Tretesta Chats with a Paranoid Rina

Tretesta: “Our question. The only question you might have about us. The only real reason I might be here. I could have tossed that algae into the Wash and wiped my hands of it.”

A'erina: “A waste, if nothing else. ”

“That's also a very sought after algae, the only kidn that can make the best healing potions, you'd throw it away, making it harder for a few folk to get the benefits from it, all over something I said? ”

Tretesta sighs and rubs the back of his head “An angry, empty gesture, if anything. But here I am. I don't much care what its for. I told you I'd find it and bring it. If you're not bothered with answers, Can I have a question or two?”

A'erina: “ Aslong as you're not going to threaten to kill me because I attacked your sister, sure. ”

Tretesta “attacked my…wha?” he blinked, not quite sure where that was going, but shook his head “No, no… I don't suppose I have a reason to kill you, Rina. Just… Hm. Now I don't know what to do with that bit of info. Anyway. How are you? I mean really, not just a passing greeting for the day. Generally people aren't jamming couches against their door on good days.”

A'erina: “ I let myself lose control of what's important, and I attacked Lamiza, because she didn't tell me about what F'loki really is. Of course, she told him, and after having time to see if I could get my head round it all, he threatened to kill me if I ever hurt his sister. ”

A'erina: “ So yeah, I'm doing wonderful, thanks for stopping by. ”

Tretesta's eyebrows raise as the story is shared, and he shook his head softly “that's… Nossa… Huh. I caught a little bit of what you were saying at the grind stone week before last, but that… I'm so sorry to hear that, Rina. I understand now, yes, absolutely keep safe.” He looked at the door, down at the couch, then back up to the potion slinger “…I thought you two had something going well, too. that's…gah, awful…”

A'erina: “ So now you know, He's not even a Miqo'te or, should I said, he was one, once. I'm not even sure what he is. Now I'm stuck in this situation, so I figured I may aswell just hide at home, safest place for me to be. ”

Tretesta: “Stuck? it sounds like… the threat has been made? Do you want to hurt Lami still? Need to?”

A'erina: “ It wasn't me, I didn't attack her. As I said, I lose control so it was the Beast that did it, not me. But, he wouldn't listen to me when I said that, and just said I was blaming someone or something else for my actions, and I can't talk my way out of it if I would have hurt or even killed Lamiza. So yes, I put myself in this situation, and I'm stuck with it, and the consequences of my actions. ”

Tretesta: “…That just sounds unreasonable. Someone who has been hiding who or what they are decides he can judge what someone else is? The balls on him! Fuck that, Rina. But if you don't want to hurt Lami, I'd think you are safe out of here. Do you think he'd just attack you anyway?”

A'erina shrugs. “ I don't know. It's not important anyway. What did you want to ask me. ”

Tretesta: “Of course it's important. You're important, Rina. at least a few people think so. But that was the big one. Like i said, I heard you talking before, and Blue and I were a little concerned for you. If there's anything the two of us can do, can offer? Please let us know. Outbursts in public aside, you're still a friend. We'll keep today to ourselves if you'd like. While you have me, anything you're looking for now? I can go bother the damned Splendors, if you need more of those marimos.”

A'erina: “ I have everything I need for awhile. Had some work done recently so I've got more space for everything. ”

“ I appreciate the offer though, but this is something I've got to do on my own. ”

Tretesta pushes off the couch and smiles “Of course. But I mean outside of this little trouble, let us know. Last one though. We're private people. She shared with *you* for her own reasons, and not others. Keep it to yourself, please? I like you and the others. I'm not really interested in going away, but if we must, we must.” He spreads his hands pleadingly and nods “I'll leave you be though. Be safe, be well.”

A'erina: “ I'm right though, aren't I? ”

Tretesta chuckles softly “There it is. Took us forever to get there. I suppose I like it better this way. Yes. Yes you are. Of course you are.”

A'erina: “ I thought so… No blood reacts to my corrosives that way. Maybe it wasn't the best time to mention it, but I shan't apologise, I've had enough of secrets for one moon alone. It'd be best you ask her not to give me anymore. ”

Tretesta: “I told her that when she first told me what she had done!” he grinned broadly now, then shook his head again “Ahhh… It does sound like you've had a rough while though. Didn't come here for an apology. Came here for a delivery, and to ask you not to threaten our livliehoods. If you have questions for us later, feel free to ask, but dont make it easy for others. You worked for it, they haven't yet.”

A'erina: “ Fine, I won't bring it up again. But seems like most of 'em already knew before me. ”

Tretesta scratches his chin “Hrmmm…. No. No. Maybe two others, if I'm thinking right. Gair doesn't know, but he hasn't asked, either.”

A'erina: “ Then I won't tell him, but he might ask eventually. ”

Tretesta: “He might. And he can ask us, if he's that curious. You can tell him as much. We think he knows something is amiss, but nothing he wants to desperately know. Nothing that's harming him or anyone else at least.”

A'erina: “ 'Sides, who am I likely to tell, hmm? I'm spending most of my sennights locked up in my home because everyone seems to be hiding something, and I want no part of it. ”

Tretesta: “Everyone *is* hiding something, Rina. Even you. What it is you're hiding, I'm not about to ask, because it's your business. You might even tell me if I asked, but I won't. You don't have to lock yourself away because people like to keep secrets.”

A'erina: “ Certainly a safer thing to do. ”

Tretesta: “not everyone's secrets are going to hurt you, either. You know Blue's. The greatest danger for knowing that has brought you rum and algae.”

A'erina: “ Could be worse I suppose. I won't keep you, however. I should get this algae somewhere better suited for it. ”

Tretesta: “Like i said. We're around if we're really needed. Have a wonderful evening, and Maybe we'll catch you at the Grindstone this week.”

A'erina: “ I'll probably be there. ”

Tretesta with a final nod, Tret opens the door and slips out to start his ride back east and north to the Shroud.

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