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Veldi Scene List


Bender Day 5 - Blue encounters a drunken and emotional Veldi at the chocobo stables. Blue claims her as a sister. [Blue, Veldi] - 06/26/20

Reflection Among Buzzards - Blue contemplates on her actions and her lies, receiving advice from Veldi who has her own inner demons. [Blue, Veldi] - 07/17/20

Doll - During a particular visit to the manor, Blue comes across curious Alkaid ; Veldi drops in being Veldi. Blue shares her secret. [Blue, Alkaid, Veldi] - 09/02/20

Second Starlight - Just your average Starlight Party at the Abigor Household. [Eligor, Novine, Veldi, Blue, R'Lamiza, Tretesta, P'Lami, Alkaid, Raziel, Pheria] - 12/27/20


Handle with Care - Blue tries to treat a critically-injured soldier aided by Vinalo's expertise. She ends up shot in the process and calls Veldi for help. [Blue, Vinalo, Veldi, R'Lamiza] - 01/11/21

An Unenthusiastic Cat Seeks Out a Lizard - After checking in with Veldi, Lami sneaks into the Bozjan ruins, only to be uncovered soon after. [R'lamiza, Veldi, ???, Eligor] - 01/20/21

Can't Be Gone - Blue runs out onto the battlefield searching for a missing Veldi, while R'lamiza follows close behind. [Blue, R'Lamiza, Veldi] - 01/28/21

No Dawn for Old Xaela - Blue comes across a half-buried Xaela who looks quite familiar. [Veldi, Blue] - 02/19/21

Indebted - Yoake visits Eligor's home to offer him information regarding Pyrefly if only to discover another unwelcome guest. [Yoake, Veldi, Eligor] - 02/24/21


Aeshma Smiles - Blue receives an unexpected visit from Not-Really-Eligor who declares its intent to take the Grimoire from Veldi. A vial of blood is passed and an angry lizard drops in. [Blue, Eligor, Veldi] - 01/03/22

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