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Fire Watch - A fire blazes through the Sylphlands, destroying homes and lives. A group of friends go deeper in to find and prevent the source from doing further damage. [Blue, Luna, Vinalo, Tretesta] - 08/04/20

Earn Your Ink - Pipino and Vinalo engage in a meeting with Langston's brother regarding the possible publishing of Propitious Plants: A Traveler's Guide to the Black Shroud. [Pipino, Vinalo, Langston] - 08/23/20

The Storm - Luna receives bad news regarding a burning ship out at sea that may belong to the Wrights - Lucatiel's parents. [Luna, Luca, Gair, Vinalo] - 08/28/20

From Ashes - Blue, Pipino, and Vinalo go into the recovering Sylphlands to search for mushrooms and little bits of hope. [Blue, Pipino, Vinalo] - 09/08/20

Distant Sun - Gair makes for his last mission up north and his friends come to say farewell. [Gair, Luna, Luca, Tasri, A'erina, Tretesta, Pipino, Vinalo, Blue] - 09/11/20

An Unforgettable Luncheon - Vinalo is invited to Luna's tavern for a delicious meal and a pleasant conversation. [Luna, Vinalo] - 10/17/20

Cinder and Sadness - Luna, Luca, Gair, and Vinalo all come together to investigate the Wright ship and uncover what happened to Luca's parents. [Luna, Luca, Gair, Vinalo] - 11/12/20

What Happens After - Tretesta meets up with Vinalo to chat about what happens when people die. [Tretesta, Vinalo] - 12/07/20

A Morning Stroll - Vinalo encounters a sickly girl and her mother living in the Lavender Beds who need a kind healer to help them. [Blue[GM], Vinalo] - 12/20/20


Handle with Care - Blue tries to treat a critically-injured soldier aided by Vinalo's expertise. She ends up shot in the process and calls Veldi for help. [Blue, Vinalo, Veldi, R'Lamiza] - 01/11/21

Babysitter's Club - Vinalo offers to watch Meia for a few bells while her mother goes shopping. [Blue-GM, Vinalo] - 01/19/21

Test of Fate - Misha goes to the Astromancer's guild in the hopes of retrieving her deceased husband's airship. Vinalo comes to support her, if only to face further hardship. [Vinalo, Misha] - 01/30/21

Self Defense Against the Dark Arts - Lucatiel goes on her first field training exercise accompanied by Luna and Vinalo. [Lucatiel, Luna, Vinalo] - 02/08/21

The Fervent Desire to Learn - Blue asks her friends to help teach her more about aether when she returns from the East. [Blue, Vinalo, Novine] - 02/11/21

Meeting the Manic - Vinalo discovers the source of Meia and Roselle's woes standing outside their home. Later, they check on their patient to find them in a much worse condition. [Vinalo] - 02/24/21

Speaking of Letters - Vinalo receives a letter from their mother, shaking open the possibilty of mending things within their family. [Vinalo, Misha] - 04/12/21

Songbird on the Run - Vinalo locates a runaway Lucatiel in Limsa Lominsa. [Vinalo, Lucatiel] - 06/19/21

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