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Novine Scene List


The Strength to Lead - Novine engages in a duel with Eligor and learns about the importance of disguises.[Novine, Eligor] - 06/22/20

Frayed at the Seams - Novine and P'lami converse about life, family, and personal growth. [Novine, P'Lami] - 7/9/20

Missing in Action - Novine calls up Tad to talk about winning the Spellstone and making ripples in the world. [Novine, Tadashi] - 07/20/20

Aeshma - A strange pulsing in Thanalan draws four curious individuals to investigate and discover the man at the center of it all. [Eligor, Blue, A'erina, Gair, Novine] - 07/24/20

Distortionist's Utopia - After a worrying interaction with her sister Raziel, Novine's consciousness finds itself in the body of Alia, accepting the call to distort the very fabric of her reality. [Novine, Raziel, Eligor] - 7/31/2020

Connect - Novine unexpectedly gets an opportunity to talk to her missing Father, Eligor. [Novine, Eligor] - 09/15/20

Byronic Machines - Five colorful souls awaken if only to be told to die. [Novine, Eligor, Gair, A'erina, Tadashi, R'lamiza, Blue] - 09/20/20

The Crystalline Dark Syvaa Jero - Two fresh souls find themselves in new bodies in the darkness of the deep. Conflict arises. [Gair, Tadashi, Novine, Eligor, Blue] - 09/24/20

The Ceaseless Tremors - A strange gigantic wyrm thrashes and rampages throughout the Sagoli Desert and needs to be stopped. [Blue, Tretesta, Tadashi, Novine, Yuyuci, Tasri] - 09/22/20

The Long Awaited Visit - Novine finally gets a chance to visit her sister Raziel in the floating ark drifting through Cloudtop. [Novine, Raziel] - 12/06/20

Second Starlight - Just your average Starlight Party at the Abigor Household. [Eligor, Novine, Veldi, Blue, R'Lamiza, Tretesta, P'Lami, Alkaid, Raziel, Pheria] - 12/27/20


Childlike Wonder - Novine just spending some quality time with her Father. And watching a botched assassination attempt among other things. [Eligor, Novine] - 01/13/21

The Fervent Desire to Learn - Blue asks her friends to help teach her more about aether when she returns from the East. [Blue, Vinalo, Novine] - 02/11/21

Circling Drains - Eligor is bothered by the concept of providing comfort while comforting a small Miqo' child and Novine takes up her Darkshines family name. [Novine, Eligor] - 02/15/21

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