost quiet literally spinning on her heals and started to trot away at a casual pace.


Zirndoen watches the seeker depart with a curious grin. “Well that was a strange one. Luna, help us with some of the crates would you?” he shouts over to the woman. The knightess nods, heading over to the man before they both disappear on to the ship, beginning to move crates off and on the ship.

Lucatiel turns to Hilda, smiling. “So you wanna have a nice dinner with me and Miss Luna next time!?” she asks, excitement abound.

The woman nods at her daughter. “I think so, love. It's been a while since Zirny and I have had a nice meal where the silverware didn't risk jumping off the table in a swell.” She smiles and laughs a bit. “I just hope we don't put her out too much.”

The girl shakes her head. “Nope! She cooks for people all the time, and I told you she runs that tavern. Everybody loves the drinks that A'erina makes there, and then they love the sweets Miss Luna makes!” As she mentions A'erina, she points back at the cat.


Taking Hilda's other hand, that he had been delicately chaperoning, Tret raised it and gave it a polite kiss before returning it to it's owners side. Seemed work was to be done now, and he wasn't about to be part of it “Lovely meeting you, Madam Hilda. Best of travels to this “new world”. Luca, keep an eye on your knight. You know she can't function without you. I must be off. Spent enough time down here on the docks, and I'm due back in the Shroud for work.” He stepped back, gave a small bow, waves at A'erina, and went jogging down the boardwalk.


A'erina raises a hand to the departing blue Midlander, before acknowledging Luca. “ Yea, I'm somethin'of a mixologist. It's not too bad working with various drinks, it's a small bit of honest work for me and I don't mind helping out with the tavern. I'm not the greatest but one thing I am proud of is the things I can do behind a bar, if you're interested then by all means come on over to Luna's place when you have the time to do so, I can't guarantee I'll be there but I can atleast vouch for the place.”


Lucatiel looks over at the Hyur, confused. “My what? Why do people keep calling her that! I want a boy knight!” she protests, pouting.

Hilda smiles at Tret as he kisses her hand and promptly departs. She turns to Lucatiel, speaking slightly hushed. “Well, were he not married I think that man would be your knight.”

The girl frowns. “Eww, mom! He's married! Blue's really nice! That's gross! He's not a knight anyway!” The frown deepens.

The mother laughs, and turns to A'erina, listening. “My, a mixologist! That's quite the title! I think me and Zirny will have to try some of your drinks next time we're in port then, I'm sure anything you make would be quite lovely, especially if Luna trusts you to work her tavern! We'll look forward to it.”


“ Somethin' like that anyways.” A'erina gives Luna a smirk and mocks her. “ Oh you absolutely do trust me, don't you, Lady Knight Luna? Why, all the hours I've spent working in the tavern, theres no better person for you to trust, is there not?”


Lucatiel watches A'erina look to the side up at the ship where the woman was currently moving crates, bouncing in place. “It's true, she does! She tells me that she's glad you handle the drinks because she doesn't know where to begin with it! Well, I guess except eggnog but that's different!”


A'erina rolls her eyes at Lucatiel, knowing well that any idiot can put together a brew. Just make it up and ferment it and then its good to go, She opens her mouth to tell Lucatiel just how easy it is that even she could do it if given the right advice, but decides against it since now doubt she would find some way to have her carbuncle make it, taste it, carry it and who knows what else with it.

“ Vastly different, only weird people and Ishgardians like that crap. Sure, I can't make it, but I've no reason to, it's vile stuff. I know what folk want, and it certainly ain't that. ”

[Luca and Luna]

Hilda looks confused. “She drinks eggnog? Regularly? That is very strange.”

The girl looks up at her mother and nods. “Most nights, I think! It's not my favorite, like Rina said it's popular up in Ishgard! It's certainly not lemonade, that's a lot better!”

Hilda pats the girl on the head gently. “Yes, and much sweeter too. Perfect for being out on the water!”

Lucatiel nods again. “Yeah! Maybe that's why she doesn't drink it - she's never on the ocean! We go to the beach most weeks but not a ship. I miss it…”

Hoisting a crate on her shoulders with relative ease, the spoken-of knightess pauses. “What a queer feeling…” she says, before shrugging and continuing her work.


A'erina glances over at the Rogue's guild and notice a rather pissed off Midlander now standing near the entrance.

“W-Well, as *lovely* as it has been to unfortunately bump into so many acquaintances, here of all places. I've got to see a man about a dog. Nice to see you Luca's mum. Tell her old man I said the same… and… eh fuck it, Same for Luna aswell.”

She hoists her sword over her shoulder and double checks to make sure that there isnt anything belonging to her left around, save for vomit making it's way out for the fishes. She raises a hand to say goodbye and heads towards the upsetti spaghetti fellow.


The girl lets her mouth hang open for a moment. “Whoooa! She said it was nice to see Luna! I don't think I've ever seen her say that before! I gotta go tell her!” With that, she bounces in place and out of Hilda's motherly grasp who does nothing to stop the energetic lass.

“Be careful love, don't fall!” the mother calls out as Lucatiel bounds up the gangplank and onto the ship proper, disappearing into the hold as if she knew her way around. Zirndoen walks past, sidling up against the wall of the doorway suddenly to avoid the ballistic missile of a girl.

“Ah, jeez, Luca! Slow down!” he calls out, sighing and walking off the ship over to Hilda, holding the woman's hand and talking with her for a while.

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